– All right boys. What’s going on here? Hang on. Might have one too many
inside the circle here boys. – Hammy, just take a seat please mate. – Sure, where do you want me to take it? – Hammy, sit down. This is an intervention. – Look Flem, if this is about the incident with the grip cone, I can explain.
– Eww! (grip cone clanging) – Now the boys want you to know, they love you very, very much. – They can at least buy me dinner first. – And they understand it’s
probably gonna end quite hard. – That’s what she said. – See Flem, this is exactly
what I’m talking about! – It’s okay Skipper, it’s okay. – Dad, Pres, club volunteer
whose name I don’t know, what are you guys doing here? – It’s about your chat,
it’s total garbage. – Acid. – Absolutely corrosive. – The annoying puns, the
smutty double entendres, the same sledges every
week that get donuts, it’s gotta stop! – What? – Rambo, do you wanna start us off? – Dear Hammy, – Good start. – I’ve known you for ages. The first time I heard you say, “The stumps are hungry,
let’s feed them a cherry!” I laughed. But now after hearing it
every game for six seasons, I’ve even thought about giving
up my spot in the cordon and moving permanently to Fine leg, so I can’t hear your dribble. For once, stop talking and just listen. – Thanks Rambo. – What are you guys talking
about, I got heaps of zingers! – Oh, last week in the field, you said, “Let’s send his bales to Wales!” – Yeah, that rhymes! – Three times in a session! – Everyone needs a stop ball! – Stop ball! Thought that was, “Bowl him a piano and
see if he can play that!” – Flanners, I read that
in a Merv Hughes book that you bought me! – (speaking passionately
in foreign language) – Oh come on Suresh, you told me that was the height of comedy! – Come on everybody, we just
need to calm down a little bit. Skip, you got something to say? – Yeah, well look I don’t
have anything prepared, so I’ll keep this short. – Bit like your bowling. – Do you know what? That’s it, I’m sick of this,
it’s just gonna be easier if we drop him to the fifths all right! – Skip, just sit down okay. – What about you blokes? Rambo, you haven’t circuited
with the boys for weeks. Flanners would it kill
you to buy your own box? And Hummer, he’s always
blooding up in the showers! – Hammy, it’s not about
us, it’s about you. – Oh, I’m sorry, who are you
to lecture me on good chat Mr. Corridor Of Confusion? – You’re wasting your time
Flem, check his Insta bio. Matthew Renshaw on the streets, David Warner between the sheets. – That’s fire AJ! – That was funny two years ago. – No, it’s still funny now
because it’s about the scoring rates Flem so obviously Warner likes to– – You see? You’re not gonna help a bloke who doesn’t wanna help himself! This is why you’re not
in the WhatsApp group! – There’s a WhatsApp group? – AJ, perhaps you’d like
to put the cones out? – I didn’t realize it was that bad. All right, I’m in, I wanna
get off the shit chat, it’s not gonna be easy, we’re
all gonna have withdrawals. I’m gonna need a strong
support network beside me, but we can do this! (slapping thigh) We can do this! (team claps and cheers) – Hammy listen, the truth is
all you gotta come up with is some memorable one liners like, “The Avenue Of Apprehension.” Or a catchy nickname like, I don’t know, “The Bowlologist.” Then you can talk as
much dross as you like and you get paid for it. – Sounds great! – It is, well done mate. I’m gonna make like Alan
Donald from the 1999 semi-final and run out. I’ll call you later. (dramatic electronic music) – Don’t call me later, call me Hammy! – No! – Right-o, who wants to
give me some throwdowns? – [Broadcaster] Bowler’s name! – Hey guys, Flemere, if you wanna watch more
Grubs videos, subscribe now, it’s not all (beeps) chat.

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