*music playing* “Hey I’m Mac Roy, I’m fifteen years old, and I’m a Connections Academy student.” “I’m King Roy, I’m twelve years old, and I’m a Connections Academy student and also a tennis player. I’m five in the state of Texas and twenty in the national ranking.” “I’m a tennis player, top five in Texas, and top twenty in the nation. I got started in tennis when I was very young. It took off as great, I loved it, just the feeling was great, having an environment where you get to run around freely, get tired, go home, go to bed feeling like you’ve done something productive that day.” “I like the competition, and the dedication that you have to put into getting to every ball.” “Yeah you go out there, you have a great attitude, you play your heart out, and you know you’ve gave it your best, and it’ll turn out you win or lose.” “My name is Gerald Matthews, proud coach of Mac and King Roy. These boys both wanna be professional tennis players, and also wanna be great students.” “Connections Academy is really nice because I can always travel, and go everywhere and do my school work anywhere.” “I’m always traveling, Connections comes with me.” “We’re able to have the freedom, to go out and do really, really rigorous training, and it allows us to do class around tennis, and also go to big events, big tournaments all over the world, while keeping up with their education which is also a big part of their life.” “I can get through with my work, and go play tennis. That’s what I really like about it.” “I like playing tennis because it keeps me and my family together as a unit.” “If I need something done, my dad will help me, my parents are always there for me. I started when I was three years old, and I started martial arts and tennis. Martial arts has a lot of discipline, that you need.” “Eye-Hand coordination, how I discipline myself, things like that they all transfer over to tennis. We always have a lot of fun as long as we’re out there working hard playing tennis. When we’re with our dad it’s the best part, we’re hitting out on some courts right by a river so you know afterwards, we get done with the training, we’re allowed to go on the river, tube, and have some fun, go swimming. Currently I’m doing really, really, well in the tennis world. I’m really looking forward to progressing a lot, working hard everyday. I look forward to a few years of college, for sure.” “Connections Academy has allowed them to have a top notch education, in pursuit of going to some of the top universities in the US, or maybe even the globe.” “I wanna be like number one all around the world.” “Really looking forward to pushing myself, each day I come out. Get better, hopefully go pro, be in the top there, see how it goes. Everything starts with a dream.” “Connections Academy has allowed us to do everything we wanna do without missing or losing out on the importance of education, while training aggressively.” “None of this would be possible without Connections Academy, they gave me the opportunity, the time, the flexibility with the scheduling, that I need to be able to do everything that I do.”

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Dennis Veasley

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