I chose accommodation that was on the Vale
because I really wanted to be in a place where a lot of students are and it’s a really
beautiful location as well, which is a definite bonus. I stayed on the Vale and I found that there
was always a support and help there for example something you wouldn’t get in a private
accommodation is the quickness of response so if something broke they were there straight
away to fix it. The Vale is probably about a fifteen minute
walk down to main campus, and it’s nice ‘cause it’s such a pretty area but you’re
so close to campus and you’re also a ten minute train ride into the centre of town
so it’s got a great location. Shackleton is ensuite and meal-plan and I
staid in a flat that was boys and girls and we had a shared kitchen. I found out about
Shackleton through the websites and through coming to visit and I particularly liked the
look of Shackleton because it had everything in the building, there’s the Melt which
is like a really chilled out café in the day and then it turns in the Pizza Shack at
night which is always fun, and there’s infusion which is the normal meal-plan kind of dining
hall, which everyday there was something really different, a lot of my friends in other unis
who have meal-plan they say that y’know every day is the same but it’s always really
varied here. You are in a massive almost community environment because there’s just so many
people around all the time so you can go down to any of the dining areas and there is always
someone you know. It was just so nice to come back from lectures, or come back from sport
training or society stuff and come back to so many people. Maple bank is a mixture of people on meal-plan
and people who are self-catered. I’m on meal-plan and I live in a flat of five, five
of us altogether. Living in Maple Bank at the beginning it was,
the campus was full of life when I got here in the freshers week and I enjoyed seeing
so many people around me. I found Facebook really helpful in the process
before moving in, there were several pages, join the maple bank page and you can say which
flat you are going to be in. The closest facility to Maple Bank is the
Shackleton building where you can find two places where you can eat every day of the
week; those are infusion and the Melt. Also you can find the pub which is called the Duck
and Scholar where you can watch sports events or play pool with your friends. Maple Bank has a mixture of mixed flats and
you can chose to be with all girls or all boys, I’m in a mixed flat, there’s three
boys and another girl with me so it’s three and two and generally they are evenly split
and I’ve really really enjoyed living in a mixed flat. The support for people living
in Maple Bank are based in reception at the hub so there is always someone on duty at
the desk and they’ve been really helpful throughout the year. Facilities like the laundrette, the bar, the
food courts they are all in easy access and available pretty much 24…7 My name is Tina Feng and I am a first year
law student studying at the University of Birmingham and I’m currently living in TC.
My type of accommodation is self catered this means we have to be responsible for cooking
our owns meals, budget our own money and stuff, so you’re buying all your own food and learning
to cook for yourself, you’ll learn how to be savvy in terms of money saving be it at
cost-cutter over on the Vale or in terms of online shopping. You can be actually quite
creative with your food, who knows; maybe the university experience could turn you into
a master chef of some sort! Personally I didn’t really mind the idea shared facilities but
I think the key message is, as long as you all get on really well and co-operate together
in terms of house hold tasks, then the idea of shared facilities may not be so daunting
for you after all. The residents association is responsible for organising a lot of social
events that happen in halls and also in between loads of halls as well, for example the most
recent Mason vs Tennis Courts event which was a huge success because not only did loads
of people turn out and it was a fun night out at Snobs, the highlight of that evening
was a dance off occurring between Mason and Tennis Courts and Tennis Courts won which
was quite amazing! Hi I’m Alex I’m a first year geography
student and I live in Aitken, which is meal-pan, and I love it there. I chose Aitken as my
first choice accommodation because I wanted to be on meal-plan so I didn’t have to cook
for myself and also it’s a really reasonable price and the kitchens are massive. There’s
between six to eight people in every flat, which means you get to know everyone really
well. The best thing about living in Aitken is that it’s quite small so you know everyone
in the flat so on a night out you always see everyone and walking around you see everyone
and say hi all the time. The thing I’ve enjoyed the most about meal-plan is the chicken
Katsu curry, it’s amazing. Some of the things I brought to uni were toilet roll, bacon and
a rugby ball because I thought it’d be really good to socialise with people passing a ball
around. Mason is en suite accommodation every room
is en suite and it’s also self catered. I chose mason cause I really liked the layout,
it’s quite modern inside and also there’s nice views of the lake especially in my flat
it just looks over and it’s really peaceful when you look out. The en suites in mason
are all wet rooms; you get a sqeegy so it really helps to keep them dry and clean so
that’s really good. My favourite thing about Mason is the layout of the bocks making it
really sociable, everyone is really friendly to each other so it’s a nice environment
to live in. Because we are self catered we do have to cook for ourselves there’s a
cost cutter at the hub in Shackelton which just a five minutes walk if you ever run out
of things but it’s really simple, everyone gets Tesco deliveries or Sainsbury’s delivery
and they come right to your flat, unpack it for you which is really practical. Mason is
an ideal location ‘cause it’s right near the exit of the Vale so to get to campus it’s
a ten minutes walk or if you’re going to a further building fifteen maximum so it’s
ideal. There is a bus stop right outside Mason, which is really good, and its handy cause
it goes right to the city centre and other places making everywhere easy to get to. Elgar Court is en suite meal-plan accommodation
situated in the Vale student village. There is many wonderful things to mention about
living in Elgar Court, the amazing setting, the modern facilities as well as the friendly
staff all contributing to a rich and fulfilling student experience. I liked it so much that
I came back for another year. Students need to be prepared to bring their own cutlery,
pans as well as bedding and also if you think about buying your own kettle or toaster before
coming to University it’s best to wait until you actually move into the halls because then
you can buy just one and share with your flat mates. Also there is a bedding pack that you
can purchase from LIVING services at a competitive rate. Watching the Vale fireworks with my
friends and flatmates in second and third year has been an amazing experience, something
that I would come back to the Vale even after finishing my degree. This is a spectacular
thirty minutes firework event set on the Vale just around the lake area which attracts students
from all campus every November and this is probably one of the best things you can do
as part of the vibrant community within the Vale and as a member of the Elgar Court community.

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