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Commission visit Riverside CA gov slash CPR C welcome to the Riverside TV game of the
week on what is a terrific matchup at Husky Stadium on the campus of JW North
High School I’m Nick rice that’s Jeff Gorham gerra bar will be
joining us on the sidelines momentarily for what might not just be the game of
the week but maybe the game of the year between the Huskies and the Coyotes
tonight these are the two top teams in the Inland Valley League and most likely
the league champion will come out of this matchup tonight and with JW North
just one loss on the season here at home with the league title up for grabs this
is a huge one for them tonight oh this is huge I’ll tell you what this this is
the the dawn of a new era this is the Dennis Brown era everywhere he’s gone
he’s won he won at Pauley he’s won here and I’ll tell you what he has everybody
in his corner he’s got a great running back he’s got a great defensive schemes
they are ready they are looking for a league championship and it has to go
through Orange Vista well JW North has been a winning program but they’re
searching for their first league title since 2012 a big reason why they haven’t
won the conference title has been the team they’re up against tonight Orange
Vista they’re usually a run heavy offense but this year they have some
balance on that side of the football well tell you what they have athletes on
both sides of the ball they have two pac-12 commits they’ve got a very great
young quarterback and they’ve got two phenomenal coaches in the zom– all
brothers and they have a state championship and many CIF championships
in their name this will be another one I’ll tell you another great game here on
Riverside TV in fact I circled this game at the start of the season and this is
the one I’ve looked forward to all season long well I probably circled it
before you because we thought coming in this might be the game of the year for
these two teams and as of right now it appears that it indeed is the game for
these two for the 2019 season Orange Vista comes in 6 and 2 JW North 7 & 1
both undefeated in the league and have a shot for the conference crown it appears
that will come out of tonight’s game orange Vista and JW North is coming up
next on the Riverside TV game of the week from Husky Stadium on the campus of JW
North High School we bring you the Riverside TV game of the week and for
these two teams the game of the year between the Huskies and the Coyotes for
more of this integral matchup we sent it down to the third member of our crew in
junior a Borah well guys as you’ve alluded to there are some big
implications for a league title tonight as both of these squads coming with a
perfect three I know standings in Inland Valley League play and it’s going to be
a family affair if you will here for JW North with the McCawley brothers sue
McCauley at the running back position has they had a very impressive season
with 628 yards I was kind of expecting a little bit more out of them this year
but he does have eight rushing touchdowns and every time he touches the
football he gains about seven yards per carry
it’s his older brother patellae on defense he has over forty eight tackles
along with four and a half sacks then it’s the junior brother Sammy see
he has 22 tackles along with one sack on the season now when you look on the flip
side to Orange Vista it’s kind of three biblical names with Elijah and Isaiah
that it’s going to be storing for tonight first off it’s Elijah Robinson
the quarterback with a thousand yards on the season along with 14 touchdowns now
we were expecting Elijah banks at the running back position but it looks like
Chris banks his brother is gonna fill in here for the first part called this
first quarter and at the wide receiver position it will be Isaiah Jones 353
yards has had several touchdowns he’s the usual go-to man for Robinson so we
have a great matchup between two teams that are looking for a league title
tonight so let’s tee it up let’s play some football
thanks jr. Taryn Shive did tee it up and on the return for orange vistas Isaiah
Jones and he is buried at the 21 yard line and a fitting way to begin what
appears to be the conference championship game for the regular season
now there is a potential way for the champion to not come out of this
conference but the winner is for know in the league and for these two teams they
approved to be the top two teams of the conference
so far this season yeah both teams are tops in the conference seven and one for
the Huskies of North their only loss came on this field to a Trinity league
team Servite who’s a very good team and orange VISTA with their two losses two
highly ranked teams in fact one to allamani who they lost to last year who
is ranked number one and one CIF they are looking to redeem themselves and
looking for a league championship as well well orgs Vista they as JR abara
alluded to are working without their lead Bell cow running back in number
three Elijah banks his brother according to head coach Gregg so malts Awards
Vista is the fastest player on the team and he received his first carry of the
season and he was drilled right away by number 21 JW North’s Alonzo Elliot’s his
23rd stop of the season well these two teams as we look at the comparison the
Coyotes and the Huskies are two of the terrific clubs out of this conference
I’d like to look at the bottom ticker yards per carry and Jeff these two teams
can run the football yeah and the azole mall brothers have notoriously ran the
football when their their days at citrus hill fact they want to state
championship I don’t believe they ever threw the ball in the entire time they
read citrus Hill but they have a quarterback and that quarterback can
throw the football which makes it very dangerous when you have a great running
game and you court a young quarterback that can change up the game the coyote
signal caller is a sophomore who forced the senior for this coming year to quit
the team he was the full-time starter in 2018 Elijah Robinson steps in as the
number one quarterback of Orange Vista and has thrown a league-high 14
touchdown passes and a conference filled with premier tile high level
quarterbacks including a couple of guys who are getting looked on in collegiate
programs Robinson tosses on a third down to Chris Banks who cuts inside and is
drilled two short of the 30-yard line the stop from naheem hoxsey as senior
backer makes the stop about three yards short of an orange Vista first down
we’ve seen naheem Hoxie several times over the few
years here with Riverside TV a great player very good athlete fact part of
the hoxsey family that’s been around forever at John W North High School I
tell you what I’ve been around 48 years I think there’s always been a hawk see
it and it seems there’s always been conference championship implications as
well at JW North High School and they came within a loss to this club last
year did the Huskies of winning the league a season ago but still finished
with yet another playoff berth it’s a punt for orange Vista first punt of the
ball game for the Coyotes and Wilson he sends it end-over-end that ball soars
inside the 25 yard line and his track short of the 20 and the Huskies will
bring their offense on the field led by one of the top running games and all the
inlet valley second and run yards second and scoring the Huskies led by vanassa
mika la just a sophomore tailback is starting for the huskies tonight well
last year he was a human highlight film this year had a little bit injuries
dealt with an injury bug but talking to the coaches he is ready to go health is
good and we’re gonna see a great running back tonight in fact my favorite last
year watching him play he is lined up as number 34 JW North five-foot-eight 200
pounds and for his career he is averaging just under eight yards a run
he jumped early there is a flag thrown late as Rayford the quarterback of JW
North hops on the ball this could be a false start on Benassi omeka la his
numbers are just ridiculous by Jeff Gorham Benassi Omega la over his career
nearly eight yards a run two short of 2000 all purpose yards and 15 total
touchdowns hey and I’ll tell you what he was phenomenal as a freshman a lot of
guys are starting to key on him but now under Dennis Browns regime like we said
he’s got other guys he’s got playmakers that’s something he didn’t have last
year and they had to rely a lot on Benassi omeka a la this year it’s by
committee and also throughout the game it appears
we’ll have some scores from other games heritage up six nothing early and what
it is another integral riverside affair Rayford with a short drop rolls to his
right with the straight arm unloads down failed leaping catched by Harold Hendrix
the junior tight end makes the catch the officials appear to rule that
incomplete Hendrix a 6-foot to target he leaps in the air and nearly made what
would have been a circus reception let’s see if that was the right call I thought
he might have stayed inbounds but there’s the fray
he should that should have been a catch looks like that’s NFL rules two feet
down let alone high school rules our officials for tonight’s affair will
Williamson Dan Carranza Robert Bailey Dennis let’s our rats and Pete’s salcedo
did you say will Williamson him and vanassa omega la two favorite names for
this football team as after the short yardage run JW north will be faced with
a fourth and appears to be about 14 to go as both clubs begin the game with the
three and out I’m talking about those making a la Brothers two of them the
defensive players patellae they played for citrus hill last year and for that
coach across the way Erica so mall who is now the assistant head coach over at
orange Vista with his brother Greg also another former citrus hill coach the
punch sores downfield and orange vistas Isaiah Jones retrieves it on a bounce
across the 40 yard line flag has been thrown as he spins to the 50 and Jones
has then hammered out of bounds by Ellen Davis after return of 17 yards they
crashed Jeff gourmand the sideline junior Ibarra early first quarter
between two clubs undefeated in the lead come again JW North seven and one
winners of six in a row against orange Vista who come into Riverside winners of
4-straight including a 50 to nothing thumping of the Paris Panthers at a
league affair last week that game was over by about the first kickoff they led
32 nothing in the first quarter Robinson
through a season-high five touchdown passes and their quarterback trots back
on the field as a sophomore who seems to be improving every single week for
Orange Vista this season and his head coach Greg so moths had mentioned if it
weren’t for some of the pick sixes he thrown this club could be undefeated
with how great he has been throwing the football the toss the banks goes nowhere
he is hammered by submit get LA it’s his 23rd stop and that was with authority
there’s a look at the big man who makes the big time first down tackle I’m
looking more at his flow look at that hair sticking out the back and leaving
his powerful hit Pam took him down yeah the former Citrus Hills star
transferred over this season to play with him he’s a little brother and this
may be one of the first times Orange Vista matches up against the defensive
line with that size especially Mickey la that is something to watch in tonight’s
game second down and 11 after the tackle for loss for Mikki la banks on the
straight-ahead run he is smothered yet again Nayeem hawks he makes the play for
a 1-yard loss look at hockey who was so quick off the ball there both teams
really look fired up and ready to play then it’s gonna be a defensive battle as
we see here early and that what it could come down to is the defense we’re not we
might not see a high-scoring affair here can you imagine that the last couple
weeks we’ve seen 5060 I want to see a grind it out tough football game for a
league championship more you have it right here tonight these teams ranked
one-and two-and yards allowed points allowed and takeaways that tells you
just how balanced they have been this season Robinson fires at in braking
route towards Michael Yin it’s over his head and on third down the Coyotes are
denied yet again pass was overthrown looks like it was a miscommunication
between quarterback and running the route maybe in non-conference action but
we’ve got a league title on the line tonight can ill afford to have those
miscues and back were you and when you were a
coach Jeff there was never any miss skews for your Bunch he kidding me I was
mister miss ki he had mr. Magoo he had mr. miss Q and that would be me
oh but you were just taller than everybody else bigger than everybody
else not anymore but you used to be yes I in
my older age of shrunk several inches Kevon Baptiste is on the receiving end
of this putt he slides and makes the catch at the 35 yard line in front of
orange vistas Randy Wilkins let’s take a look at those League standings for the
2019 season to demonstrate the implications of this football game
tonight Orange Vista and JW North all right the Huskies come in winners of
six in a row orange Vista foreigner in a row they come in both Reno the league
poly has an outside shot to potentially upset things in this conference they
need two straight wins including next week against these Huskies but this one
seems to be a winner-take-all tonight a football game in fact we’re gonna have
that game next week on Riverside TV yeah North versus poly and we’re gonna have
John Rice and coach Dennis Brown on the coaches perspective on Monday evening so
check it out on Riverside TV that’s the coach’s perspective every week with you
Jeff Gorham oh yes it is oh yes Rayford feeds on a gut run and Mikayla
is denied right away as JW North similarly to orange Vista can run the
ball with just about anyone in this conference that was rather ass on Elliot
they have a number of backs who can really change the outcome of this
football game well the biggest thing I look at is their they kind of match up
similarly defensively they’re both quick you’re gonna have to go right off
tackles they’re not gonna be able to get outside because those those big guys
from both teams those defensive ends are far too quick it’s gonna have to be
between the tackles chorion Rayford the quarterback can also scramble he has two
rushing scores this year along with eight touchdown passes he is all alone
as quarterback at JW North in the back field empty formation he looks throws
over the middle hi and outside the reach of his tight end
again Hendrix covered from banks the outside linebacker leaked out and forces
third and ten had a great play call there they had two tight ends in motion
one wide and one right over the middle in fact they were looking for a tunnel
screen I think the first tight end a 77 here and they went right over the middle
just overthrown but a good play call by the Huskies both clubs exchanged punts
on three and outs to begin this football game
JW North second series needs the 45 and a half yard line to continue the Huskies
fresh off the dominant win as well that was against leek folk Canyon Springs on
Friday also come and undefeated to the conference 7 and 1 overall Rayford turns
and we’ve got a flag thrown in that 45 12 win for JW north of her Canyon
Springs Jeff they had almost 10 yards of carry I mean this offense they may not
they may not be out of running range right now on third and 15 I tell you
what anytime you have Fanaa Co making a layup a you can’t count him out last
year we saw him on rumors i TV hurdle the guy I mean I stopped on a dime
jumped over a man and ran for a touchdown for about 65 yards he is
capable he’s got great breakaway speed and the strength of that young man is
unmatched I mean this this guy that just fell in JW North slap I mean this is a
kid that now as a sophomore is proving to be one of the best running backs in
the ulid empire Rayford with a five-step drop rolls right looks pumps and runs
and will be stopped shorts as JW North suffers consecutive three and outs the
tackle from Jalen Owens his 7th of the year yeah this might be one of those games
you might have to get lucky to score because the defense is really doing a
great job of guarding the pass and the run here from both teams North brings
out their punt team and Taryn shives a junior averaging just over 30 yards of
booth this year wobbling punts bounces at the 40 and is
stopped at about the 20 for now the Coyotes are in just their third varsity
season this is a brand new program which in their first year with seniors in this
varsity team won the league championship and under the tutelage of head coach
Greg so mark they have him in position yet again to win another conference
title they just wind those Omar brothers always win you don’t want to play them
in anything you don’t want to play them in monopoly you don’t want to play them
and pickup basketball you don’t want to play them in anything because they just
win quick game update there on the bottom noted Vista leads seven nothing
on the road against her rupa valley supa dupa dupa valley and notice that we saw
them with an impressive victory they come into that game also undefeated on
the league season a short yardage run from the new starter for orange vista he
had 0 carries coming into tonight chris banks and that is what football is all
about Jeff when a guy goes down maybe a reserve as well Chris banks has to step
in on short notice and he’s done a solid job so far well he
better hey brothers gonna take care of him yeah you can’t mess up your your Big
Brother stats there yes Elijah banks the lead tailback on the orange Vista season
nearly nine yards a run he was a game-time decision and has yet to see
the field banks is the pistol back Robertson hands to him who breaks a
tackle at the 25 and has wrestled down just across the 30 to stop from archila
and mika la on a gain of five Chris Banks orange Vista head coach Greg
sole malt mentioned that this running back here number 13 is the fastest
player on the team he ran a CIF qualifying time ten point eight the
under meter dash as a sophomore just an incredible young
athlete for the Coyotes as a reserve runner third down and four Robertson
controls a low snap and gets rid of it to the sidelines to Isaiah Jones who
makes the catch he did lose the helmet at the end of it but he was out of
Bounce and we have ourselves the first first down of the game no no they ruled
him out it was incomplete let’s take a look at the replay again yeah I know he
dropped it at the tail end of that so both teams exchanged back-to-back three
and outs Jeff I’m not sure if we anticipated this start to begin the game
I mean we’ll take it I don’t think we’ve seen that all season long it is a
defensive battle here with 3:11 left in the first quarter nobody has got a first
down now we did here’s a penalty flag thrown late 12 been on the field
Joseph Hinson checks out late for the Coyotes now these two teams are both
averaging over 26 a game Orange Vista 36 a game and there’s story Department so
their offenses had been blistering hot to begin the year but the temperatures
are getting cooler and these teams are finding their defenses and it has proven
so far in the first quarter in what has been a thrilling football game Orange
Vista brings out the punt team yet again fair catch signal from Kevon Baptiste
and he makes it over the shoulder grab at the 30-yard line I’ll tell you what
both these teams come in averaging north coming in averaging 256 yards a game Wow
and orange this is a 338 I don’t know if we’re gonna get that tonight
but both teams averaging north averages almost three sacks the game orange Vista
just a two and a half sacks per game that heritage over Valley View heritage
the juggernaut that they are continuing under coach broach as a aim for another
playoff run by these two teams have just about already secured not only a playoff
spot but potentially a home game out of the CIF postseason of course those
brackets the teams that advance are to be determined but these clubs have been
the class of Riverside and Inland Empire football the young gear Myka le on a
straight-ahead run he surges near the first outline will they give it to him
he was tripped up by orange vistas cornerback Juan Gonzales
it appears he may have been in two short Gonzales at his first three picks of the
season last week in their 50 to nothing win over Paris a week ago he makes the
shoestring stop too short of a first down second and short one Rayford brings
out his mouthpiece calling signals they’ll go ground yet again mica LA
crawls in space and then is hammered by Hinson the nose of the football is just across
the first down line and we have our opening first out of the game Jeff that
comes with 213 to go in the first quarter
all right let’s see some scoring let’s see some first downs he is about as
tough to bring down is the 5/8 200-pound running back vanassa Amica la in the
Inland Valley Conference let alone in Inland Empire football overall 1st down
and 10 off play action Rayford straight arm against Gonzales he is still written
out for at least no gain if not a one yard loss my Rayford avoided an even
bigger lost yardage on what was an excellent stiff arm use that arm and
gave him a nice little shove say hello nice to meet you let’s take a look at
that again there’s Gonzales he is a stolid tackler this year a fruit has
proven to be one of the best scrambling runners as well at quarterback in the
Inland Valley Conference fourth play of this JW North Drive their longest drive
of the game gut run to make it LA and it takes three
coyotes to bring them down including nolan Young who was the first one there
coyotes and Huskies though you think about the dogs I think I’d go with the
husky though in a pure battle a battle deal with a coyote or husky County’s our
little yeah husky day the week and a foot race that go coyotes and you know
orange vista coach Greg so Mon thinks you know his team fits that billing they
have some some speedsters out there for the Coyotes maybe that’s what they
recruit they go hey we want fast coyotes on third and six the husky runner Mika
la has been the main so getter raiford’s third down throw intended for Kevon
Baptiste is off of his foot incomplete and JW North with no flag will bring out
the punt team I’ll tell you what I don’t want to jinx us but this could be the
fastest first quarter we’ve had all season long
you take away a couple of those penalties and weep
we’re talking a 15 minute quarter a 15 minute quarter and Taryn Chive looks to
pin orange fist the deep yet again in a fast-moving first quarter wobbling punts
and the orange Vista return man won’t even Isaiah Jones have an attempt to
bring this one back as JW North in the scoreless football game has won the war
of attrition so far field position where the Coyotes will set up at their own
nine yard line there’s a look along the sidelines of JW
North head coach Dennis Brown he led the Huskies to their first playoff
appearance in six years lost the san dimas but it was a
successful campaign and he comes in yet again as one of the top teams in this
lake I remember a few years ago he took Riverside Poly to a CIF inland
championship now John rice will take a look at him against the former coach
next week a quick flip in the flat the past the number six Michael Yin is
complete near the first down line that’s his fourteenth catch of the year three
receptions for 110 yards at a touchdown for number six Michael Yin last week for
Orange Vista and Elijah Robinson completes it to him in the outside and
that pass play gains a first down for the Coyotes it was a late shame mover
for Yin as Robinson has continued to develop as quarterback of Orange Vista
in the 2019 season early boob on upfront we didn’t anticipate this to be the way
we introduced maybe the best defensive lineman in the league ‘some Missy Mika
la but he was the one who jumped into the neutral zone as Mickey la has been sensational the
Huskies led by his services have 14 sacks on the season and in one of the
biggest defensive lines in the Inland Valley after his neutral zone orange
Vista has 1st and 5 and that will be the end of the first quarter now the defense
has reigned supreme we have seen four punts in just two first downs JRE Baro
what do you make of the game we’ve seen so far I’ll tell you what guys that has
definitely been a defensive ballgame and I think we were kind of expecting it to
be a little bit more exciting on the offensive side but nonetheless I think
we’re gonna see some running take place through the better part of the first
half here and you know it’s it’s it’s not a surprise when you take a look at
the credentials of both these coaches and I just wanted to expound a little
bit on Greg zoom all he comes to this particular program having spent time at
Citrus Hill as an offensive coordinator where he won five CIF titles and a state
championship also as a player when he played at Canyon Springs way back in
1988 he was the offensive player of the year in CIF Division five so he’s a guy
that could definitely generate some offense but we’ve yet to see it this
afternoon or this evening we’ll see what happens as we head into the second
quarter thanks jr. of Jeff Bay coming up and tell you what de los Muertos Day of
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Riverside TV into the City of Riverside quick game update Pauley who are nipping
on the heels of these two teams as we look at the bottom ticker lead 14
nothing over the Paris Panthers with the win for Pauley they would be tied for
second in the conference with the loser of this game and paulius crossing
fingers that orange vista is the team that loses tonight because
that means they could vie for a three-way tie it next week still very
confusing situation for the teams that are at the top of the conference but
whoever wins this game will have a significant advantage if it’s orange
vista then that’s the team that would be tied for a rather would be in a win in
in next week if Jade Ober North wins that they would win the conference out
rights after tonight second and seven after the short run for orange vista
robinson with the flag thrown false start and that’s where we’ve had most of
our flex and I had been false starts and I think that’s just because the offense
a little concerned about the defense of both these teams they’ve shown it so far
tonight and who wouldn’t be the size of both these defensive lines is I mean
really almost NCAA caliber we’ve got a couple near 300 pounders they’re up
front we’ve got two monsters I’ll take a look later the game of a commit to
California Ethan Saunders of orange Vista six foot three 270 pounds that’s
pretty big but after that false start orange vistas retreated to a second down
to 12 just underway second quarter Elijah Robinson a league-high 14
touchdown throws pumps and scans the field you’ll take off and Robinson
scampers out of bounds at the 26 gain of four junior Ibarra had touched on the
coaching prowess of Greg’s Oman and his playing ability for Orange Vista as we
see quickly ramona leads 13 nothing on the road and riverside but greg so malts
is also the brother of the assistant coach Erik Zuma that’s got to be hard to
keep that family and that football business separated you kidding me they
love it I think we’ve had him on the England Sports show and we’ve talked
about this many times their mom is over there on the sidelines she goes to every
game now that they’re at the same school once again she doesn’t have to go to
choose a school to go to she was having to go to citrus hill drive down to
orange Vista perfect and they have Nord this two up 14 nothing over the Jaguars
here in the first quarter Pahlavi who have been much improved
three-straight Oh in ten years as the catch is made by orange vistas number 10
Randy Wilkins his 13th of the year and that brings up a fourth down as the
Coyotes are denied yet again those Huskies have done a terrific job in
critical third down situations so far today
orange vistas Oh for three JW North is oh for three on third downs and here in
the sellout crowd from Husky Stadium in Riverside we’ve got senior night and so
far the seniors on defense have been incredible led by Juan Gonzales of
orange Vista and the last play from Jay Tobey North naheem hoxsey another senior
that middle backer Kevon booties let’s the ball bounce to
the hands of Chris banks at the 39 yard line of North I just kick back and forth
to each other we’ve got a soccer match breaking out here tonight don’t wait no
don’t say that I don’t want soccer no no no no no
there’s a look at the crowd Wow standing room only tonight Jeff oh there’s us
they’re waving our crazy hands yeah what a great crowd look at the blue start
regimen the finest band and all of Riverside smile a little bit their
players they’ve got their eyes set on a first down here JW North moved the
chains once on a short yardage running from mica LA on the last Drive from
their own 39 fourth possession of the game they have one first down all three
possessions have been with punts and there’s a false start another update
Arlington Lions searching for their first win of the year lead three 63 over
Temescal Canyon and Arlington I mean that’s got to be a tough year they have
gone so close to to winning so many different football games throughout this
season you got a great coach and Jeff roni over there but they just can’t seem
to get over that hump but once they get winning and figure it out they’re gonna
be pretty good he does a great job yeah we saw Arlington battle Hillcrest
to begin Riverside TV play in week one as mica LA he gains the first down on a
rather near a first down it was a gain of nine for a second and appeared he he
juggled the football on the way down but mica la Gaines assaulted first down
carry there and orange vistas Jordan Graham was the first one there number 44
to slow him down mica la the set up second down at six it
should be noted those Arlington Lions are underway next week in a battle
against Notre Dame in the final week of the regular season we’ll have that
battle along with JW North’s clash against the four and four Poly Bears
next week Rayford completes the slant route to number three David Bulger first
down JW North and we’re getting a little bit offense going here the crowd getting
going Bolger had five catches for two yards coming into tonight’s by far and
away his longest reception of the year Rayford the league’s top thrower
completion percentage delivers a strike Jeff that was a thing of beauty what a
great great pass there and a first down for JW North on a gain
of 17 and the Huskies have something brewing here with their most promising
drive of the game and a timeout is called by JW North and Dennis Brown the
Huskies were successful last year and there has to be a bit of motivation
coming into this season knowing that they made the playoffs in advanced and
now retool and bring back a majority of that team from a year ago yeah he’s got
some great players and and Coach Brown knows how to coach football I mean he
could start from you know the grassroots guides that have never played he’s gonna
find guys athletes on on the campus he’s gonna turn this into a winning program
and he’s done it so quickly he’s you know this is sophomore season back at
the helm of north and I’ll tell you what they’re ranked third in Division ten and
they have a shot to be in a top top two when it’s all said and done which would
be great going into the playoffs 80 degrees just the bit of wind and
crystal clear skies right now from this football game quick game update Canyon
Springs leads 7-6 in the second quarter over lakeside the run to vanassa Oh mica
LA 2010 touchdown JW North boy he is fun to watch I told you tell
you what he’s got breakaway speed and the strength of that young man is
unmatched his fourth touchdown run of this season
he has 16 total TDs and he chips his way across that stout coyotes defense Orange
Vista came up giving came in giving up only 12 points per game and mica LA caps
off a sensational drive for JW north as the Huskies lead 7 nothing let’s take a
look at that possession a critical passing play after this mica la run this
is 9 yards for the sophomore running back then Rayford completes a 17 yard
slant that David Bulger number 3 and from 37 yards away the sophomore running
back he’s 200 pounds but he has the speed of a wide receiver turns the
corner and out runs Juan Gonzales to the end zone
the Huskies have taken a seven nothing lead and venaseal mica le is a weapon
that if he continues to improve should be for years to come look that as a guy
that can not only dominate this league but advance to collegiate football oh
he’s definitely in play on Saturdays that’s for sure the kickoff from JW
North’s Terran shives soars into the end zone and orange Vista
winners of 4-straight games that come in 6 and 2 will set up shop for their fifth
posession of the game and they’ve got to get something sparked especially with
the run game which has been bottled up so far by JW North yeah I’ll tell you
this this North team is they came in ready effect I was talking to the
assistant coaches and I said hey how are the guys doing he said nervous and I
said nervous he said but it’s a good nervous he says the energy that they’ve
had that’s this last week in practice he said it’s like really open in a bottle
you know a soda pop bottle it’s they’re ready to explode exploding through the
line as Chris breaks he breaks two tackles and a third and motors to the 43
yard line the shoestring stop from the quarterback of the Huskies and pasilla
saves the touchdown on a incredible run banks by far away as longest of the game
he comes in for the injured Elijah banks his brother one of the fastest players
on the team and maybe even in the league according to head coach Gregg so malts
moves the chains on a gain of 24 first and 10 orange Vista they go back to the
ground with banks who hesitates and picks up two he is stopped by the
Huskies no guard Sammy see Myka la nick rice Jeff Gorham on the sidelines JRE
Barra quick the opportunity for those of you just joining us as tomorrow we’ll
have more Riverside TV action Riverside call it football
tangles the rustlers of Golden West 6 p.m. from Wheelock Stadium and that’ll
be a good one Darcy Steve still ranked number one in
the countries my big question we’ll find out it’s gonna be a good one
they’ve had a couple of close wins we saw them squeaked by a late comeback win
over Long Beach that must have been a thriller that was a fun one to call
that’s for sure I know two minute drill down by four late in the game banks
breaks the tackle at the 50 and has yet another first down as the scamper gains
15 for banks he looks like the starting running back on this Drive first down
orange Vista ok starting to get the feel of the game
here as we were watching him and almost stripped but to show him the strength of
that young man he himself is gonna be pretty good here for for a couple years
ago he checks in for the injured Elijah banks who was nearly a thousand yards he
already had 10 touchdowns in just six games he missed last week with an injury
and is out yet again despite being a game-time decision his brother Chris
banks is in the backfield sweeping motion for Isaiah Jones at wide receiver
banks breaks through the first wave in a spun down across the first down line by
patellae mica LA one of the league’s top three tacklers but banks on this Drive
he is finding seams of the defense and the Huskies appear to be exhausted Jeff
yeah they’re looking a little tired there’s Mickey a lay on that stop
you know both coaches have orange this two has three timeouts North with two
and remember in high school foot you cannot take those nope in the halftime
or throughout the game you’ve got to use them let’s see if North will use a few
here to stop the onslaught of the coyotes Huskies are fresh off a 79 yard
scoring drive we just saw them convert it with a touchdown run of 37 for
vanassa Amica la his brother made the last stop stretch run to banks and he
slips through one tackle and stumbles with a late put mica la stopped after a
gain of about five that may have it was a fringe unnecessary roughness no flag
thrown after a good first down run it’s just been a highlight reel of banks runs
throughout this possession and it seems down the stretch of this Drive JW doroth
knows what’s coming they just have struggle to stop it so far yeah they’re
running off tackle and I’ll tell you that breakaway speed it’s gonna get you
a couple of extra yards when you run that fast my team in the Coyotes that
yet again is the best rushing game in the league 350 yards per game on the
ground last year over 200 this season and a timeout we have on the field by JW north with
452 to go in the second quarter Arlington UPS 12 9 Jeff that’s that’s
huge for them moving forward there would be a good win but you know what October
means it means it is Halloween and tomorrow at white Park it’s Riverside
Halloween fest tomorrow 226 from 2:00 to 10:00 p.m.
kids 14 and under are free adults are $10 there is a costume contest for kids
and adults a haunted trail Halloween vendors Kids Zone free crafts and games
food and beer garden and I’ll tell you what it is something that you should
bring the entire family out to a great time in downtown Riverside at white part
for more information go to Riverside Halloween Fest calm and just the
reminder because we did talk about Arlington quite a bit so far in the
second quarter they are part of our Riverside TV doubleheader next week as
from here at Husky Stadium the Arlington Lions were searching for a
win tonight they had the lead they will battle a Notre Dame next Friday on
November 1st and in our air capper of the doubleheader at 7 p.m. to kick off
these JW North High School Huskies tangled the poly bears to conclude the
2019 regular season that time for JW North mica Ellie was involved on an
impressive second down stop of orange Vista a team that rarely has been
tonight so far in the first half running the ball as the Coyotes Ruben hakuna the
main tow getter for orange Vista last week was stacked up at the line of
scrimmage sending up third down no this could be a huge stop for the Huskies I
mean with the time and he we’re going here on four minutes left in the second
quarter it’s been a fast one and it could come down to just that one
touchdown see if orange this two can get within striking distance of a field goal
here third down and six and we’ve got a stop
with 402 to go and a false start here in the second quarter the last meeting
between these two schools was lopsided for orange vista where the Coyotes since
a late rally by JW North in the first quarter had scored the Coyotes did 35
unanswered wound up winning the game 56 to 14 and in that game orange Vista
pounded the rock led by Kay Vania Patterson and azarius woods they have
now graduated from the team but they have continued a tradition of running
the football but the Coyotes are off to a much slower start on offense so far in
the first half and their rematch against the Huskies for a league championship
third down and nine Robinson with three wide as blitzed from
the corners flips it short in the passes drops yand the intended target the
coverage from husky liner Buffalo 2po and that brings up fourth down and six
their fourth down and 11 excuse me and orange vista may consider going for
it here my 3:23 to go in the half I think you kind of have to honestly I
think you do I think that’s what’s gonna happen here it puts even if they don’t
get anything out of this it puts North in a pretty tough field position I’ll
called 4th down and 10 at the 29 yard line
Huskies bring six Auto blitz Robertson evades momentarily and is then drilled
and the Huskies make the fourth down stop jaylen Street ik a flag was thrown
late that would be if this place stands his first sack of the season and Huskies
did make the stop but illegally I believe that they just ejected young
fellow they’re gonna say that was jaylen Street ik the senior linebacker who is
one of the top six tacklers in the league three four loss coming in that’s
a huge loss for JW Dorothy and I don’t believe it was on the initial hit I
think it was after the hit I think he probably had said something afterwards
which caused the ejection or the foul I don’t believe like he said it was on the
tackles we see here let’s take a look at that play Jade Ober North brought the
house and it was a good play call by head coach Greg so malts that’s it
number 32 is patella mika la that may be an even bigger loss if he’s gone street
ik has been great for them but mika la is the defending mountain pass League
Defensive Most Valuable Player as a member of citrus Hill last year
transfers to JW North and has been an instant impact for that defense well we
may have Husky football here yes JW North takes over quick game
update Polly bears with head coach John rice we saw them last week they did beat
lakeside however it was in a different rather in a shootouts their defense
struggled and giving up 42 points of the ballgame to lakeside and John rice and
speaking to him after the game last week he really implored that his defense
simply needed a much improved performance they’re up 21 nothing also
in this matchup between lakeside and Canyon Springs currently the Owen 8
lakeside Lancers lead 14-7 over the 2 & 6 canyons Springs Cougars a wild leg and
we’ve got a wild play in a turnover a fumble by mica Ely’s recovered by orange
Vista let’s take a look at that play right now it’s a bad snap rather from
Rayford before they got to the handoff to make a la good job our camera crew has Rayford
lost it and orange vista who nearly had the first doubt on an unnecessary
roughness a moment ago Jeff they do get the first down by way of a takeaway yeah
and this has just been you know undisciplined football defensively and
offensive ly for north with just in the last minute of this ball game
we’ll see who can settle down their troops first Jones was in motion the run
from banks is going nowhere hit first by Alonzo Elliot’s number 21
his 11th tackle for loss this year it seems they have a defense through the
Huskies and Dennis Brown that are flying around the football the first half of
this game no they’ve been phenomenal talking going into this ballgame talking
with Coach Brown he said his defense is ready to come and they brought it so far
tonight has this JW North defense is giving up a mere 18 points per game
they allowed only 12 last week in their blowout win over Canyon Springs just a
week ago orange vista backed up four fresh off
the takeaway robinson against the blitz the pass was deflected and incomplete
Jones gets levelled as Elliot got his fingertips on the football and forces
third long the lakeside who-who’s comes in winless over now leads 1413 over
Canyon Springs there’s Elliott he deflected the ball
but hey this is an entertaining league and as we see those those scores begin
to pan out it just appears the top half of the league Pauley in these two clubs
are really establishing themselves as the best teams in this conference now
the stretch of the 2019 regular season the poly bears come into this night’s
action four and four in the season and two and
one out of the Inland Valley third and 14 and a timeout is called by JW North
their final and with the Huskies up 7-nothing their
touchdown run came on a 37 yard burst from Benassi Amica le their sophomore
running back who has really taken this team by storm to begin his high school
career third and 14 and the Coyotes offense so far in the first half has
been largely marginalized to the running of Chris Banks how did they get that
passing game going on what seems to be a passing down I’ll tell you what it’s the
passing game for both of these teams has been very very stellar for the season
for the most part but this defense is really causing so many problems for the
quarterback he has no time to throw it there’s no if you’re a pocket passer
you’ve got those quick ends coming in forcing the funnel down the middle of
the field it’s gonna make it tough for anybody to throw against either one of
these defenses three receivers for orange Vista on third and 14 Robinson
throws a quick hitch route the pass is juggled it was on the shoulder pads of
Randy Wilkins and the pass is signaled incomplete wouldn’t have gained much
anyways as now orange Vista who has typically God for these fourth downs
needs 14 to go and Elijah Robinson who has been stellar this season as you
mentioned interesting to see him check it down on a third and 14 ago yeah very
very different and the Huskies high they were a step ahead of us they called a
timeout feeling that if they make this stop on defense they give a quarterback
Corian Rayford and company over two minutes to work with in hopes of scoring
yet again before the half fourth down and 14 Robertson flips it short the
catch by Jones slips through at the 10 breaks a tackle
at the 7 and is escorted out of bounds by two Don Adams at the 5 so a pretty
good play call there 19 yards on fourth and 14 and that could be a backbreaker
here to end the half Isaiah Jones on the
reception he came into the year third in the league and yards first and
touchdowns with seven but he has been sensational for them that a run first
offense and we’ve got another timeout on the field with 2:05 left to go in the
half all right they’re gonna huddle there in
the sidelines although resume play no time I’ll call coyotes under two minutes
to play down seven nothing first and goal from the two after a penalty forces
half the distance against JW North jumbo package Robertson hands to Chris banks
touchdown or justá– and just like that a couple defensive
breakdowns breakdown on offense by north and there you have it we’ve got
ourselves a great ballgame question is does orange VISTA kick or do they go for
two well I think they’re gonna come out bring out the kickin town they have
avoid their special teams a majority this game punting or field goals and
we’ll check in Isaiah Jones for the extra points the length of a 20 yard
field goal here’s Jones snap set and Jones cuts into it and the extra point
is good we are tied at 7 with 1:40 to go in the first half let’s take a look at
the drive and it began on the legs of Chris banks just an incredible march
down field for them as this play gains 23 yards Chris banks it should be noted
he steps in for his brother Elijah banks who has been hurt the last two weeks
with a knee injury that was a first down run as well for banks then Robertson who
rolls out on this critical third down he is drilled no flag was thrown on the hit
by North’s linebacker Jaylon screening then Robinson after a fumble from JW
North Corian Raiford it was quickly recovered by way of orange vista this
play against 19 to Isaiah Jones and this chris banks 2 yard scoring scamper ties
the game at 7 with just 140 to play in the second quarter Huskies are out of
timeouts as we see Temescal Canyon has taken a short lead second quarter over
Arlington that game is almost as good as this one
no stop it hey get out of here alright here’s the kickoff taken by the up man
just short of the 15 yard line you know bring it out across the 25 the
stop from Justin Fleming on the short yardage return and with 134 to go in the
second quarter JW North sets up shop with some solid
fuel position but out of time house let’s see if they can go to a hurry-up
offense see if they’re gonna try to score here before halftime we’re kind of
just settled and going to the second half they have a respectable passing
game led by Corey on Rayford he comes in the league’s best 61 percent completion
641 yards 8 TDs 3 picks Huskies begin this Drive play-action Rayford on the
ground the quarterback takes off 40 50 a footrace downfield Corey on Rayford
touchdown JW noise what a great play of
misdirection 69 yards for the junior signal caller his third scoring run to
the season say what everybody thought the play was on one time the field
including myself and I looked at the quorum eyes and there he is he’s gone I guess that’s a hurry-up offense you
think so that plates up just ten seconds Huskies bring in Terrence Shive he is 35
of 37 on PA TS good hold and Shive drills it kick is
good JW North responds there’s a look at the
touchdown run again off play-action orange vista collapses the pocket there
was six different coyotes near the line of scrimmage looking to stop vanassa
Amica la that’s the impact of the running back of JW North as Rayford
scores rafer there was a great hand a great
fake everybody went for a lay and it was just Rafer to the races well the head
coach of orange Vista Greg skomal told me who is the fastest player of his
team I think we just discovered who might be the fastest player on the
Huskies team can you say dual threat quarterback right there I’ll tell you
that was amazing breakaway speed there yeah the only question as we just
quickly alluded to it as to just how much time they did leave for Orange
Vista to respond and we’ll see the implications of the time left for Orange
Vista as this game began with three straight three announced for both clubs
and now we’ve seen a bit of a shootout in the last couple minutes shives
kickoff is fielded on a hop at the 8 yard line by Isaiah Jones past the 1st
way but he has tripped up an open space just across the 20-yard line
tripped up by Edward Canada 115 to go all three timeouts the Coyotes
and til that fourth down conversion on a 19 yard throw from Robinson to Jones by
this offense has been really predicated on the run game we’ll see if they can
establish a passing attack on this drive it should be noted the Huskies returned
the second half kickoff and receive per se
first and 10 straight ahead run to banks he slips through a tackle he gets a down
field block and has a first down for orange Vista water on so we saw no
offense in the first quarter yep see a little bit here in the second
Chris banks a gain of 22 on another stretch run there Jeff this time he
broke two tackles and the one paving the way down field number 56 for orange
Vista Ethan Saunders the highly touted California commit is six foot three 270
pounds do you think he’s going to cau because of those two coaches that are on
his sideline who both played at Cal they actually lived in the same apartment
building I did when I play basketball at Cal I used to see there’s all my
brothers running the halls they were all good guys though
great guys man you have the coaching ties as if you are coach right now yeah
it was I went to school with the zomo brothers in fact tomorrow night when we
have the game versus RCC versus Goldwyn I used to babysit these two associate
head coach of Golden West he’s telling the truth guys oh I can’t wait to see
him I can’t wait to give him a hard time tell him I used to punish him lakeside
as we see on the bottom beat 22:13 I do feel bad about the coaches that we as
there’s a look at j-dub Ranaut’s Dennis Brown and we just may we give all these
guys a hard time don’t we yes I I love talking to these coaches before the game
messing with him I tried to get him out of their element because they’re always
high-strung before the game so I go over and hey you and I’ll talk to the coaches
and kind of calm them down and great guys both Dennis Brown and there’s
ol moans where these defenses or offenses high-strung to start the game
maybe has neither club stored as the big play from Nayeem Hawk poxy number 44
stops a chris banks run right in its tracks but these two offenses went
scoreless throughout the first 22 minutes of the game sorry
17 minutes of the game and the Huskies scored on a Visa Benassi Oh mica LA and
Cory and Rayford touchdown runs and orange Vista responded on a banks
touchdown scamper Robertson on the pass intended right flat to his receiver
Isaiah Jones that was certainly off target 29 seconds to go two timeouts and
orange Vista appears to be faced with a third down remote up 20 to nothing
former ran himself Jeff Gorham is thrown piss pumping his fists on the sidelines
Ram high on the rise over the eagles of la Fiera i like la sierra though i like
oh yes so there’s another team that we should
anticipate make the playoffs as well yeah but remember three years ago Ramona
was ranked number one CIF they went 7 2 & 1 and did not make the playoffs Wow
which could happen you got a win you got a week win big sometimes Robinson flips
it short the passes dropped and Hoxie makes him pay anyways on the throw
intended for Michael Yin number six here’s another look at that the vicious
hit delivered by the JW North linebacker just a collision course with the wide
receiver the figlio to Poe rather was the one on the hits the force fourth and
13 order fist up 28 nothing over Hoopa Valley as well on our score update in
the second quarter the Braves are playing pretty good football trying also
to move up in the rankings in division 10 with John W North I’d love to see a
North nor to Vista playoff game that would be something special we’ll get the
brackets and the teams to make the postseason in short order those are to
be determined the punt is down at the 24 yard line speaking of playoffs these
two teams coming into tonight’s football game according to MaxPreps playoff
predictors JW North is ranked seventh out of division ten orange vistas ranked
fourth there’s a look at Dennis Brown head coach of JW North the Huskies are
looking at this Leake knowing if you win you’re most likely you’re in as Jeff had
talked about and most likely are winning this conference so this game is just
huge but the the other side of the coin is you have a big big rivalry game
between North and poly next weekend yep I’ll tell you what John Rice
Dennis Brown good friends but I’m sure John Rice would love to knock off his
friend and knock him out of the first place and in order to do so he first
needs to does Dennis Brown take care of business
tonight’s paulie’s got a tough one as well as the Bears are currently in a
defensive tussle against the Paris Panthers that game is near the half we
are at the half from Riverside as the JW North High School Huskies led by two
long touchdown runs one for vanassa Amica la and one for their quarterback
Cory on Rayford lead the orange Vista Coyotes 14 to 7 we are with junior
ybarra he has caught up with the head coach of JW North in Dennis Brown but
he’s got to be thrilled of his performance of his two runners
throughout the first two quarters of this game junior ybarra has more with
the head coach coach it seems like in the first quarter you were able to hold
him defensively second quarters been a little tougher for you guys yeah it’s
like getting a little bit going on the run game we missed some gap control
stuff though we got to clean up in the second half but proud of the way the
kids played I think both teams played great it’s a heavyweight fight and you
know both teams are playing good and we got to find out if we can finish the
second half right now you picked it up offensively as well in the second
quarter what are you going to do different in the second half just keep
playing just keep playing be physical and see who’s standing at the
all right coach we’ll let you go okay thank you thanks for time all right
as he said it’s been a heavyweight fight going toe-to-toe we’ll see what happens
in the second half send it back up top to you guys thanks for that Jay rjw
North is searching for their first league title since 2012 and Jeff they
look pretty strong so far in offense I’ll tell you what it is a heavyweight
fight is the rumble in the jungle John W north I think
outplayed orange just a quite a bit on defense and then of course the play
making quarterback and your phenomenal running back have been the difference in
this ballgame but we’ve got a lot of football left the Coyotes won this
matchup last year meanwhile the JW North High
School Huskies they have walked six straight games and lead 14-7 at the end
of the first half word from our Riverside TV station and the beginning
the second half is coming up momentarily this is the Riverside TV game of the
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website and get more information how you can participate and we thank you this is the Riverside TV game of the
week as JW earth and orange vista are at the half let’s take a look at the
highlights between these two clubs that come in undefeated on the league earvin
Accio mika le was a workhorse and he rips off this 37 yard go-ahead touchdown
run these two teams exchanged punts and turnovers in the first 17 minutes of the
game those were the first points and then Chris Banks he sparks a long drive
for orange Vista they take advantage of a fourth and 14 conversion from their
quarterback Elijah Robinson to their receiver Isaiah Jones tied at 7 then on
the next play this was the highlight of the first half Huskies quarterback Corey
and Rayford 69 yards gives JW North the lead on this touchdown scamper 14-7 at
the half and let’s take a look at the kickoff to begin the third quarter for
orange Vista is on the air but returnable and taken on a hop at the 11
yard line brought back by Jordan Adams who is drilled just across the 20 so
orange Vista winners of 4-straight games throughout this win streak they’ve
outscored their opponents 184 to 21 and so far in this football game they met a
buzz saw that being JW North I’ll tell you that North defense was phenomenal in
that first half and I’d say if they’re gonna hang their hat on the defensive
end and just get two really big runs from their quarterback and their running
back and to contain this orange Vista scoring juggernaut team they have a shot
to walked away here with a league championship possibly and a shot at
moving up in the polls in division 10 yes if the Huskies win they would be 8 &
1 on the season for no the league and almost secured a postseason spot and
even a postseason home game of course all of that opponents times bracket
remaining to be determined as we close out the final couple games of the
regular year vanassa omega la is going to throw he launches downfield towards
she makes a circus catch the official script at the ball and signaled that he
did reel it in in bounds of the 44 yard line
mika le the running back didn’t know we had much of a throwing arm as that’s a
gain of 36 that young guy throwing the nice pass that was that was just crazy
now he may have been out of bounds already as he juggled that ball but the
official signal him in bounds Haddad Adams the senior receiver has had a
breakout year for JW North with over 300 yards and three touchdowns and picks up
one of the biggest gains of the league year for JW North
36 yards first and 10 for the Huskies they’ll go I formation and a false start
will back them up five yards the early movement was from number 44 nine team
Hoxie who’s a two-way player and that’s really been the the only calls we’ve
seen from the white hat tonight have been procedure calls not to it’s been a
pretty clean game of yes there’s a look at tomorrow’s matchup that is our
doubleheader Friday and Saturday night on Riverside TV as our CC football vies
for another league championship as they take on the rustlers of Golden West in a
conference showdown that’s coming up at 6:00 p.m. to kick off of that our CC
football game and Jeff you’ve been watching what has just been a thrilling
season for them I’ll tell you what ranked number one in the country and
ranked number one in California obviously and and they just have so many
players they’ve got eight running backs if they can throw in they’ve got two
amazing quarterback so you got one quarterback that can run and then you
have a quarterback that’s a pocket passer that can just dot the i’s and a
perfect passer I’m one of those quarterbacks go to Heritage the Moreno
Valley kid no he went to Valley View Ovalle van Jacob arledge who’s just a phenomenal
quarterback unless you see the bottom ticker without Bartlett’s they’re not
Dan as good to say but Valley View was in
the state championship two years ago with bar llege and his father being the
head coach a great young man and and tigers use him a lot in the second half
they go in the first half of their quarterback transfer from Oregon and
they switch quarterbacks and that’s what makes them so so difficult to to stop
just because you got a you have to scout both quarterbacks and that’s moving
forward on Riverside TV coverage of our CC football to go along with this
matchup between two of the top 10 teams not just in this league but in all of
CIF Division 10 this run from mica LA yet again is a good one he’s at the 10
yard line and is escorted out of bounds at the 6 Joseph Hinson saves the
touchdown Benassi OH mica la has been on a tear since the first quarter you could
have driven a freight train through that hole however excellent job Nayeem hoxsey
is the left tackle of the JW North offensive line he is called for a false
start earlier in this possession and on that play Springs loose mica la yeah
made up for that mistake and sets up a first and goal a workhorse Venancio mica
la with that run eclipses 2000 career rushing yards as a sophomore what a
start to his JW North career hey we’re talking maybe four five thousand yards
when it’s all said and done and it’s close to Halloween and tomorrow Saturday
we have Riverside Halloween fest from 2:00 to 10:00 p.m. there is costume
contest for the kids and adults a haunted trail I love haunted trails
Halloween vendors a Kids Zone with free crafts and games and a food and beer
garden kids are 14 and under are free adults just $10 come on down to white
Park and Riverside tomorrow from 2 to 10 and if you need more information go to
Riverside Halloween Fest dot-com what are you gonna be family what am I
gonna be for hallway I we talked a little bit about this last week I’ll go
even more in-depth I was a nerd I’ve been a nerd for the last couple of years
and I want a dance contest being a nerd that’s just how much I am accustomed to
wearing that the pencil the nerd glasses I mean I have the whole getup already I
wear it pretty much the whole year jump past me KLA he fires the touchdown throw
tonight him Hoxie the Huskies go with the gadget play and JW North stores –
gadget plays on that drive both by the young running back who was stellar in
his run I thought he would have been exhausted but what a great place we see
the jump pass the Tim Tebow Jeff Gorham he might be taller than Tim Tebow boy he
might be as good at passer – he launched the 36-yard completion to Jaden Adams
earlier this possession and here off to the neutral zone and fraction of the
peers against orange Vista the Huskies may have a closer on-site attempts last
year this matchup was not very competitive at all
the Coyotes dismantled JW North winning 56 to 14 they scored 35 unanswered
points to pull away after the first quarter and one year later JW North
takes that lickin the chops they’re off a loss in the CIF champion or I’m sorry
in the CIF second round – san dimas orange vista was the team that made the
CIF championship last year one year later Huskies have a chance for revenge
and boy have they taken full advantage of this opportunity they came in with
revenge on their mind and now with the penalty they’re gonna go for two which
could really be a big difference here come fourth quarter mica LA’s the deep
back to full backs in the game he heads to his right straight on but the – and
Bulls his way in the end zone two-point conversion successful and the
Huskies with two touchdown runs and a touchdown throw for their backs in this
game Amica la tossed the ball deny him hoxsey to score the six points this was
to begin the drive a 36 yard throat Don Adams and then to conclude the drive
we see mika le on this stretch run he had another straight arm and at five
foot eight 200 pounds he has been nearly unstoppable against this exhausted
orange miss the defense here’s the touchdown throw from their running back
tonight he moxie then that most recent two-point conversion has Hoxie headed to
the outside two fullbacks were in the last one to spring him into the end zone
was number 32 4jw north and patellae mika la that was his brother who sprung
him in for two points Huskies lead by 15 here’s the return from the spinning
Isaiah Jones a flag is launched from out of bounds as Jones takes a tumble to the
27 yard line less than two minutes into the third quarter and for an orange
vista offense who will be pinned deep after a holding penalty that that unit
has been since that great second quarter drive where they tied the game high they
have simply been a unit that has so far has been less than their best yeah it’s
it’s been they haven’t been able to get anything past this nor defense this
North defense has been phenomenal and they executed that 2-minute drill to
perfection with the long run from Cory on Rayford 4jw North that opened the
second half with another touchdown drive next week Notre Dame takes on Arlington
and these JW North Huskies conclude the regular season against the poly bears
who are playing well right now against the Paris Panthers in the league affair
28 nothing as we see in the bottom ticker in the third quarter so that’s
the matchup next week on our Riverside TV doubleheader 7 p.m. to kick-off of
both of those games on Friday November 1st 22:7 and orange vistas pressed for some
offense here at least the first doubt or two to give that defense a breather Robinson dumps to Isaiah Jones he has
some Running Room to the outside and his hammered near the first down marker as
he has stopped by patellae mica la incredible numbers for him this year the
brother of the touchdown throw Irvin Accio mica LA a moment ago 48 stop seven
for lost four and a half sacks at four forced fumbles this year for number 32
but telly Mackay LA and that is where I think they could cause some damages do
some tunnel screens air tunnel passes right on the sideline get a couple
little yards here and there but they have not been great getting past the
tackles especially on third down here third and to toss to banks who slips
through one tackle he has the first down with these and has spilled at around the
36 that’s a gain of 10 for the elusive Chris banks who steps in for his injured
brother Elijah banks just short of a thousand yards rushing and a little over
six games for Elijah banks his brother and his first carries of the season here
today moves the James now head coach Dennis Brown trotting on
the field quickly to recover a towel he’s got to be fired up with his club up
by 15 here’s a straight ahead handoff and stret ik makes the stop of that
salted run for chris banks why this this run game with banks is working for them
here in the third quarter I’m sure the Coyotes want to stick with their start
running back I’ll tell you what he’s gonna be hard-pressed to get that lose
that position the way he’s played tonight against this great north the
defense now you’ve got a two-headed monster you can use both when they’re
both healthy now orange vistas got greg:so malt and his brother at head
coach and here they’re two running backs both brothers have been inter-gold to
the Coyotes hang into the game against the Blitz they’ll go with ground here’s
a toss the banks at the 50 and he has chased just short of the 40-yard line
Nayeem Hoxie the senior backer is at an excellent
football game he chases down banks first down orange vista boy the physicality of
hawk see he is all over the field going from behind trying to strip that ball
but you watch him he has been involved in nearly every tackle
there’s hawk see he’s number 44 he chased him from four yards behind and
made the play he’s not only their linebacker but also the left tackle of
the football team I mean that’s some athleticism first intent for Orange
Vista they started this Drive inside their own 20 the handoff is to number 17
Joseph Hinson who couples as a wide receiver of the team this stretch run
gains 10 as he slashes to the 31 yard line first down or Vista and the Coyotes
have attempted one pass and Elijah Robinson throw to Isaiah Jones on this
Drive that’s it all runs three backs behind Robinson Hinson loses the ball
were covered by jaylen strike of JW North
well that’s the problem when you go hurry up offense you have a tendency to
make some mistakes and that really cost orange vista right there let’s take a
look at the instant replay the Robinson handoff exchanged to Joseph Henson it
hit him in the belly strike was in the perfect position to hop on the ball and
the huskies garner an important takeaway and that defense opportunistic
throughout the season their takeaways had been integral to their success
winners of six straight games this season and watching this North team from
when we saw them I believe in week three verses or week four versus Hammett the
week four yep it is a completely different ballclub they were getting
better as the season started but they are a completely different team
defensively as we saw a week four Huskies set up shop at their own 31 yard
line Rayford all play accent launches took a Vaughn Baptiste and he tried to
get rebound position against the Coyotes quarterback did cornerback router did
Baptiste number 28 Anthony Rodriguez knocks it away in completes a jump ball
launched from Rayford up 15 not a bad decision for Dennis Brown and company a
bit more air under the ball and Baptiste may be gone not just making the catch
and that was a catchable ball I’m sure he’s gonna watch this tonight at 11
o’clock and say darn it I should have caught that one Kevon Baptista’s played
well this year no catches a week ago but he has 17 for over 200 this season does
the junior wideout though go ground instead of mica LA the
straight ahead around us to us on Elliot a sophomore runner top five in the
league in rushing already he may join mica Elias a good one-two punch going
into the playoffs for JW Darth Elliot’s gains to their a slipped on that turf
yeah one of the few Riverside stadiums with
turf on it we’ve had over it’s a kerb stadium with grass boy just a wonderful
stadium and a wonderful story – yeah you finally figure that third down and nine
blitz is on and Rayford you know we have whistles so speaking about the
much-improved jade over North High School Huskies first let’s take a look
we’ll William Sooners are made official that’s a neutral zone against orange
Vista JW North all right non-conference play they went
four and one in their non league games but there were some there were three of
the five games for one possession they lost they won by three at Grand Terrace
one by one against Emmett on Riverside TV and want 22 to 16 at Temescal Canyon
I think those narrow wins were real building blocks for this club well yeah
and it taught them how to win ball games close ball games and if you have a team
that can do that that shows that they’re getting mentally tough and they’ve been
mentally tough we’ve seen all night tonight they just have to maintain it
there’s a whole lot of ballgame still left here yeah third down and four and
Dennis Brown wants to talk this one over and this is what makes the skis
dangerous going into the postseason I would say any team that could win in the
fashion which they have Hemet we saw them win seven six and then we have seen
today the Huskies ground game take over their offense exploded last week they’re
winning in all three phases and also I mean dominant winds close winds
two-minute drills comeback wins I mean any way you slice it this season they
have won in every different fashion and that’s the way you’re gonna have to win
in the postseason and you’ve seen the discipline like I said when we saw them
play Hemet earlier this year I was a plagued plagued field game with flags
all over the place in fact I want to say this it was probably I told coach Brown
man coach Greg of it’s the very next night I said that was the worst game I
think I’ve ever seen I told him that I said I said I had never seen so many
penalties and that was the discipline that each guy
both address it we had discipline issues and they weren’t ready to play well
tonight we’ve seen that they’re ready to play the only the only penalties we’ve
seen have been pretty much procedural percent penalties entertaining match
appear other games currently in the third quarter out of the inlet Valley
League Canyon Springs leads 2120 coming back with an early deficit against the
Lancers they leave by one of that matchup at home wacky formation on third
for Rayford takes off the quarterback makes one man miss and picks up the
first down motors for 12 and moves the sticks on third and four that was a
crafty play from the JW North quarterback hey that was that was street
football right there it was 2 on 2 right there and the quarterback so quick has a
stutter step move gets right past great great play by the Huskies what trickery
yeah yeah two running back throws I mean Dennis Brown we know him as a motivator
but boy this man is showing his ability to look too uh it’s a play call on
offense oh it’s been fun to watch so far tonight
they’ve been big plays every single time we didn’t ask him to use these trick
plays he’s just doing at Raiford fires downfield and overthrows David Bulger
and a late flag has been thrown Bulger’s jumping in celebration as he had a step
over orange vista cornerback Anthony Rodriguez he was nearly beaten against
Kevon baptise just a moment ago and this time Bulger Garner’s a 15-yard
infraction it appears let’s take a look at that long ball from Rayford he came
in as a precision thrower but we have seen some downfield shots taken from
Cory on Rayford tonight and those would have really helped because they’ve
really kept that secondary honest and that’s how they’ve been able
to get whip some breakaway runs here for the Huskies well a holding penalty
against the Huskies offsets that pass interference on the coyote quarterback
Anthony Rodriguez and Jeff we also have seen some
penalties tonight as we’ve got an injury on the field for fifty nine to go third
quarter for those of you just joining us all right this has been an entertaining
football game we have seen as mentioned that wacky formation a moment ago with
just the center on the line of scrimmage for the Huskies that’s in fact number 26
raeshawn banks who is set to check off out of the game for orange Vista we have
seen a running back pass for a touchdown tonight heme hoxsey of JW North and a
running back pass of 36 yards to Jaden Adams as mentioned we didn’t ask for
Dennis Brown to go to the bag of tricks but it has worked for the Huskies
seemingly every time and it’s it has worked all of the trick plays beating
tonight they’ve either got a first down or a touchdown very good play calling
especially in a game like this you’ve got to pull out all the stops and so far
it’s been very effective a team of JW North that Wan just five
games last year there’s seven and one to begin this season and Myka Ellie is
smokes boy the production for Ethan Saunders has just been ridiculous this
season for Orange Vista as the commit to Cal the defending d13 Defensive Player
of the Year Ethan Saunders 34 tackles and 27 of them
for loss that’s number 56 and whites Ethan Saunders he is a large man 6-3 to
70 yeah kind of big that’s plenty big for the next he looks
he could step in tomorrow and he could fly to Berkeley tomorrow and who would
know the delays loss of seven yards Rayford off play action a full-out
sprint towards the sideline and he is escorted out of bounds by Charles Taylor
after a good second down scamper for Corey Andre Firth a quarterback who has
impressed me so far tonight against the stout defense and the Coyotes
he’s just been he’s shown a lot of poise in that pocket and every play he’s run
he’s he’s at least got something to gain out of it you gotta like that from your
your leader on the on the field yeah gain of eight the three receivers
into the game are Kevon Baptiste Jaden Adams and David Bulger for the Huskies
on third down at nine hooray fer brings out the mouthpiece
Mika la is is running back off play action
Rayford looks scans to his right fires to Adams the pass is caught at the 15
yard line and he’s tripped up at the eight by Charles Taylor first down
JW doors I want another great big time play from a big-time player especially
throwing to his right after rolling out left a very tough play but what
concentration from that young man my Jaudon atoms of JW North has that a
breakout season for the Huskies and records one of his longest catches of
the year first and goal JW North is looking to pull it on they have scored
15 unanswered after we were tied mica LA on the run he follows his blocks into
the end zone officials haven’t ruled a touchdown yet as a flag has been tossed
a penalty on a neutral zone is against orange Vista and that’s prior to that run first and
goal from the four wipeout the touchdown carry from vanassa Amica le who has a
touchdown scamper of 37 and a touchdown throw of 6 at a 2-point conversion mika la the tailback and two fullbacks
are in on a jumbo package off play action Rayford rolls flag is thrown
one-hand catch in the end zone by patella mika la the brother of the
running back back they they want the they want a hit SportsCenter at some
point I’ll tell you what the one-handed catch beautiful play he went up I don’t
think we can say this but he looked like a ballerina let’s see this replay a
one-handed grab oh look at the old gloves either gel look at that bad
ballet right there is beauty he’s a fullback Wow back to the nine two
touchdowns wiped out by a flag mika la third time’s a charm touchdown the nacio mika le has his
third score of the game two on the ground and one throwing the football
not a bad night for that young sophomore his first two touchdown runs heard first
last two touchdowns on the board were wiped out by penalties but not this time
and the Huskies bring out the p80 group last year orange vista won against this
team 56 to 14 and one year later it’s a far different football game after we’re
tied at 7 the Huskies have poured it on here at Husky Stadium scoring the last
22 points there’s a look at the drive and we saw
what was just an incredible throw from quarry on Rayford to Kevon Baptiste
knocked away but JW North continued to test that orange Vista secondary that’s
a short run for us on Elliot’s and here’s Rayford scrambling he had a
terrific first half running the football in the quarterback contended that effort
on this Drive as he takes off for 8 turning a second and 17 into a third
down and nine and then Rayford goes deep on a play designed to the left he
launches back to the right this is to Jaudon Adams a shoestring stop from
Charles Taylor saves the touchdown that after two touchdowns were wiped out by
way a penalty a good angle here takes a look at the mica LA touchdown run and a
29 7 lay built by the JW North Huskies now we’re starting to see a little bit
of flags a little bit of 50 maybe setting in and frustration on senior
night from Husky Stadium and Riverside the Husky sophomore vanassa Amica la has
been so far tonight’s player of the football game with three touchdowns
total I told you what coming into this game he is something special and he’s
only a sophomore why hit over 2,000 yards I wouldn’t be
surprised like I said if he comes out of here with five six thousand yards by the
time he is done said and done here at John W North and there’s been some great
players that have come out here Chris Claiborne one of the young players that
play for the Detroit Lions now the head football coach up it
I believed Notre Dame Sherman Oaks really from the five-yard line here’s
the return from Chris banks and he has tripped up at the 30 stopped an open
space by Lisa Toa Toki sophomores sixth tackle of the season
now orange Vista would put together one of the comebacks for the ages if they’re
able to erase a 22 point deficit with 251 to go in the third quarter on the
road here at the raucous Husky Stadium and they’ll get a shot at it here with
their next drive beginning at the 30 Elijah Robinson came in as the league’s
best drawer with a conference best 14 touchdown passes and over a thousand
yards through the air and two touchdowns on the ground let’s take a look at the
Poly update up 35 nothing are the Bears over Paris so they’re on their way to a
three and one starting the league five and four for all and believe it or not I
mean this as wacky as this sounds Jeff you could have a three-way tie you can
have a three-way tie for first next week if this score prevails here tonight
Huskies up 29 7 in fact we had a five-way tie in the River Valley League
two years ago a five-way tie or Vista won this league last year yes yes and
yeah they want out right there were five and OH in the conference we have you
have three teams just imagine a couple years ago we had five and all five teams
except for who Rupa Valley who didn’t win a game in league Hoopa Valley got
second place yeah they were second place isn’t that
nuts yes it like said there are five different teams from the river valley
two years ago that have a banner in their gym saying their league champs and
that’s got to be something weird as Chris Banks gained 17 or 18 there that
haruka Valley could say they’re on the banner oh and ten second place finish
here’s another update heritage of 39 cent over Valley View heritage is but
another crazy thing too is just the way this league is panned out JW North with
a win tonight they could be eight and one undefeated in the league and still
play a must-win game next week yeah and that’s that’s crazy and against their
rival coach or ice and the poly bears whoever organizes here’s a receiver
end-around to Isaiah Jones as a helmet flies off he turns what could have been
a loss of seven into a gain of three impressive
play from the coyote senior Isaiah Jones whoever organizes the scheduling for
Riverside TV they must denote something before we did this is a good one this is
a good one in next week’s ago of course as the former World Series MVP Scott
Brosius at Brosius and all of our wonderful guys in the truck on Riverside
TV along with us here in the booth Nick rice Jeff Gorham on the sidelines
Manning the elements and Manning the tenacity of the players and the coaches
JR Ibarra on Riverside TV second down at 7 and that runs going nowhere it
thrilled by Sam Missy Myka la number 55 he’s joined by number 52 Brandon both as
those two combined for the tackle for loss of number 13 of orange vista chris
banks you saw him Ezzat eight and clenched his shoulders before he got
that hit that’s just mean right there well sneak peak for chris banks of
halloween fest tomorrow all the wean fest you got Day of the Dead November
2nd it is a a week of fun here in revenge
Jones’s stuff snuffed out nicely by Kevon Baptiste brings up fourth down so
yeah there’s a look at the bottom ticker Day of the Dead November 2nd 1 to 10
p.m. at white Park and downtown Riverside you can catch that where Jeff
Riverside TV right no no no Riverside TV it’s just Oh No Riverside event Oh
everybody needs to go that one on November 2nd
oh I’m confusing you know everything else then wherever so you do everything
on Riverside TV I’m sure there’ll be a crew there to film some highlights of
the do de les portes ah dad yes muy bien I’ll stop I’ll spare all of you watching
tonight in fact this is a great time to stop talking it’s
the third member of our crew as the Huskies after three quarters lead 29 to
7 do we have jr. Barra who is reporting on the sidelines yes Jr Barra what do
you have for us yeah guys as we hid ourselves into the fourth quarter it has
been very entertaining to see the duel battle on the running backs tonight even
the scores even though the score is a little bit lopsided Chris Banks has done
a stellar job I’ve been kind of keeping some unofficial statistics he has 23
carries about 144 yards of the night even though this is his first start as a
running back so there’s a lot of points to make up for orange Vista but
certainly banks has done his job to try to keep them in the ball game back up to
you guys great job Jarrah bar we didn’t ask you to do that – Chris Banks was one
of the best linebackers in this league coming into tonight but he uses his
workload to fill in for the injured Elijah banks at running back and he did
a terrific job and his first carries of the season and his first start of the
season yeah in fact I thought like said he’s gonna have a tough time losing that
spot to his brother who’s been phenomenal man they have a one-two punch
now down as we look at Ramona up 34 nothing in the fourth fourth quarter
high snap feel the nicely sent away by Jones fair catch signal Dan Baptiste
runs and makes the fair catch to shore to the 30-yard line as for orange Vista
they the Coyotes if they’re four-game win streak is snaps they will host their
season finale against the Canyon Springs Cougars Thursday October 31st the
kickoff at 7 p.m. and they know that they’re maybe not in a must-win for the
playoffs but they’d want to have some breathing room there to make sure they
make the post so you say they’re playing next Thursday Thursday who schedules
that schedule games on Halloween for gosh sakes
it needs go out and get some candy there’s the run for asan Elliott he has
met quickly in the backfield the tackle by Ilan Wilson haven’t heard of him much
tonight combined with number 56 he thought sent Saunders here’s a look at
that Elliott run why Sanders is something else isn’t he he is a large
large large man yeah those are some bookends those two giants
that’s gonna be just an enormous loss orange Vista has when Saunders graduates
after the season Saunders twist the front around for the
four men on the line for orange Vista he’s running again on second to 12
they’ll go ground Elliott slips through a first tackle then has tripped up an
open space he is a bit frustrated the sophomore 5-8 170 has limited
carries this year to 60 on the season and he wanted a breakaway run there in
order to really spark his case for being splitting carries with finocchiona Kelly
that’s got to be a frustrating situation there he could be a starter for almost
any other team of the league but he is sitting behind one of the best in this
conference and he wanted to eat I’ll tell you what he tripped up but saw a
big gain there a little frustration no wonder this DUP 30 saw nothing over the
supa dupa dupa valley in the third quarter third down here’s a run for Elliott
stacked up short Joseph Hinson the tackle what a performance today by JW North
you’ve got to think that this team came in knowing that they really took one of
the mouths last year I they with here at home they played in front of this
raucous crowd and they’ve not only looked to be on their way to winning
this fourth quarter here but I mean this run game just overpowered orange vista
for large parts of the second half certainly game not over quite yet as the
punt flies out of bounds both JW North up by 22 they’re well on
their way to an eighth and one start just an incredible effort for Dennis
Brown and the Huskies this team in this temps back not just this year 2016 JW
North won one game five a season ago and they’re on their way if they’re able to
close this one out to an eight in one start and these fans are loving it Tammy
just look at that the crowd here it is packed packed to the gills and there’s
the world’s greatest band the Blue Star regiment ooh they’ve been in the Macy’s
Day per one der they’re so packed look at all those guys I’ll tell you what
they’ve been in every National Parade they’ve traveled worldwide and at one
time was considered the best band in the country the Blue Star regimen has been
around and been relevant to John W North here for years and years and years now
those of you watching on Riverside TV are treated with that band we saw the
half of this football game and the marching Tigers one of the best
collegiate bands tomorrow that’s right oh there’s a huge score updates modder
day over st. John Bosco 24 210 in that Trinity League championship
it’s like modern day who’s ranked number one in the country will hold on to that
their quarterback is a commit to Alabama and I’m secretly a roll tide fan come on
man you live in Southern California wait what are you doing what are you doing
Saint John Bosco was ranked second in the country and it’s 2410 1/2
time could be a blowout bosco could drop quite i believe that game kicked off in
this game kicked off o Nayeem hoxsey that’s a huge loss
left tackle and linebacker if he can’t return i mean tonight is one thing next
week and the playoffs if they make it there is another gotta hope that’s just
a cramp let’s take a look at what’s going on to the sideline yeah it looks
like just a cramp they’re already stretching it out so here’s a run and a
good one at that to begin this next drive Chris banks JR abara touched on it
unofficially over a 150 yards rushing tonight I mean what Junior does it all
doesn’t he I thought he was a sideline reporter not our statistician he does it
all juniors the man the myth and a legend the well-dressed cherub are that
was a 10 yard run on a toss for Chris Banks if orange Vista had their starting
running back Elijah banks the brother Chris banks had focused strictly on his
defensive prowess at linebacker who knows how this game could have panned
out as the toss loses yardage I mean by this team is just refusing to give up
much defensively Alonzo Elliot was involved on that stop at a near force
fumble Thunder dying to go the game here’s the toss and flying into your
picture is Alonzo Elliott number 21 if it worked for for progress
the Huskies score touchdown that was a mere your takeaway he’s running to the
end zone himself third down and six
Robinson five-step drop he fires he’s got a man open the pass is caught by
Michael Yin at the 12 no signal yet and he’s down at the 1 and to the chagrin of
the Coyotes Yin doesn’t score but sets a first and goal an incredible throw from
Elisha Robinson the league’s leader and touchdown tosses nearly at his 15th a
perfect pass right on the numbers and that was pretty close to me to touch
yeah certainly looked like it to me Laurens vistas running up on the ball
quickly 8:12 to go in the game is this too little too late for the Coyotes here
in the second half Deepak is banks he takes the handoff no signal he is down
short even if the Huskies give up a touchdown on this Drive
they are letting valuable seconds run off the clock and I look for North to
just sit on the ball if they can with that great running back now get first
down choose some clock orange Vista with two timeouts left but might be a little
too late let’s see the deep back is banks he takes the handoff again and
spins in with ease touchdown orange Vista there with 732 to go in the fourth
quarter the Coyotes and Gregg’s Olmo have a decision to make as well do they
go for two do they attempt it on side as they trail currently off the six points
by 16 yeah they’re gonna have to do something here I imagine go for two and
an onside got to do what you can with just seven minutes and 32 seconds left
here the ball another update there 2410 still at half-time top team the third
best team in the country these are the top two teams out of the Inland Valley
both the ranked top seven and all the CIF for their division among nearly a
hundred different clubs handoff as the banks two-point conversion successful
and our scores 29 5th teen with 732 to go in the game the
Huskies goal-line stand wiped out nearly in minutes off of this fourth quarter
clock there’s a look at the previous Drive and Robertson delivers the throw
the fourth quarter for orange vista on a pass play of 40 yards to Michael Yen of
orange Vista it appeared that he already scored but banks finishes off the drive
two plays later as he spins in from a yard out and this is the two-point
conversion my orange Vista is not going down without a fight they need two
touchdowns two extra points to tie the game of 29 let’s look for an onside kick
here he has the balls teed up the 40 I mean this is a situation where even if
JW North recovers they’re still not fuel goal range unless they get just an
incredible return out of it appears orange Vista may just be teeing this up
to a launch at down field the kickoff is high and away taking on a hop at the 14
yard line by two Don Adams who gallops to the 20 and hist active just short of
the 25 yard line the Coyotes Nicholas Sloan was one of the first orange Vista
special teamers on that tackle as JW North has punished the Coyotes with over
200 yards rushing in this game finocchiona Kelly has been a workhorse
with three all-purpose touchdowns tonight Corey on Rayford another Nate
over north looks to put on the finishing touches of what they hope is there
eighth win of the year and their seventh in a row they’ll set up shop with first
intent of the role 29 Nick Christ Jeff gourmet R Bar the final 725 of the
fourth quarter for head coach Dennis Brown as we seem clapping on the
sideline and the Huskies quick game update there in the bottom ticker fourth
quarter Canyon Springs league’s lakeside in this conference
37:20 stretch run mica LA at the 30 and has spun down by Saunders of the 31 yard
line mana Flaxman throne Ethan Saunders has
had his fingerprints all over the second half stat sheet for orange Vista his
tackles for loss his big blaze made in the run game and the passing game it has
been all North tonight however illegally on that play holding
on the defense maybe I’m not around football enough how often do you see a
hold on a run for the defense very very rarely has they looking at one of the
next week’s games since we have a doubleheader Notre Dame versus Arlington
7 p.m. kickoff and then JW North these Huskies tangle the poly bears and what
appears to be a win and into the conference championship mica alley on
the run and he gallops to the 38 yard line those runs in the first half seemed
to have slowed down the Coyotes effectiveness in the second half love
when Don Willy’s made the stop in open space of mica Eliam sure to the chagrin
of Don Willie’s he didn’t want to stop this this workhorse but he somehow found
a way to drag him down substitutions check in to this game for orange Vista
Deon Wilson the commit to Arizona haven’t heard of him too much tonight
but he has joined Saunders on that defensive line first down at 10 off play
action Rayford looks long evades the pressure and fires downfield and the
pass is caught at the 27 yard line by Joe Don Adams he’ll get marked back at
the 30 with four progress as Rayford the quarterback does it again in the pocket and chorion Rayford with plays like that
as we look at the instant replay of flags against JW North but those are the
type of plays that can help an offensive line
he hasn’t been sacked tonight no he’s so quick and is so mobile gets rid of the
ball in time he had bott giants coming after him that last plane was able to
elude and make a great play he is like I said very poised in the pocket yeah it’s
too bad that that play is wiped out by penalty but the clock continues to roll
under six minutes to play in this football game JW North milking a
14-point lead mica la he bounces off first contact and has dropped by Wilson
after a powerful gain of five on the play he has been fun to watch and I’ll
tell you what I haven’t seen him get too tired tonight just keep handing him the
ball here to end this game because he is a grown man yeah as a sophomore now the
Coyotes made this thing a bit interesting with the touchdown run from
Chris Banks just a few minutes ago but the Huskies have moved the chains twice
on this Drive already and nearly did a third with the pass play wiped out by
penalties second and 10 long ten straight ahead run mica LA he lowers the
shoulders and is wrapped up by Joseph Hinson trips him up after a gain of six my Chris Banks turn in over 150 yards
rushing at a touchdown he turned in an excellent performance but it was not to
be outdone tonight by Benassi Omega la love JW North and orange Vista to me
honestly they’re going to be good every single year you have the zom– alts
Gregg Zaun want a fantastic coach he’s there with his brother Eric they’re
gonna be great they always have they have athlete after athlete they’re gonna
be fantastic and I still have a shot to win a CIF title this year pistol
formation off play action Rayford rolls to his rights and launches
downfield short intended for Adams that stops the clock with 411 ago in the
football game Paulie has defeated the Paris Panthers
38 nothing and they will be tied with the loser of this game for second place
in the conference with the season finale coming up on Friday and North is making
this thing a little more interesting there as they’re stopped and will bring
out the punt team and Terrence Shive but to your point about orange vista this is
the first year that they’re graduating class of football players are going to
leave this roster as seniors were freshmen when they first began this
program and Greg so malts what a turnaround they’ve put in this program
oh there’s a place that they’re gonna get better and better and better and I
anticipate many championships from this team down for a touchback with 404 to go in
the game and now Greg’s ol malts who led the Coyotes to a 12 and 2 record they
went undefeated in the league last year beating JW North an incredible run to
the CIF championship where they fell just a bit short of beating out Alonso
on a 20 to 15 loss and orange Vista came into this year with high expectations
shutout wins as where it was where’s our camera crew there there’s me and Jeff
junior Arliss he’s also with us as well glad that our Riverside TV folks could
put this football game together Rancho Verde big 56 7 performance over
Paloma Valley and Rancho Vernie was very yeah
Rancho Verde Rancho very event they and then you know my guy pep Fernandez will
say he says goofy stuff like son Tiago and yeah he’s Oh v/o Joe Verde cuz you
know they’re fantastic remember they beat North o 60 to 30 a
couple of weeks ago and everybody I was talkin about
Norco upset in Centennial didn’t happen but I’ll tell you what Rancho Verde has
a shot to win another CIF championship they got a great young quarterback a
sophomore as well their father his father is the head coach for Rancho
Verde so it must be nice when your dad can be your cooks a lot like we saw
Jacob arledge over Valley View and you’re talking about that team in Norco
that has the CIF record for most playoff appearances in a row and they will
continue with 30 I believe it’s a 35th year in a row of making the playoffs
ridiculous these teams are looking for their third
in a row here’s Robertson who fires downfield and that’s a bit overthrown
intended for yen excellent coverage by the safety of JW North Zairian streets
and the corner back out there as well and Clarence Romero here’s Dennis Brown
love the Huskies like I had mentioned I’d love to see a division can match up
these two teams couldn’t meet again but no nor did this time no yeah yeah I
would love to see a Nord Avista North playoff game I think that would be
another great matchup between two teams that are you know have solid offensive
and defensive lines and really rely on that run game it would be a fun one to
watch notre Vista joins these two teams top ten of their division the CIF fourth
and four Robinson goes long and the pass is caught Isaiah Jones makes the catch
and avoids a fourth down stop that would have essentially ended the football game first and ten that’s a pass play of 12
yards to Isaiah Jones who has proven throughout tonight’s football game to be
the go-to target he came in with seven touchdown catches and is searching for
another one here tonight has orange Vista trails by 14 they need to touch
down an onside kick and a touchdown to tie this football game first and 10
Robinson gets rid of it downfield tips and the pass is incomplete nearly caught
of the ricochet by Michael Yemm let’s take a look at that play his Arian
streets was on coverage for JW North the ball was deflected by number 45 no filio
to Poe the Coyotes offense has come alive in
the last five minutes of this football game is it too little too late with 304
to go Robinson on second down rolls to his rights and flips the ball in traffic
the pass was nearly intercepted intended for Isaiah Jones of orange Vista Jaudon
Adams was on the coverage 4jw north and looking down that ticker Elsinore up 21
10 over Notre Dame an upset brewing in that league as Notre Dame is gonna play
next week here on Riverside TV we’re gonna have Aaron Huerta on Monday’s
coach’s perspective show we’ll talk about next week’s game and hopefully
they can pull out a victory over Elsinore tonight one thing 1:10 just one of quite a few
upsets that we have seen on our bottom ticker as well Robinson on third down
and 10 fires over the middle and finds his man for a gain of 16 yards the pass
played at Randy Wilkins moves the sticks with 251 to go in the game you know what
could happen here they could score get an onside kick and it could be a ball
game against the vaunted Huskies defense which gave up only 18 points a game
coming in this year second best in the league only two one orange Vista 242
left to go in the fourth quarter on a drive that started at their own 25-yard
line check down to banks he’s wrapped up an open space and dropped fraud loss by
Jalen Street ik of JW North number 34 and we’ve got a timeout called Nick rice
Jeff Gorham jr. Ibarra that do-it-all superstar for us on the sidelines
another game update there Temescal Canyon I’m saying that right correct
that if that was correct okay cool over Arlington 29:19 will see the
Arlington Lions next week on our doubleheader on Riverside TV but you
know what I’m more excited about right now what are you more excited about yes
I did about putting on my costume tomorrow yes
going down to Riverside Halloween fest from 2 to 10 p.m. at white Park it is a
fantastic event everybody needs to come down check it out get treats you’re
gonna have food and a beer garden there’s gonna be dancing there’s gonna
be lots of fun there’s gonna be a costume contest for an adults and for
the little ones it is free for children and $10 for adults that’s really fun
Riverside Halloween ready Halloween to us Robinson
launched us into traffic and he finds number one Isaiah Jones down to the 34
he was drilled after the pass play and Jones comes up limping with 215 to go in
the game what a hit there was number 45 of North Murphy low to Poe who makes the
play so for those of you who didn’t join us in the beginning of the second half
there’s a look at Jones or he got plastered as well back to Poe and that
was dropped that’s a bit vicious but for those of you just joining us I you were
you missed what it’s just an incredible background that you have with orange
Vista and head coach Greg so malls they were great football players at Cal I
happen to play basketball how they were they lived in the same building I did ok
with following their their coaching careers they were at Citrus Hill like I
said 1 5 CIF championship a state championship their mom goes to every
game they’ve coached their sons this is a great family aigoo
two great men that lead young man and when they leave their programs
perspective programs at Citrus Hill and now it oranges that they become good
young men and they are pillars of the community and it’s because of those two
those two coaches who are great fathers and parents on this island to say the
least just incredible but you know what it is it is Saturday November 2nd after
Halloween you have can you say dia de los muertos dia de los muertos day of
the dead it’s family-friendly it is free it’s the 16th annual they have dance
performances altars that honor the dead that have passed a Katrina pageant live
music it is at white park in downtown Riverside and if you want more
information dial nine five one seven eight four three one one one or go to
Riverside Day of the Dead calm a great day to come out and enjoy family fun
that white park now it looks like off the injury timeout the clock is running
and orange vista quickly hops on the ball Robertson completes the pass
towards the flat out to Wilkins he then dumps it to banks on another play a
trick oration we see this by orange Vista that play Gaines for well the
clock continues to run the Coyotes were charged to timeout with that injury just
one remaining so after a touchdown they must recover it onside kick
Robertson fires the ball wide and outside the reach of the diving Michael
Yin third and six again this could be the play of the game right here that our
fourth down if they don’t convert here but this is a big play they’re gonna
have to probably throw the ball or go to their new running back who’s had a phenomenal game tonight sure
has Elijah Robinson has played well additionally he launched that big play
to Yen that set up the touchdown earlier in this fourth quarter keeping the
Coyotes in it low snap and he throws wide again fourth and six the game comes
down to this for orange Vista kudos to the Coyotes for refusing to go down late
in the fourth quarter trailing by 22 it’s easy to just really mail it in and
wait for their next week where they can play for a playoff berth against Canyon
Springs if they haven’t already clinched it now we’ll see if they already are on
their way to the postseason I believe both of these teams will be playing oh
yeah I think so too 4th and 6 low snap again Robertson looks left all the way
he steps up and is tackled to win the game by a long so Elliott’s number 21
takes his helmet off and JW North puts the finishing touches on a 7 game win
streak and an impressive victory tonight over orange Vista now it will be just
victory formation for the Huskies and Ramona big over a lot here 34 nothing as
Ramona is still in the hunt right or playoff spot in the River Valley League
if we can could we bring up the standings so that way we could see
what’s uh what’s going on for next week because here is we have a quarterback
Neal so the matchup next week is huge out of the Inland Valley because JW
North there in the blue wins so they vaults over orange Vista who was first
now they flip and paulius tied with orange vista for second which means poly
and North play for the league title next week it would be a three-way tie
if orange Vista wins next week as well against Canyon Springs that’s the match
of one of two games after this JW North win tonight over orange this done in a
very very convincing win here on the campus of North High School and as we can’t wait to bring you
there’s a final of Polly in Paris the reason why it’s a winner-take-all next
week is because of the Bears 38 nothing resounding win over Paris
led by no relation to me John writes that coach a Polly an incredible year he
has had with the Bears yeah it’s nice to see the Bears kind of coming back into
contention and Riverside they were a staple for so many years so many
championships along the way with great coaching from Barry Meyer from coach
Dennis Brown from Mike Churchill all those guys have made it to the
championship and done such a great job so it’s nice to see John Rice Bill
Powell’s take over at Poly and make them in contention once again
JW North will battle the poly bears on Friday nights
to conclude the season and win the conference coming up in seven days and
that’s because of their resounding win over the orange vista coyotes 29 to 15 a
sensational performance with three all-purpose touchdowns from Huskies
sophomore but now CEO mica LA their running back ran for two and threw for
one and was just an incredible part of a impressive performance for the Huskies
tonight yeah I’ll tell you Makia ala only a sophomore showed his his maturity
on the field which is great to see you saw his strength and you saw that great
offensive line those guys are unsung heroes for this
john w north husky team and that defense was phenomenal so you gotta tip your
hats off to North who it like you said last year took a solid beating from
these coyotes yep kind of turned it around and coach Dennis Brown has his
Huskies playing at a CIF championship level Huskies a team that won one game
in 2016 five last year they’re now 8 and 1 this
season and search for their first league title in seven seasons they have a
chance to win it tomorrow and a winner-take-all on Friday nights and
wanted to games on Riverside TV JW North winners
9 to 15 over the Coyotes of orange Vista that’s the team that loses their first
in five games they’ll drop to 6 and 3 3 1 of the league and conclude the season
at home against Canyon Springs the Huskies winners by 14-j are abara is
in just a moment he’s chasing down the head coach who we spoke with earlier
about the concerns of this football game the Huskies win it led by Dennis Brown
it was caught up with junior a bar on the sidelines coach a very satisfying
win for you guys I’m sure absolutely just we’re physical and you know we knew
they they’re a great football team well coached and you know what it was just
kind of toe-to-toe and they weren’t gonna back down and neither will we and
we came out on top kids played great you know I took you a quarter to kind of
figure things out it once it started rolling it really kicked into gear for
you guys it did again same thing kids just they just
took over I mean they weren’t gonna be denied and they just played their hearts
out you still have one big game next week what are you thinking already oh
it’s just a huge game because it’s a big rivalry and they’re gonna be ready to
play us and we got to get the kids to be ready to play them and I know they will
they’ll settle back in and be ready to focus for that game alright coach
congratulations on a really big win thank you appreciate it all right coach
Dennis Brown joining us for wrapping up tonight a very big win but one more to
go next week big rivalry game we’ll see how that turns out right here on
Riverside TV guys back up to you to wrap up for tonight boy Dennis Brown he was
enthused after a sensational performance for the player of the game sophomore
running back by now CEO mica le we take a look at how we got this game started
mica la a physical runner gained over 200 yards all-purpose today he ran the
ball well he even threw a couple of passes cluding a touchdown this 37 yard
scoring Stanford gave the Huskies the late second quarter lead 7 nothing Chris
Adam who Chris banks who spells the injured Elijah banks is brother at
running back scores the game-tying touchdown for the
2 yard plunge and going down the stretch of the half tied at 7 the Coyotes
defense needed to make a stop instead Northwood quarterback gurion
Rayford scrambles for 69 yards and the Huskies take the 14-7 lead into the
locker room they would receive the second half kickoff and Benassi Amica la
on a drive of 4 plays in just a minute and 54 seconds
mica la sets a first and goal right away for JW North and the Huskies punch it in
as mica le launches a touchdown throw does the running back to my e moxie
two-point conversion successful and the Huskies lead 22 to 7 then Rayford goes
deep the longest pass play of the day 47 yards and Don Adams sets up this
touchdown run up 9 of inácio mica la as mentioned he had three all-purpose
touchdowns that was the last huskies the 29 to 7 coyotes would not be denied a
team that beat north last year this completion again sets up a goal to go
banks on a one-yard plunge cuts the lead to 14 but this would be too little too
late two-point conversions successful coyotes denied on the next warbound and
the Huskies with quarterback Neal’s close it out winners 29 to 15 Jeff
Gorham this game of course but now see Amica le was was huge but I just say it
was a team effort tonight losses team effort and like I said we saw them early
in the year we saw them tonight they’re a different ballclub they were good this
year they were great tonight they cut down on
the turnovers they cut down on the penalties and they played smart football
a great team John Doe W North has become the Huskies improved to eight and want
winners of seven straight and have a chance has the top team of the
conference to win the league for the first time in seven years next week
fresh off this win they will battle on Riverside TV this coming Friday at their
home finale against the five and four poly bears meanwhile orange Vista with
the loss drops the six and three three one the league coyotes they appear to be
playoff bouncing no definitely gonna be playin and I wouldn’t be surprised if
they can still pull off a CIF championship this season it was a
pleasure partner and we’ll get a chance to do it again next week to conclude
this season for junior para Jeff Gorman and Scotty Brosius and all of our
excellent crew down to the truck Nick Bryce saying so long from Husky Stadium
at Riverside this has been another edition of the Riverside TV game of the
week good night

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