Hey everyone my name is Justin Jackrel and
I am the president here at citEcar Electric Vehicles. Today I want to talk to you about
out newest model, the 6PR XLC. XLC stands for extra long charge. When we first came
on to the scene it 2005 building our electric vehicles here in Gainesville Florida, most
of the other golf carts in the industry were averaging between 25 and 35 miles per charge.
We didn’t think this was sufficient, so our vehicles all get currently up to 50 miles
per charge. Now we are not one to rest on our morals, so we are trying to get the largest
range out of any electric vehicle on the market in this category, the low speed vehicles,
so we put together this XLC model. It has the most powerful solar panel that we can
get on this roof. It has an upgraded AC motor to give us more range, and we installed T145
Trojan batteries. With these three combined with the already great system that these vehicles
have, we are looking to get the longest range out of all low speed vehicles on the market.
Now we will be doing a test of this later today and will be documenting the results.
Our goal is to be getting approximately 75 miles per charge. So what we are going to
do now is I will come in and zoom in on the odometer, show you what we are currently at,
and we will be driving this around all day and at the end of the day we will be giving
you a result of what the range is. Okay, so as you can see here we are currently
at 5.3 miles on the odometer and we are about to start the testing. Alright so Justin Jackrel
here back with ya, it is now five minutes till 5:00 and Devin here has been doing the
driving since 9:50 this morning. I wanted to give you a recap of how many miles we have
gone but the vehicle is still going. We were hoping for 75 miles for this charge but we
are now at 95.5 miles and still going strong. So now we are going to keep driving and see
how many miles we can get. Now our goal is to get up to 100 miles to the charge. Let’s
see if we can do it. 96 miles without a single charge, and today
hasn’t even been fully sunny. We have had partly cloudy almost the entire day, so that
is obviously going to make us have less range coming from our solar panel. On a fully sunny
day with some stop and go throughout the day, you will easily get 100 miles to the charge.
This vehicle has gone non stop since 9:50 this morning. Okay so we are at the end of day one are at
103.2 miles on the odometer. The vehicle is still driving, we will be putting this vehicle
away for the night, we will not charge it up tonight and we will complete the test in
the morning. So here we are at the end of testing and you
see that the odometer reads 110.3, we started at 5.3, so this cart just got 105 miles on
this a single charge! You will see we still do have power, it is just slowing down now
though. The top speed isn’t nearly what it used to be so we are ending the test now at
105 miles gained. Alright so we just completed the testing and
as i showed you we were able to get 105 miles on a single charge of this vehicle. Most of
the testing was done during a partly cloudy day and the vehicle never stopped driving
from the beginning to the end. So if you were to use it in a more systematic setting where
you were actually stopping it throughout the day and allowing the solar panel to charge
the batteries up, you would be able to get even more than that 105 miles. So once again
remember barriers are always meant to be broken. We here at citEcar Electric Vehicles are always
looking for a way to push it one step further. Everyone else says 30-40 miles is the standard,
now 105 miles has been achieved. We can get this vehicle for you. It is perfect for commercial
applications, residential uses, or even rental fleets. If you have any questions please feel
free to give us a call, the phone number and contact information will be at the end of
this vehicle. You can visit us online at citEcarEV.com. Once again I thank you for watching this video,
I look forward to working with you soon.

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Dennis Veasley

7 thoughts on “Longest Range on a Golf Cart – 105 Miles Per Charge by Bintelli Electric Vehicles”

  1. what is the weight of that vehicle, and the total weight load capacity it can handle, i must say, great idea with the solar panels and trojan batteries,job well done.

  2. Not realistic!!

    Solar panel influences it.
    Itsike stepping away from your gas cart and having someone add fuel to your tank.

    Not everyone will add solar.

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