Ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon. Can I ask you for another round of
applause for Marching Mizzou and the Golden Girls, and also the cheerleaders? Thank you so much for being here today. My name is Mike Kelly. I am the voice of the Missouri Tigers, and it is with great honor on behalf of everyone affiliated affiliated with the University of Missouri and its athletic department to welcome you here today on this very important day as we welcome here to Columbia a new Director of Intercollegiate Athletics. It’s an important day for the Mizzou family and certainly for the state of Missouri. Here to do the honors, will you please
welcome the Chancellor up the University of Missouri, R. Bowen Loftin. * applause * Thanks, Mike. Deep breath… M-I-Z! *crowd:* Z-O-U! Now we all feel better, let’s go forward here. Welcome to all of you. Thanks for being here today. I see so many people I know here, I just can’t call your names out, but thanks for showing up for a very, very important moment in the history of a great institution. From 1839 to 2015 – think about it – today we have to celebrate something that’s very important. We’re happy to have with us today many of our coaches, student-athletes, of course our alumni, and most importantly, other students here today besides our student-athletes. On January 29th, just a short distance from here, Mike Alden announced his intention to leave the directorship of athletics here at Mizzou and become one of our faculty. I couldn’t talk him out of it; it was one of those things that I knew would come some day, but it always comes sooner than you
think. After 17 years of service to Mizzou, Mike was ready for a change. That was my marching orders though to
get busy and find someone else to step into the shoes of Mike Alden’s, leaving as our director of athletics. Big shoes indeed. Those of you in the alumni, especially, were here 17 years ago remember what it was like then and I ask
you to now think about today sterling for quite a change right a-changin’ so that’s something we can
really celebrate institutionally an extraordinary rise to
prominence on behalf of this university so the very day that Mike announced his
detention to leave his role as director athletics i sat out search process to find his
replacement in working with korn/ferry international search firm i sat down
very quickly and said here are the kinds of things we want to find in new director for some also one of the
highest integrity so on will do the right thing what’s the consequences might be someone to push gymnast lead first who holds them hi sis team who knows figure to be shaped graduated
ultimately better than a Kenyan prepared for the
world out there 30 someone who would come here
and gain the instant respect are extraordinary staff coaches course I
also thought money is not a problem me to find
somebody who can find the dollars as well other things reported that list two
criteria but those before I put at the very front we set about search
process took about five weeks and we’ve arrived now at the right
answer weaver’s to Missouri is my great pleasure resent to you our new director politics Mack Rhoades and before i sat down pay me turnaround this is the other half
for the rose family right here and they have three daughters who stayed behind Houston to in college
one high school right now Julio meet someday soon we hope back on
your sir Wow water well unbelievable turn out and thank you for everybody that came on
came out here for this today I’m I give this a try so %ah like doctor
lofton deep breath now I you know it’s coming
right II am II C beautiful thank you it job you know it is a a pleasure to being
here and being named the new director athletics and anytime your your fortune to to so does deserving and really fortunate to I’ll gain a position
like this there’s so many people that yo thanks to and there certainly a lot
of people that have helped me along the way are but first and foremost I want to
thank a chance or lofted he is such a dynamic leadership in just in his is year here I know that
he’s made tremendous strides he someone that really understands in in
values athletics president wolf I I know that he could
not be here but I had a tremendous conversation with him
yesterday morning in I certainly look forward to getting to
know him him better as well our border curator’s I thank you for the unanimous vote I was a little
nervous yesterday morning between 7:30 and 9
a.m. but but thank you again I look forward
to get to know each and every one i’ve UN and working with you as well if we have
any local legislators in and seeing leaders certainly thank you thank you for being here my
ass these two people the police stand because they’re they’re they’re very
very special people I know this university and into this
athletics program so cannot please ask both rocky and in in my called understanding please give
them a a just a great round of applause it’s also a special day because it’s its Rocky’s birthday cell hey so happy
birthday rocky but to I mean this up this is everybody watch the show on HDTV the
the show fixer-upper you haven’t great show okay this is not
a fixer-upper okay I am the the job that mike is done
here in his 17 years and his staff I it has been tremendous and the
challenges is is how do you take something you know
or mike has continued to raise the bar and take that momentum in continue to raise it as oh my God
look forward to that and a Dostana did you have to be that good I’m I’ll are it is a pleasure your Doug
Ellin can’t be here I certainly have a friendship in a
relationship with dog and I just wanna wish dog all the best I in
terms of his new endeavors with with ap stay they’re getting a great 1i
tell told dog this morning when I had a chance to see him that I’m not taking it
personal that I is I’m coming in he’s he’s leaving but
to really special thanks to Doug as well
all the the universal Missouri staff in
certainly the athletics department staff the
coaches thank you first for making me feel in a me feel so so so welcome I I have I’m coming to a great place but also ’em in leaving a great place and I am really really fortunate to have been a
at the University Houston for five and a half years in the leadership doctor could to Lauren in our student-athletes in our coaches
and our staff their I know that that all of them are
watching right now I just want to say thank you to them because I no one person does this alone in it’s a team it’s a family and I
certainly believe in that and that’s why I’m standing here because I think I was smart enough at one point
I’m to understand that you have to have to hire surround yourself with
people people smarter than in yourself and I’m I’ve been lucky and
fortunate to do that doctor lofton re-introduced are my wife Amy but I’m an ass kurdistan one more time my partner arm my rock arm again demanding business and certainly when they’ve been here
without her as you can tell I’ll hopefully II can recruit a little
bit arm like our like our a head coaches but Amy thank you
sweetheart you true story last night at 10:42 p.m. cuz
I’m looking at computer I’m trying to gather my thoughts and I
you know when am I gonna say first time big shoes to fill you know remarks Amy comes walking up in into
into the office or home office and says Mac have have you done the
taxes and yep that’s not where my mind at
certainly and I said I just I said no and I she says what you’re gonna do
those right because it would look very good that you move to
a new school and we’re going to hurt our taxes cell so high yes dear I I will do the
taxes when we get back to Houston cell I are three girls again doctor lot to
mention um but I look so forward it to you I love you
meeting them they’re wonderful young ladies I
nicolette now we know well are born in December my mom of five foot four really didn’t know
anything about basketball turned March Madness I am you can figure
out the math I’ll but %ah by when I got to see a me
again after a long basketball season cell arm but you will you’ll you will love them I
promise you in fact you’re gonna end up levin et me and the
girls a lot more than you’re gonna end up liking me I promise you that cell and finally about my mom and dad who line or listening that live in
Tucson Arizona our hometown in and my brothers Bruce
and George you were also listening in their family I’ll all these people have been such a
tremendous support and and I’m grateful to you to each and
every one review arm for the for the role that you played in
my life and and certainly again doctor locked in thank you for the opportunity why the
University Missouri you know I was thinking about this last
night in doubt my career started as an intern at Yale University and and remembering you know my first big
responsibility was to market a the NCAA fencing Championships now I knew nothing about
fencing I and still don’t know anything about
fencing I’ll but then creating the the marketing club
for for our kids club and I remember there
was a moment in time weir said: you know I wanna be at a place someday that that is the best
that is a national leader in our industry and the
University Missouri and this athletics program is just that its it has again a tremendous leader in in chancel often for me that’s
important to work for somebody that that I can
have a daily relationship the conversation about the vision different things that
we need to do in terms of our student-athletes
unbelievable fan base I again I look forward to to certainly meeting everybody here but
also are getting out to the great state of
Missouri in in in meeting our fans other such an important part and fabric up this programming we’re going to
continue to grow it in expanded expand our national brand extremely
important we’re gonna when it take that ban brand beyond the
borders above a Missouri I’ll well i think is the best conference in in the country membership in the southeast conference I’ll you couldn’t ask for for anything more
and it’s certainly I’ll when you’re when you’re in a conference that is so
competitive its gonna push us in its push Mike and his staff K how do we get
better and that’s our daily challenge we’re gonna have the insatiable appetite to get better every day because if we’re
not getting better every day that we’re losing and and we’re gonna work hard the staff the coaches on how do we continue to raise that bar
you know you get over the high jump bar and what do you do you raise it again
and then you get over that and then you raise it again and that’s
our challenge in that’s certainly what we’re going to do and I think a you remember the southeast
Southeastern Conference certainly is going to help us do that
and I had a chance to have a conversation this morning with
commissioners live in just special thanks to him for his warm
welcome in all the things that he’s done for for the for the conference certainly the
great tradition that we have here again want to continue that in in in certainly build upon that
tradition in and create new tradition and then
finally why the universe in Missouri because
ovitz its past history in terms of passion for
student-athlete development student athletes are the core love what we do and that’s something
that’s very near and dear to my heart and something that Mike and his staff
have been such a terrific job it’s our job is as leaders to develop
young people to to make sure that our
student-athletes our young men are young women leave this great institution okay was one a bachelor’s degree and agree from a a world-class
institution is our job to make sure that big sell
competitively that the lessons that you will learn
into in terms of winning in how you build team in how you push yourself to to limit that you never thought that
you could go the social responsibility arm in making
sure that they’re prepared for life when when they leave here and then finally
and I mentioned it before the academic achievement in academic success that’s one thing that I promise the that
we will continue and we will do was make sure that we develop our young people here at
the university Marie I in closing I would love just
again like to thank everybody here I certainly look forward
to working with doctor lofton are tremendous student-athletes our
coaches our staff and I am honored and privileged to be
your athletics director and where the black and gold thank you ok you for you Thank You Gensler thank you director
about Alex Rhodes here’s how we’re going to proceed we have a three microphones
around the room will take questions from the media for a period of time because a time when we break from here
will go back to the Tigers den will have two separate gaggles will have
one for electronic media followed by one for print media because
the interest time we don’t have the opportunity for
one-on-one interviews today so with that being said if you
have a question I ask you to please raise your hand or call upon you want to wait for the
mic from stand and then identify yourself Christian you know if you’ll
stand please begin things with your affiliation thank you Mike Christian reno from KOMU
TV the tag a radio network Mac graduations their lockers good luck with your taxes I don’t know
that area very slight worry about that story here in the coming few weeks a beekeeper online please art but back
in all seriousness how important to you is winning in winning at a high level in the rugged Southeastern Conference Chris first
thank you for the question I look forward to working with you but
is extremely important that’s that’s why you know it’s it’s part of the reason
why we do this we want to build championship programs not just winning
teams but championship programs are
consistently good each and every year now in order to do
that and I talked about this this early today are its hard-won it
really is and in everybody has to be on the same
page pulling in the same direction not just
the coaches coaches student-athletes athletic director senior support staff sports medicine strength and
conditioning on the total person program we all
collectively have to come together in and make sure that we’re doing
everything we can for our student-athletes for our coaches to give
them give them the ability to to win and is we all know this is the most
competitive league I believe in the country and we’re going to continue to work hard
Mike his team they’ve done a great job in terms of being competitive and and we’re gonna wanna be even more
competitive next question please David Morrison from the Columbia Tribune
please stand Mike morse Tribune like against you’re stepping up are Prince where you like just are especially autonomy news measures things like it was David
again correct David thank you in certainly
look forward to working with you you know terrific question and you know right now were on positioned at the
University Houston I really believe that that is an
institution that’s right on the Virgin cast love up
becoming or enters into a power five conference I am I i believe in terms of building a
championship culture organization built on excellency
accountability integrity that doesn’t matter if it happens at the
University background your University Houston already at the
University Missouri fundraising is fundraising I’ll facility
development facility development developing our student-athletes are making sure in terms of academically
social responsibility and then in terms of the Thomas
legislation were very engaged in I’m very engaged in it you know the the new director about politics at the
University Houston already have a plan in place in terms of
all cost attendance how we’re going to deal with
losses value insurance you know we’ve already came out publicly
endorsed you know not now find me a scholarship dude athletic reasons so you know I I
think the transition will go very very well options certainly have been engaged in
for a year 22 years next question comes from
Dave matter the symbols was dispatched watered gonna be some
here priorities once you get settled in the
Columbia and how you go about bring your staff considering the folks
here at Missouri in bring with you from used again great question unit that’s the challenge a really up coming into two-way to a new place in in so really the first several months I’m a do a lot of
listening and a lot of learning and and really I’ll formulating you know my own ideas in my thoughts in
terms of sitting down told the staff today I’m
gonna meet me with every staff member every staff
member individually I want to get to know them 10 do they like what they’re doing feel
like they’re there they’re being their their
strengths are there there aligned correctly i my me with all four head coaches what
do you need will you need to take your program to the next level and if it’s at the
highest level in how do we how do we continue to stay at that level so it’s gonna take me certainly several
months to really begin to form I my impression in an you know work in
terms of strategic plan and how do we go in and attacked this there is a strategic
plan I think was was put forth in July 2014 we’re gonna
take take a look at that see you know do we
how do we tweak that and then again thank you talked about
staff will evaluate staff in arm you know we’re not going to change
just to change if if we change its to get better and this
certainly isn’t about me this program isn’t about me its it’s about our student-athletes
about this this university next question gave the arm from rivals we talked a lot about talk to bob dole yesterday and he said
he talked to you throughout the the last week a little bit other than
coach stole who did you talk to through this process just gonna take us
through your decision-making process over the last week well you know I’m sure most everybody in this
room knows knows coach stalling I certainly still on coastal and you know he he loves this
place so anytime I asked him about the University Missouri he couldn’t have
been more complimentary the people of Columbia the campus excedrin and you know in terms of who I talk to I’m you know I really
didn’t talk to a lot of people I mean I really felt like this this was a
confidential process on you know universe Missouri its
athletics program is known as one of the best in the country in certainly just maybe
three different colleagues had had different ideas but in terms of
anybody really other than bob didn’t spend a
whole lot lot of time I knew this was a great
place and you know certainly look forward to to even taken it to that next level during
radio Columbia can you talk a min in your own
experience is kinda how you’re going to approach this new job about balancing competition and wanting to win with
rules compliance keep your individual athletes in your team’s eligible within the rules well in again we talk to the staff this morning but the one thing we will never compromise
is integrity in compliance it’s hard to win I said that earlier but we’re gonna win and we’re going to do it the right way
and we certainly won’t cut corners there’s a right way to do things in a
wrong way and we’re going to choose to do right
right way not just some other time but every time
and I think we have a group of coaches group
student-athletes staff that’s committed to that I’m
certainly I have zero tolerance for any misconduct in terms of in terms of rules and you can do both you can win and you can do it the right
way this this program has proven it and will
continue to do it that way next question to the back right type
armor from the Kansas City Star Columbia talk over KC star i was just curious you can have a unique position with with
Mike Alden still being here I’m first off why was it important that
he I’m understand you ask him to be here at
this introductory press conference why was it important to you in do you expect to lean on him a little
bit during the transition Weiss unisys is there gonna be around
well certainly was important for me that Mike is here so that this this group of
people here could give them a round of applause and
thank him for for the great job he’s done for this
university that that’s really why I wanted both Mike and rocky here
and they’ve been such an important part this
this institution for seventeen years and I think it’s a great a great
advantage great asset for me that Michael be
around you know he the been one of the best in is one of
the best athletic directors in the country and
why wouldn’t I want to lean on him and learn from him in in move forward and have him here I have great respect for Mike I’m
excited he will be around next question comes from the left yessir
mark from the communitarian welcome back thank you obviously Houston you can attack really big
projects in oversaw some huge moves in researching
this job is there anything that you anything you like to tackle well again I
I think it would be a little bit disingenuous me if I you know if I could
if I said yes I have an exact plan in place again I think it’s you know the first
couple months coming here in really learning in listening you know there’s
been talk publicly a little bit over opinions on facility
so I’ll certainly with the staffing with Coach
Pinkel and talk about that in how important is that to the program
moving forward I know that we have the new softball Stadium on its way but in terms of you know anything else you know I’m
really gonna take some time to really to really sit and talk to our staff in
NC you know again where our strengths are where our
weaknesses and in of formulating a plan from there next
question comes from John Wall Jesper right section the oil from the Columbia
Tribune you lot and at what point did mack come on
your radar is a as a potential candidate may be elsewhere back to you guys go first him weeks ago so source ago but he was really on my list basically put together a list very early
in the process with the help of the search for and he
was on a list from the very beginning next question thank you doctor locked in for their up
next question will you please join me welcome when you said football coach in
history University misery your Michael our next question comes from the back to
the room yessir least and gr radio Mac do you think that there’s any sort
Lee between where you’re coming from University of
Houston now you wanna 14 directors in the SEC the same job
description just different place certainly think there’s there’s a leap in terms of competition I
think you know the same skill set that’s
required at the University Houston is going to be required here I feel
really comfortable about that in turn organizational leadership ability to
raise money all student well-being issues acceptor the challenge year’s going to
be you know how do we how do we be I once
they become compare because we are competitive but how do we maintain that competitiveness
how do we be the best in the SEC and in again I know there there’s
there’s great institutions the in the SEC but liking University Missouri be the best in
that’s going to be our quest from day one that’s my belief can be our coaches
believe it’s going to be our student-athletes believe it’s going to
be arsed Astley in and we’re going to do everything we
can to be best in the SEC next question here in
section to your left yessir recent you ate news Michael inside resolve the issue quantum brands words time Wenger n place I’d you know I want am US flexed to be considered if not the best one of
the best in the entire country and when I say
that it’s not just wins and losses certainly wins and losses its integrity
how we run our program graduating student-athletes they’re
going on been prepared for life its about relationships in the way we work
with people across campus how are intertwined in terms in terms of this this community and
certainly the state of Missouri so I’ll when I talk about the best unit
certainly includes wins losses but it goes much much
greater be on beyond just that back to the room again
Tod Palmer from the Kansas City Star started TT here but I
was curious do you view miseries a destination job
in a place that you could see yourself being for seventeen years like Michael you
know in thank you for that question we’ve
been really really great place and it was
going to take something special for for us to leave truly and in and as i’ve mentioned in my remarks this
this place is special and Amy and I and three girls are moving
to to Columbia Missouri with the intent
that this is our last job this is a destination place and as a
destination place because again Mike and his staff and doctor loft in
everybody in this room they’ve turned this into into a
destination job time allows for two more questions
the first one section to our left yessir reason the Columbia Missourian
you mention raising the bar you always want doing
and your time the job so far thought how can
a Barbie Reyes what aspects well again I I think it can be I think the bar can always be
raised in every aspect I’m certainly a person that world demand excellence world demand greatness in
everything we we do I have this this insatiable
appetite that we’re always going to get better
you always can get better in everything you do so that’s facilities K
if that’s the the total person program if thats are
our compliance program our life skills program just
across-the-board the way we feel our student-athletes
strengthening and conditioning our sport performance here sport
medicine area the way we care for our
student-athletes I am we will look in terms of every aspect
every component this athletics through programming and try to raise the bar and you know what
bars race pretty high so we’ve got our work cut out for us but
I’ll I promise you that we’re going to continue to do that that completes this segment today’s event as a reminder we’re going to move to the
Tigers den which is down the hallway behind us and into the left if you have the
question follow questions for Chancellor love to play secrecy basie are Mary Jo Banken and will have to
suffer gaggles 14 the electronic media also won for the print media and before
before we go I would be remiss if I didn’t recognize
one other Kutcher he happens to coach the number-one wrestling team in the
country his name is Brian Smith over to moderate congratulations on all
four consecutive conference title in good look at Nationals in a couple weeks ladies and gentlemen on behalf of
everyone with University missourians athletic department we sincerely glad you were here today
god bless each and every one of you another round of applause for a new
director of athletics macro to his wife Amy taken away

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