Hi everybody, so today I am going to talk
to you about a low tech assistive technology that you can you in your classroom’s , or
with your students, or with your children so that way um if they have issues with using
um just a regular pencil or regular pen um and they or have some fine motor issues or
have some complications with fine motor, um they can actually add something which is che-
uh pretty cheep to help with that fine motor. So, um the thing is actually a tennis ball,
um so what you can do is drill a hole or take a screwdriver or something, and put a hole
through the top and the bottom so that way um you can get the pencil or pen through,
Um once you do that, you just um slide the pencil um in and line it up with the holes
and then it should fit right on top of the pencil. So, um as you can see the bottom is out here,
and the rest of the pencil goes through. Um, and then the students can go ahead and
use this as a bigger grip, so that way they’re just not trying to hold a very really small
pencil. Um, there are smaller grips that the um students
can use um but they don’t give them as much surface area as what a say a tennis ball does. Um, also the nice thing about tennis balls
is you can buy them in a pack of 3 to 5 for pretty cheep, I think its about like 5 dollars,
6 dollars for a whole pack um so you can actually get a whole bunch of tennis balls and then
add them to um whoever’s pencil that needs to. Um, and so it just gives them that extra surface
area to grip on to the pencil and for them to write whatever they need to write. Um, so that’s the uh low tech assistive technology
um that I am showing you today. I’d like to thank my dog, Tucker, for letting
me uh borrow his tennis ball. He’s not exactly happy about it, but that’s
okay. Thank you!

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Dennis Veasley

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