(cameras clicking) – All Good? Everyone’s good? Good stuff – Bagsie, why don’t you kick us off mate? – Yeah Skip, great win today. Obviously plenty of
feeling towards the end – Aw man it was a good win,
well especially we started with eight on the field,
John’s 30th last night didnt help us earlier, but
yeah good win in the end – Alise Myers, Guardian online,
I think what my colleague what eluding to what the
controversial run out or not out as it were in the 38th over? – I’m confused, what’s your question? – Well, was it out? – I think it was Hummer? Yeah it was Hummer at square leg And he said Slug made it home So we know Slugs really
quick between the wickets and yeah it was a close one, but the benefits just gonna
go with the batsman there – And the altercation afterwards
where you were made to drag Hummer off the field. – Well, that’s a legal matter now so I can’t really talk much to it. But I will say Hummer had
already been on the field for 10 over so he was due
to be replaced anyway. – Neil Lomax, Local Cricket Weekly Skip, plenty of discussion
around the state of the ball in the first innings? – Uh, looked fine to me – Well there are some
suggestions that the grubs might face some allegations of ball tampering. – Please, that ball got
hit on the road four times off Rambo’s pies, alright? One of those times I’m pretty
sure a bus ran over it. So I reckon you want
to get your facts right on that one champ. Tiny! What are you doing? Go around! Every time. Sorry. – Club president, any
chance you guys paying your subs this year? – Next question. – Okay, any comment on the
team’s official Instagram post? It is a pic of the
scoreboard with “EAD lol” – I’ll let Hammy answer that, he does all of the insta-book stuff. – Yeah I think that caption sums up the sentiment pretty well. If have time again maybe pop
a filter on perhaps, but uh It at 18 likes now so yeah, happy. – Skip, Tom Morris from Fox
Cricket, I wanna know about Suresh Oberoi, he made three
tons in last years final series, won a premiership,
clearly one of your better batsman, but there seems to
be no room for him in this summer’s eleven, why is that? – Nah nah Suresh he’s
got exams, he cant play. – Exams? On a Saturday
afternoon? What’s he studying? – I don’t know what he’s
studying! Tommy, what is it with you and this story? Every time we have a great
win, here you are talking about last season. – Now wait, hold up. Its a bit strange that your
best batsman from last year isn’t playing this year. – Well I don’t know what
to tell you alright? The association cleared us
of this matter last year, and if you got a problem,
take it up with them. Okay? Move on, cause we have. Alright? Are we all
done? Are we done? Great. Looking forward to reading this
trash in the paper tomorrow. (camera clicking) – Media and comms, that’s
what he’s studying, Suresh. Media and comms. Big fan of your work Tommy. – (woman) Hammy, just a quick one. Melissa James from Crick Info,
could you talk us through that crowd catch that you
dropped at the JLT Final? – *explicit* Mel, that’s bullshit (camera clicking)

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