(techno music) – A few words about string, and modern rackets in the modern game. Years ago, and I have
closets full of them, we have a lot of wood rackets. Much heavier, 13 ounces, some 14 ounces. And, because of the wood construction, they were not as wide. These heads tend to be nine inches wide, the wood ones were more narrow. So they feel that in the modern game, because of the greater head size, you have more room to spin the ball. But what I’m interested in
now is the new string, poly, or co-poly, and how loose
the players are stringing it. How loose the players are stringing it. If you read very carefully,
some of the pros are stringing it in the high 20s and low 30s. I am now string at 40
pounds, and the next one I’m going to do today I’m
going to put in at 35. Now, there was a time in the old days when the rackets were strung at 60 and 65, and the feeling was is that
the ball would stay on the string if the string was
tight, the ball would compress, and with more surface
area you could feel it. And if you strung loose, somehow the string operated like a trampoline. But now if you watch very closely today, you never see the players walking around loosening their strings. It doesn’t happen, they don’t
move the strings anymore. Well, if I’m trying to get
top spin, and I rub the ball, that’s what would
displace the main strings. And the trick on co-poly is
that these strings are so slick I have read, the strings move
when the ball is being gripped and the strings snap
back into position while the ball is still on the
string imparting more spin. And the next time you go
to your local pro shop, either ask for a demo or try it yourself. Say, I want to try that
new co-poly string and I want to try it really lose. And at our club, so far,
most have been skeptical, but anyone who’s tried it
has said, man, whoever knew. And I think the problem they
came out with maybe a year ago, was too many times these new strings would be straight been strung so tight, people were getting elbow problems. So, this is my story
to say, experiment with looser strings and see if it helps you. That’s what these new strings are about, that’s what the players
are determining, and even once they wrote about how
Nedal on one particular shot at the French Open,
when he came forword, the ball was about to bounce
twice, he was close to the service line, and he hit
an enormously powerful shot that normally would’ve gone
out, except the additional spin he was able to get on the ball using the same black
slippery co-poly strings. The game is changing, hopefully
we’re changing with it. I’m doing my best at this end. (techno music)

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