(upbeat music) – Hi and welcome to the September
edition of Love Oadby T.V. We’re outside, we’re just
keeping away from the showers. – We are, I don’t think
it’s going to rain today. – It has been a bit of a
mix of a summer, isn’t it? – Yeah, it’s not been good really. Has it? – So, but where are we today? – We’re at Oadby Granville
Tennis Club, today. – Fantastic! So, how’s your summer been? – It’s been okay. – Yeah? – I’m ready to go on holiday, which I’m doing in about
two or three week’s time, but it’s been nice. – Where you off? – Portugal. – Lovely. – Yeah, what about you? You’ve just come back. – Just come back from L.A. – Yeah, very nice too. – Bit of a working break as well. – Well, yes. You always work though, don’t you? And you brought us all nice presents. – I did.
– Thank you very much, indeed. – Some key rings and things. – Yeah, lovely. – But, we’ve also been joined by Ben. – We are. – Hello! – So thanks for your time today, Ben. – It’s not a problem. – So, you’re one of the coaches here? – Yes, I’m head coach
here at Oadby Tennis Club. I’ve been head coach – Wow, we’ve got the head coach. – I know. (laughter) – You think we should we
be curtsying and bowing? Sit up straight.
(laughter) – So you’re the head coach here? – Yep so, I’ve been the head coach here for about six years, now. But, yeah, I’ve also got
our main assistant here, Zaheed, as well. – Okay. – You might have seen him
just dashing out, earlier. – Yes, I saw him earlier, yeah. Taking all his balls away with him. – Yeah, he’s managed to get out of this so, it’s just me. (laughter) – You drew the short straw.
– Short straw. – Yeah – So we’re gonna come back to you in a very short while just whilst we talk about what’s going on in the local area. – Yeah – So, we were out and about, or colleagues of ours
were, in on the Motorfest – Motorfest, yeah – Which was, the weather
stayed well with us. – Yeah, it wasn’t too bad actually but they had a cracking day. Didn’t they? Brilliant day. – They had a brilliant day. So, we’ve got a few kind of clips just to show you about the
kind of day that you missed. But also to save those moments. If you went along, it was a great day! (upbeat music) – Hello, we’re still here at the Oadby Motorfest. We’re raising money for Rainbow’s
children’s charity today. We’ve got a pound a go on the raffle, win one of our lovely hampers, guess the balloons in the car, and win a family pass
to the Oadby and cinema, or if you guess the sweets in the pinata, you win the pinata. Results will be given out
at the end of the day, so come along and see us, all money goes to a really good cause. – And I know we’ve had
a really good response, but there’s always room for more money in these buckets, so come on. – So it was really, a really
good day, so, all those cars, and the Sporting Bears
Dream Rides, and everything. – I couldn’t make it, unfortunately But I know Vaughn went, and
Sarah was obviously there, and some of the guys from
the other offices so, and they did visit, it was a good fun day. – Yep, and I just want to talk about the Love Oadby poster as well. So we’ve got these Love
Oadby posters available, which you can pickup from
Knightsbridge states agents. It’s all about celebrating
what’s great about Oadby. So we’ve listed all the kind
of the key things on there from festive lights and motor shows, to ‘Ayup me Duck’ – Did we have to put that on? (laughing) – Swimming pools, which
is gonna come in handy for one of our events that
we’re gonna talk about in a bit. – Yes, Yes. – Um, the best water main, obviously that was a bit of an ongoing thing – That’s quite a frequent
occurrence as well, yes – It’s about a year ago, you know? – Yeah but it’s happened
a couple of times. – The last water main happened, because it was just after the last Motorfest. – Was it? – Yeah, the day after, all
the road came up again. – Okay, just warn everybody that it might be due to happen
again, if that’s the case. (Laughter) – So, the kids are all back at school, but if you do want one of
these, then please pop into Knightsbridge, they’re
completely free of charge. As well, but the defibrillator’s
been stolen again. – Again, and why is beyond me. – No, I can’t seem quite understand the use that someone would have. – I mean it’s there to
save somebody’s life, why would you take it? – So I know it was stolen before, someone then found it,
it then got put back. – Yeah – So this is outside the
co-op funeral care business. So if you do find a
defibrillator lying around in the gutter somewhere,
then get in touch. There is a reward out there for the information that comes forward. But, it costs about 800
pounds, one of these, and normally it’s fundraising
that’s kind of gone into it. So, if there is any news or
information relating to that please let us know. – Really appreciated, yeah. – Really would be great. – Well, we need it back, don’t we? – Yeah – Cause somewhere along the lines, somebody will probably
need it, unfortunately, So, it needs to be found. – So, moving on to coffee,
my favorite subject. – Yeah, we know that, yeah. Oh, missed a page! – Missed a page? – Of course. – (laughing) too quick. – So the Coffee Pot at St. Paul’s church – You can’t go to this, though. – I can. – No, cause look! – Could you? – Yes! (laughing) – So, drop in coffee
morning for the over 50s. It takes place every Thursday, 10:30, and that’s on Humble Road Oadby, LE2 4NX if you want to pop that into
a google or your sat nav. Just a place to meet and chat. Hot drinks are 30 B, followed
by seated exercise class. For an additional charge as well, but well worth going along to. So if you’d like some
more information on that, get in touch with us. We can put you in contact with them. But if not, pop along to St.
Paul’s church on Humble Road and that’d be welcoming
you every Thursday. – Yeah, a warm welcome, I’m quite sure. – From 10:30, so, we’ve got something going on at Beauchamp College? – We have, we’ve got a
modern calligraphy workshop. And my mum used to do a
lot of this, actually, and it is, the writing
and things, is fantastic. It’s lovely. So this says here, it’s
great for beginners and also the people who are
a little more experienced with calligraphy, it’s
one day class as well. And it’s going to leave you, hopefully, with the
knowledge and the skills to be able to start doing calligraphy. And people use it, people do use it for wedding invitations
and things, I know again, My mum did it for my sister
and for myself and things, which was fantastic, so, yeah, brilliant. – So for more information? – Yeah, it’s contact Beauchamp
College, you can email them at [email protected]
or call on 0116-272-9137. And it’s on Saturday,
the 7th of September. Cause I think, I forgot to mention that. – It’s a mystery the next one. – Sun has come out now. – Has been beautiful. – Yes, well, definitely well (mumbles) – Yeah. A bit of the mystery the next one. – Am I doing this one? – Yeah. – Oh is this supposed to be funny? (laughing) – Who done it? – Yeah, Friday the 13th’s Nightmere. That doesn’t really like
the sound of that or not, Murder mystery, so it’s
held at Paul’s kitchen. And obviously, you’ve got to figure out who the murderer is? – Yeah. – And so it includes a three course meal. 34 pounds per person, and
it is on Friday the 13th. – And we’ve obviously
been to Paul’s kitchen. – We have, yes. – We did one of our – Yes, yeah. It’s nice there. – So it’s a nice place, nice food. – Definitely. – Nice coffee as well. – Yes, yeah, so we were well looked after. – So that was one of our earlier episodes. – And that starts at 7 o’clock,
so if you’ve not done one before, and even if you have. Pop along. – Yeah, mystery solved. Yeah, so, just don’t let me go, ‘Cause I’m (mumbles) (laughing) – At least you get to have some food. – Yeah, yeah. – Psychic night as
well, at Paul’s Kitchen. That’s a week or so later on the 21st. So anything, we have a psychic
medium and amazing food, well, we know the food’s amazing there. If anyone’s out there
that would like to speak to someone on the other
side, or they want to speak out to you, 25 pounds including a three course sharing platter. For more information, get in touch with [email protected] or give them a call on 0116-210-8036. And, like I said, that’s
on the 21st of September. – Yeah, that starts at 7 as well, so. – Your favorite place, no? – Yeah, I always, – It’s where we were last month. – I know, and I keep
waiting for you to tell me I can leave work early
and go one of these. So, this is at Chesnut’s
coffee shop again, they’ve also done the
glass making and things. This time it’s silk painting. So, this is, you’ll learn how to design your own silk painting,
how to transfer your design onto silk, how to use a gutta,
if you know what that is, G-U-T-T-A, and make an
outline, and how to explore your own creativity using
colored paints and texture. So, the workshop, it always
does include the cream Tea, so it’s more of a draw
for going, isn’t it? – Yeah, more of an incentive, isn’t it. – And unlimited drinks. – Wow. – It’s 35 pounds a person, it’s Friday the 20th of September,
between 4:00 and 7:30. – I can get my money’s
worth with just free drinks. – Well, you probably could I’d say. But, honestly, these,
what a brilliant idea. – It’s nice, pleasant
surroundings at Chestnuts. – Yeah, really lovely. So, I’ll keep asking you
if I can go at some point. – You can go to the next one. – The one after that? Can I? – No, as in, the next event. – Oh, yeah! I thought I might be able to. Thank you! (laughing) – So, we talked about on
the Love Oadby Poster, it talks about swimming pools, there’s actually a charity swim with the Oadby Wingston Lions. – Yes – And that’s on Saturday,
the 5th of October. I know we’re looking a bit further ahead, but it’s at the beginning of October. – It’s not that far, though, is it? – It’s not. – Not really. – 5:30 to 8:30, sponsored
by Everyone Active and Nevel Chadwick Photography, obviously. Nevel Chadwick, local
Wingston business as well. – Yes, he is in Wingston. Used him before, very good. – So if you’d like more
information you can contact Ian Bell at [email protected]
for the charity swim. – Yeah, definitely. – And just on another Wingston lady, there’s a lady at your place
of work at Knightsbridge, She’s doing the Leicester Half
Marathon for the MS society. And I popped down earlier,
just to see why she’s doing it and what it’s all about. So, just got a very quick video on that. – Okay. – You don’t need to act
so surprised and startled. – No, I am surprised! Oh, no I do know who it is. Yeah, yeah, yeah, sorry, now I’m with it. – Yeah? Thanks. You read the script earlier? – Yeah. (laughing) – Thanks. So just got a very quick
video about Tammy’s journey and what she’s going to be
doing in the Leicester Half. – Brilliant! (upbeat music) – Hi, it’s Luke from Love Oadby, and I’ve come along to Tammy
at Knightsbridge Estates Agents in Wingston, I know it’s just
down the road from Oadby, But Tammy’s doing a very
important run this year with the Leicester Half
Marathon, so we’re going to find out a little bit more
about what she’s doing. – Yeah, doing the Leicester Half Marathon. – Wow. How many miles? – From Victoria Park. 13 and a half. – But this isn’t your first time, is it? – No, I did it four years ago. – Cool, and how quickly did
you manage to get rammed in? – Well, I was looking at 2.5,
but I actually did it in 2.20. – Yeah? Well done, good. – Supporting run in a day yet. (laughing) So I was like, I’ll just wait. – So what’s made you want to
do that half marathon again? – Mainly cause obviously,
my other half’s got MS, – Okay, so you’re doing it
for the MS society, yeah? – Yeah, MS Society. I wanna raise some, not
necessarily all funds, awareness, because we
don’t know what causes it. There’s no cure for it,
and there’s about 14 people every day that’s been diagnosed with it. – Yeah? Wow. – I know it’s a personal
challenge as well. – And you mentioned
earlier that the MS society is close to your heart cause
your partner’s got MS, yeah? – Yeah. – So, you’re doing it alone,
doing it as part of a team? – I’m going to do it with me friend. Cause, me other team mates
from four years ago said “That’s it, I’ve done it now.” – So you’ve left them
behind, and you’ve got someone else to help you. – I wanna make sure it wasn’t a fluke. So I need to do it again. (laughing) – And have you got any
targets as to how quickly you want to get rammed in? – I need to just get rammed, I think. – Yeah? – Yeah, I’d like to maybe
match my time, if not quicker. – Brilliant, Brilliant! – We’ll see how it goes – Maybe even under two hours. – Oh, geez. An hour, done! (laughing) – So what’s the training been like? Cause obviously, you can’t
just get outta bed one day and decide that you’re
gonna run a half marathon. – No, as much as we wanna just do that, I think last week we did
nine and a half miles, – Wow. So you’re already up to that kind of mark, 10 miles mark? – Just over 2 hours, yeah. – Brilliant. – But that’s kinda the main big one. We keep doing little four
mile ones, but obviously it’s been really hot. – Yes. – Good training weather for you. I know last year it was
absolutely rain slaughtered, Absolutely furring it down, so, some people prefer that. So, how can people get involved if they want to help
donate to the MS Society and track your progress,
how can people get involved? Well I’ve got just giving
page, so you can just go onto justgiving.com, put in Tammy
Ball, and my page will come up. There’s a big kind of
poster on it, saying, His fight, my fight, kind of thing. So you can donate
online, yeah or just give to the MS Society website. – Fantastic. So We’ll include the link for the just giving website as well. You’ll be able to track Tammy,
and we’ll keep you updated as to how the progress
goes with the training and maybe catch an
interview before you set out on that final bit of training program. Be really great to share
that kind of story, and that personal reason
as to why you are doing it. How does your partner
feel, with you doing this? – Yeah, he says it’s great. He often says, “You
don’t have to do it”, but I just want to give back. You see how he struggles, so. – Just make sure you get him out of bed on that Sunday morning,
to come and support you. (laughing) – Oh yeah,(mumbles) I’m
running for the (mumbles) – Fantastic, but if you
want to get involved with the Leicester Half
Marathon, raising money for different charities,
obviously it’s organized to be in conjunction with Love Us as well, we’ll pop the links for
the details as to how you can get registered. There’s still time to get your entry in. And we’ll keep you up to
date with Tammy’s progress as to how things go! So she’s aiming to try
and beat her last time which was two hours twenty. – Good for her. – Which is pretty good
for a half marathon. Have you, Ben, you run
a half marathon before? – No, I’ve not. I’ve never done it before. – Never felt the urge to? – Not really, I mean. You know, I do quite a lot. There, I was on court, so it’s like supposed to do that a weekend, – He has his exercise, doesn’t he? – I’m then shattered for
the rest of the week. (laughing) – I have! – Particularly when
your jobs quite active. – Yes. – You haven’t asked me if I’ve done any. – Have you ran a half marathon? – Yes, I’ve done about
eight half marathons, – Eight? – And a full marathon as well. – Wow! – And my quickest time for
my half marathon was 1:58:58. – Oh, well done! – Just thought I’d let
you know that, so, yeah. – 1:46. – Seriously? – Mmhm. Almost, cause 1:45 is
eight minute mile pace. – Yeah. – and so it was just over
eight minute mile pace. I was gutted. – Good. – Cause it’s just that part
of that milestone, isn’t it? In your head, but. – It’s that two hour mark, for me. – Yeah. – It was always like,
and I’ve only managed to hit it under just once. – Just to get round, just
anyone to get round though. So, again, the Leicester
Half, it’s organized in conjucture with Love Us,
really good local charity. Obviously we did the
Tower Run with Love Us earlier in the year, so. But, So, Ben, we’re in
this gorgeous weather! – I’m going to take my coat off. It’s warm now. – These fabulous tennis courts, and so, – Brilliant aren’t they? So how can people get
involved with the club? – So basically, we’ve
got like, memberships ranging from juniors, sort of
from three, four years old to – Okay, so it’s not just
adults that can come along, so children can come along? – No, no, not just adults. Yeah, children, we do
lots of sessions with kids during the week, Monday to Saturday, sort of ages four to 18,
we’ve got roughly about, I think, 24, 25 groups
sessions a week for kids. – Wow. – Busy! – So it’s quite an active club. – Yeah, it is. It’s busy at the moment. It’s very busy. – And the sessions that you do, do they cater for all levels? So from someone that’s not
picked up a racket before, to someone that’s ready to
go to play at Wimbledon. – Yeah, yeah, or again, for all ages. We basically do it, we
do it in stages, so, if you’ve not played
before, your basically start from stage one, which we kind of downsize the court a little bit. So, stage one we play in
sort of a third of the size of the full court, and then we base a technique around
that and we slowly build the technique and the size of the court as we go through the stages, so. We have like mini red plays, which are like ages three to eight, we have mini orange,
which are nine and under, mini green, ten and under, then age 11+ is just for full board. But still, even within those age groups, we have a stage one, a stage
two, and a stage three. And actually, a stage four as well. – So you have your
separate age categories, and then it breaks down
into like, different levels – Yes. – Good, isn’t it? – Levels of ability, so. And, is it okay for
people to come along if they just want to play, they don’t want to be competitive, they
just want to come along, learn how to, get some exercise. – Yeah – So there’s no pressure here to actually enter into competitions
or anything like that. – No, no, even if you just want to play, we have plenty of social mixing sessions, like on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, what we’ve just seen here. – Yeah, when we got here,
there was a few games going on, and there was some ladies here having a bit of a drink. – That’s right, yeah. The social side’s good,
again, there’s even a social membership category as
well, weather you just wanna come and, you know,
we have things going on, like Yoga, and things
inside, we have bridge club, and things like this, or yeah, if you just want to play socially,
if you’re a member, you can play anyone, you can book a court, once you’re a member it’s free as long as their available, as well. Yeah, we’ve got mixings in
the evenings, weekends also. – You must be quite
satisfying with,obviously, taking someone that maybe
hasn’t picked up a racket, or maybe a young child and it
helps grow their confidence, gives them different skills,
obviously it’s exercise, it must be quite rewarding. – It is, yeah, I think
tennis is the sort of game that, it gives you a lot of
life skills as well, really, because even from a young age, you know, it teaches you a lot, you’re out there, it’s not a team sport, you
know, it’s an individual sport, You know, there’s a
lot of responsibilities that come with that just by playing, you know, things like you
have to score during matches. If you’re four, five years
old even that is quite a big thing, you have to be
confident to do that as well. But, teach you a lot to do
like discipline, and just as a sport, it’s got lots
of transferable skills with like catching lots of
movement, hand-eye coordination, and yeah, it’s a real, it’s a
game that has a lot of variety to it, and I think that’s
what makes it quite fun. Then as a coach, it makes it,
you know, for me, personally, it’s quite an easy sport to
teach to make it fun as well. – Yeah? – Yeah. – Fantastic. So, I would imagine there
must have been some players that have come through the ranks here, and maybe gone onto greater things? – Yeah, I mean, we’re
sort of in that process as well, really, ’cause
I mean, I’ve only sort of been here six years, I mean,
the first couple a years, it was just about growing the numbers, getting lots of people through
the door to begin with. So, we had players from a
young age to then feed through later on, to older age
groups, and to eventually represent in the club, weather
it’s junior or adult level. But now, we’ve kind of
got to the stage now, I’ve got an assistant as well. I was gettin’ to a stage where I was just, I was stacked. I got to a point where I
couldn’t really take it much further on my own. – I imagine you must’ve
gone home shattered, from Excercising all day long. – Very fit, though, you must be? – Yeah, sometimes. Sometimes, I mean, you get used to it. It’s one of the things that
once you climb to a high stage it just becomes normal. Your body just adapts to it. Yeah, it’s more, I mean for me personally, it’s more of a mental, it’s
more mentally tiring, I’d say because, you have to be, you know, If you want to do a good lesson,
or a good bunch of lessons, it takes planning and, – Structuring it right, yeah. – Sometimes you have to be quite alert, you’re constantly looking at someone else, assessing someone’s game, it can be. You have to be mentally creative
as well, with what you do. So, it can be mentally quite, – You gotta make it
stimulating for them, as well, particularly for the younger ones. – Yeah, exactly. Yeah, but also for myself
in some ways, as well. If I’m just doing the same
thing over and over again, you know, it can get tiring. I’ve seen that before, with other coaches in particular as well, you have to be creative to make it
enjoyable for yourself and your players, really,
yeah, you have to be all in. – And I imagine you probably
see the normal, kind of, uplift in interest round
things like Wimbledon, and other things, kind of tournament. Because, again it gets out there, even if you’re not a tennis player, a lot of people just want
to enjoy watching Wimbledon, and you get that book for it don’t you? – Yeah, exactly. Especially at Wimbleodon time of year, we normally get a few extra
players though the door. We have our open day normally
around that time as well. It seems to tie in, it’s
good for us to advertise around that time as well. Yeah, beat for those two we
just go tennis mad, yeah. – So someone that’s
watching this, how can they look at getting involved, coming along, how can they reach out and get in contact? – Well, basically we’ve got our website, Oadby Tennis, we’ve got
Facebook and Instagram, Twitter pages, all the
information is on there, and links to our website. Also, even just popping
in and coming through on the door, you know,
there’s always someone here. Or even, if not, there’s
plenty of information scattered around the clubhouse, with sessions for kids,
adults, and the first session’s free as well,
so there’s no pressure to even commit to anything. Just come and give it a go to start with, – See if you like it – And then even then, once
you’ve had your first session you can just pay as you
go for certain sessions, or just try a term if your
a kid in the school term, to see what you think
to it, before you really have to commit to anything. – Brilliant! – Ah, that’s really good isn’t it? – Yeah, it is, ’tis really really good. Now, ‘preciate your time, that’s great. And if you do, if you’re unsure
where the tennis club is, it’s just at the bottom
of the Leicester Road, just before the race court’s roundabout, – Yep, can’t really miss it, can you? – So it’s just on the left,
just left hand side turn before the race court’s
roundabout, pop in. See what it’s all about. Again, it can be played during
the winter months as well, they’ve got flood lights. – Yeah, we were talking
earlier, weren’t we? – Yeah. – You know, weather it’s
raining or frosted or whatever, some of the courts – That’s right, they’re
all-weather courts, yeah. – They’re never better, yeah. – But, brilliant! So, it is an all-year sport. – Fantastic, so that kind of
wraps it up for September’s episode of Love Oadby TV. – Oh no, Again? We will be at Christmas, won’t we? – We will be at Christmas, gosh. Santa’s got our time. – I know. That’s coming round quite rapidly. – So, if you would like your
event or business featuring or community group, please
get in touch with us, it’s [email protected],
or reach out to us on our Instagram or Facebook page. We’d love to get involved,
and we’ll see you in October! – Yeah. – Wow, take care!

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