welcome back everybody if you’re a fan of tennis and you haven’t been out to see the new top seed Tennis Club in Jessamine County what are you doing you have to go out there that’s a brand new massive indoor outdoor tennis facility in Brannon crossing they’re hosted everything from clinics that matches even college tennis tournaments they haven’t even officially celebrated the grand opening yet and they’re taking off in a big way and we got to go for a very own lesson check it out [Music] we are at top seed Tennis Club today I think I don’t know if this is true but it’s the largest building in the state of Kentucky is huge how big are we talking we are about a hundred hundred thousand square feet oh my god we wanted to improve on the tennis experience for the people in central Kentucky this is for everybody we have kids from five years old just learning to play adults just learning to play we have high-level tournament players to play here we have college players to train here so it’s you know we want to be a tennis club for everybody so you are gonna give Lee and I sort of a lesson Oh a tennis event let’s do this straight up and down see if you can do it without moving your feet you want to stay in the same place that’s how we know you got some good racket control okay Lee is excellent look it is that is unblocked you think you could go ahead and use the word protege if you want now we’re gonna do a little dribbling since this is Kentucky we have the tennis apprentice program which is through the USTA it goes in six-week sessions we’ve got new ones starting July the third with that program you get a free racquet you get a free year’s membership to the USTA and you get six weeks worth of clinics this is primarily for adults you know we have a lot of adults just one to try tennis tennis has become very it’s become a lot easier to get something to get started accessible but also with some of the new equipment we have here it is much easier to learn to play we’re gonna learn a very elementary serve here i won back the viewing area it’s kind of very unique this way we’ve hosted several college matches where we can have a ladies and a men’s match going on simultaneously and this way they can view both sides at the same time usually the spectators don’t get this open feel to actually see and hear what’s going on everybody’s afraid they’re gonna come out we’re gonna play against the Roger Federer and oh my gosh I don’t want to look bad it’s just like anything else all right one for the ladies I think he was holding back a little all right we’re gonna go the other side yeah my god get mad I’m gonna kill her [Applause] that is in there well there’s so many amenities that you guys have thrown in there from sports massage one of those behind it and then if you because you get lost and now you’re trying to drown your sorrows we do that long you’ve got a bar that’s very popular yeah they have a bar here well we played for what damn it I need a drink I’m so glad we took up tennis yeah well I just what health benefits are oh I just had to make a clean start heavy on the vodka we had such a great day at top seed Tennis Club if you’d like to check him out there at 777s Breen and Road in Nicholasville and to find out more including information about tennis clinics visit top-seed tennis dotnet alright we’ll meet our pet of the day coming up in just a bit

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