Volleyball Unbound Pro Beach Volleyball Gameplay Yes Guy Gaming Steam PC PS4 Xbox one volleyball video game I’m on a show in the middle buddy what’s
open yeah such a bounce came in Rick’s way
when I was that way yes hello and welcome back to Jess guy
gaming we’re back playing volleyball unbound and it’s been a tumultuous
that’s a big word tumultuous past few tournaments this tournament were in the
Moscow Grand Slam the Toronto Grand Slam the last episode didn’t go so up you
didn’t see that link in the description let’s check how many tournaments we have
left until the Olympics so it’s lose an Jerusalem
what isatis and then Stockholm games the Olympics in December yeah also I was
paying attention to the tournaments and we got in August there’s a continental
Challenger in Toronto national tour North Bay in September there’s a
continental Challenger and the national tour event in Toronto like what and then
in November why no satis is hosting two tournaments
ok these locations anyways you guys haven’t already hit that subscribe
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pressure anyways we’re going to get something going here with me and Joe so
let’s get to all right wave to the crowd boys I don’t know if you deserve to
after last episode’s performance link in the description all right who are we
playing come on come on Blu plan Paz piranha and Batista I am ashamed to say
that we are 1 and 1 against these guys we’ve lost them before but Teesta is in
the worst shape of anybody I’ve ever seen he is weak we got to serve them
let’s go up Batista we’re coming to you buddy we’re gonna serve you deep we’re
gonna tire you out it’s only a sets of five though which is a problem Joe Joe
Joe Joe you know what Joe actually has been playing really well like Joe is
better than me so I should stop saying Joe and start saying like encouraging
myself let’s go May figure it out about a yukata feels weird to do that I’m just
gonna keep yelling at Joe and we’ll see how it works out I’m on it fuck Joel I’ve been up in both of our skills my
setting and Joe is hitting yeah that’s the result let’s go Joe j5 here we go
pound it me nice rip home lock Joe elbow double peel I’m on it Joe set me back
that shot sucked but it’s gory Joe that was maybe the highest lupus but
also well placed shot ever block the right side Joe why cuz we’re not gonna
block anyways I’ll run the back play Joe super opens like Joe this game is going
you know what may you totally screwed up last tournament I’m gonna exclusively go
on to this tournament Joe he’s hungry I like it it’s a good change of pace from
Joe watch I’m all over that Joe’s going on – Joe is all of a sudden
the best foot Joe Joe what five for five attacks that is a legendary beatdown we
didn’t even side out Joe alright Joe yeah you deserve to wave to the crowd
after that match are you kidding me Joe you better keep that going buddy like
we’re gonna eat that really look who it is are you kidding me did you guys see
you left the sounds ago oh my gosh Ludwick Fran spies and Conrad shipper
this is my new favorite team to play I gotta be honest you know who the guy is
it’s bran spots another familiar face Ludovic Moran
spies and Konrad schipper my friend buys I’m just remembering back to editing in
the RI transpose counter and yeah Wow okay sorry I’m losing it
alright Brandt spies 5 grand spies hi Fred pies looks get all Brandt spies it
see on the left side now I seem to remember him on the right this is this
new alright Brandt spies here we go buddy
play some D Joe Oh what cover by that guy Joe got a block to like oh and I
screwed it up alright Fran spies watch Brandt spies damn it they should not
have won that rally all right grant spies brutal beep whoa
grant spies jeez good dig Joe this could be bad great shot Joe man yes wow I am
terribly at focus cuz we’re playing Brant spies all right grant buys like
all right Fran spots too much all right Brandt spies
stay focused Joe good serve buddy now get off I got it Joe is going on to
again it didn’t work that time though buddy I got it yeah on the net Joe
what’s open sharp yes come on Joe pounds it way
harder than a and I’m kind of jealous all right grand spies
timeout raft like oh I should get a mug that says RI transpose like I gotta stay
focused you guys like I have not won a tournament in several episodes size
matters the size of my focus matters here we go Joe all right Brad spies it’s
tradition get up never block the right side on all
right branch pies whoa what a set Oh Joe Joe why are you running away from that
it was right there dude to all a side of Joe that guy’s bringing
the heat on me what’s open sharp angles Jess come on pay attention
I bet the eyes laser beam focused now we’re serving I can say all right grant
baizen here we go deep corner here we go he’s off you Joe good ting put it away
now come on buddy Wow that was a great play by Joe but
what were they doing on defense look at they were both just standing up to the
net but the hell was that I will take it all right brand spies for the win let’s
go that’s a good serve all right Fran spies what do you got I’m all over it in
the middle Joe jeez oh my gosh Joe Joe could play some D all of a sudden Joe is
the best player in the world oh it looks like you didn’t even take a swing there
he just raised his hand you let it fall on the ball great play Joe Wow guys it’s been a crazy first two
rounds can’t get Brant spies out of my head alright don’t we plan the Dovan and
kuvira we’ve definitely played these guys before as well the dolmen is not in
great shape and he’s a worse attacker and the better setter
it is obviously Padova alright but Doven we’re coming after you buddy
Dobin I’ve been just serving it hard deep as I’ve been working kind of I
guess like take some risk it’s a good serve he’s way off Joe what are you
doing you’re gonna block that Joe and the game I was on that like I was right
there just stick out of hand dig it up the heck the Dovan and Kaveri these guys
whoa that’s sir what’s open Joe great cover buddy oh he
does you Joe watch Joe with a dig Joe is now I want to set my main yes I out my
setting cuz I do on those plays Joe is good at thee but not that good at deed
so I need to get over that Joe Creek coverage nice alright so we need a big
serve on the Dovan I’m sorry short like they did on meet doctor right Joe yes Joe suck it for Doven nice press it
Joe I told you the block the right side
though you dumbass I mean you got the block so it’s fine but come on dude
listen to me nice serve watch Oh get in top to dig
those are tough to dig I’m usually pretty good yep
on the net Joe in the middle what’s open that way yes come on that looks like I
hit it sharp but it’s not coming off the head that hard his name is tiny all
right we need a steel here on vidoe vut get there Joe block the right side he’s
having trouble coming from behind his head Chazy pound it down all right let’s
go side out it’s a three all battle here we
go yeah on the net Joe great set what’s open
he gave me the sneak I will take it I don’t need to hit that hard
come on Joe all right we’re gonna go over here we’re go deep cross on Padova
I don’t know why Oh trouble Joe just stay off Joe that was dumb oh I keep
guessing going line and gets it easy cross my bad Joe you are doing okay I
gotta figure it out last up yup nice pass on the net Jess that cows kind
of lucky he was kind of on me Jerri but I snuck it behind him all right
make a steel standing float on the door he’s not even expecting it
he was kind of expecting me hey watch got it Joe for the win out please be out
please be out come on Jude let’s go
they scores one point and he loses his mind
yes all right welcome back to the semi-finals poised about frickin time we
had to earn it though that was tough they’re waving like they think they’re
hot shit well they’re our second in the world okay you got me Zuko she and her
apple we’re two and two against these guys I don’t like the amount of previous
losses when it comes up it just hits me in the mind immediately like a punch
into the brain ah all right the good news is these Zucco she’s the
guy shot at spike are lower so we’re gonna have a higher chance and he’s you
know kind of the better center he’s the big guy though it’s okay look at that
squerch are you kidding me look at the other guys they’re like no jaw hilarious
all right here we go these Zucco she’s the guy pasa these guys floating it at
me they know he’s the weak link what’s open
yes I’m paying attention may takes a quick look and then fans at angle I mean
mine yes all right music oh she it’s just a standing spinner like it’s the
dumbest serve ever but just get it out you always wait outside
I’m on a Joe in the middle buddy what’s open
yeah such a house came in this way one out that way yes into the crowd they’re
fired up about it also like can we just talk about the crowd right now like look
at the guy way in the back up there in the corner there’s a plenty of open
seats in the front row dude figured out I better serve oh I’m spinning now okay
let’s feel so weak on May jeez I keep getting that way am i doing he says a
pounding hang on Joe’s got a big block I know I gotta relax and react in the
middle yes aw man that was lucky look at him you jerked me a bit lucky
infinite daylight night down day come on Joe three one let’s go
big steel would go a long way thanks serve Joe Eric we’re gonna blocked out
Joe I’m on it Joe back set did it affect him yes he left me the
line yes come on May only it’s live and the occasional soft pattycake cross all
right Joe for the win focus it that Joe great freaking serve dude lock the right
watch see when I stay there I’m on Joe I needed a better set man but the left
side Joe okay wait I want it again geez the line was open all right Joe I’ll get
that in the middle Joe always on me Joe watch oh I totally cheated again I had the game on my fingertips and I
hit it cross because I was thinking too much bass aah oh they’re going to Joe
Joe’s clutch hillside out chow dude really bad time for that I’m on it
in the middle what are you gonna take buddy can’t take everything Jess god
that’s huge yes good vision we’re the Fatherhood and who are we
playing yeah just controller for playing pistons and Ayrton we never played these
guys perform playing a team we’ve never played before
the finals of a Grand Slam tournament Wow who’s the guy yeah you know just
some analysis here notice a number but who’s the guy they both can pound Heston
a little bit better than erred Ayrton they both don’t get as high as May and
Joseph way higher interesting I don’t know I think it might be hair to
be shorter he doesn’t have as good spike everything else seems to be similar he’s
got better stamina but I don’t know if that it really comes into play all that
much yeah that’s less support I don’t know is it well try out Aaron I think
and then we’ll stay flexible we’ll stay ready if we need to switch we can do it
I don’t want to Joe good save whoa guys I blacked out there that sir was wicked
fast look at now the stands are completely full I didn’t give a shit
about our semi but now it’s the final you guys care all right all right
Ayrton I’ve never seen you before buddy you’re a rookie as far as I’m concerned
and handle my serve either we’re gonna peel off on you
goes gonna make a dig my new and improved settings gonna get you up with
a net Joe putting that away would have been great cuz that left them open for
that Joe Joe like you need to just hit everything like I don’t think you
understand that geez they’re putting me deep don’t give me that line I won’t
take it come on listen this
there’s no time there’s no time for being nice don’t fool around there’s no
funny stuff like it’s just time to go Joe just are you kidding me Joe
great freakin blog you finally took the left side you got the block now get it
ain’t funny hit an ace now that’d be great beta beta me to the angle Joe you did it
again watch him go he goes back to the line which is what I need him to do
I also faded him set ball Joe come on buddy
another block would be cute thanks Rick all sorts of trouble you stay off Joe
I’m on it in the middle Joe I shouldn’t celebrate too early this is
the final we got more shit to go that’s 203 in this final refocus take a
drink 10 guesses what’s in this cup I’ll give you a hint
now nothing side matters that’s the end here we go I am refocused and ready to
go Joe’s gonna start serving Ayrton is the guy he’s pulled it up completely
great deep serve Joe all sorts of trouble yes Joe starting us off with an
ace doing that focus worked here we go with that deep again
Ayrton is short and doesn’t like it deep again he doesn’t like it deep Joe Joe like do we need to have this
talk again like you got to move your ass you’re lazy dumbass you Joe I’m looking
for the two absolutely just come on Joe absolutely look for the
two all right Harry how’s my fatigue pretty good Joe get up
to the net please do block the left side again like you guys did last time Batum
Joe why would you think the heel this way you know if you do that I’m
obviously gonna go the other way and then you just stop you idiot I’m looking
for the two you idiot sure they hustled in for that with what bigger like I’ve
never seen him move with before well done buddy
all right Aaron Joe’s gonna pound it down the line now get up there block the
left side Joe bait him into it and then move back yes I’m all over that Joe I
know you like to go on to there and it worked yes well done
a match ball for the tournament the serious time now nice serve Joe I need a
big ding I’m all over that put me on the net Joe you greedy Joe
nice block Joe you couldn’t just for once let me put
away the match like just set me for the match I know you like to go on – huh
once I doubt if it’s a good pass I’m going on – oh it’s a good pass yes you
Joe just kidding buddy I love you a big win they’re kids we wanna turn yes alright
guys well that’s gonna do it for this episode we’re done and that’s a big win
I’m feeling good about that that was dominant Joe is actually getting better
if you look at our stats I’ve been upping Joe’s shot and spiked
and he started to put a few away he’s still going on to like a dumbass we got
to get that out of this game but I mean it’s alright what have I been upping on
May it’s a great question I forget it’s not that obvious by looking at the stats
Steve is that a hundred percent setting I’ve been upping the setting because if
Joe makes a shit dig make and put them on from deep and that’s worked a few
times I think I might have to go to shot next although I barely use it I’m
looking for the goalie setting yeah will max out Joe also has a ton more skills
to max out his speeds low as stamina slow actually stamina smacks though
that’s pretty embarrassing Joe Lee your stamina is at its max and it’s still
pretty shape anyways I don’t do it for this episode guys thank you so much for
watching I am in such a better mood when I win a frickin tournament it’s just
that easy anyways appreciate you guys watching the
episode thank you for all the support you’ve shown to the series the channel
everything I’m super thankful it means the world seeing your guys comments and
saying that you enjoy the stuff that I’m putting out there just motivates me so
much to want to get out there more and get more shit out there and do it more
so keep that coming it it definitely helps the channel and I intention
apologies if I don’t respond to your comments I’m trying to respond to
everyone I am respond while my back anyways thank you guys for watching and
will to see you guys next time on casts guy King you Volleyball Unbound Pro Beach Volleyball Gameplay Yes Guy Gaming Steam PC PS4 Xbox one volleyball video game

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