Starting up another vlog what you say? So you don’t know enough about these shitty ass hotels you don’t wanna be picking up a random ass shirt off the ground Kim. (music) Yeah we can’t find the key this is good. Aye we stuck ESKEETIT But they are it everyone’s in the van which means the van was found a bit locked which seems Like a bad idea in this type of area the [bog] no – yeah somebody got murdered out here last night literally [they’re] cops here and everything. We’re all really worried that it mght involve one of us, but We took it to waffle house, but I [didn’t] back myself as you’re over there right nick. Where are? You [bomber] ball if [we’re] right? You can tell a lot about a place by how many different? Variations of monster energy they have in the average gas station and here they have My favorite one from back in the day when I was actually a hard for Monster consumer And they don’t usually have this most places now [assault] this is the best one no pop [oh] [baby], nigga Security we can’t have no wily handle I know bro the security but security told me on my headlining show it all back [up]. He’s Gonna snap my leg he was there Oh, yeah I remember that’s always what happens when you got random [our] security that like don’t know who the rappers are and they always [Gonna] [get] blue or something Hey I had the blog [that] [opens]. I’ll send this it was a mistake what it’s all to the pool in 2017 I will be [nodding] I wonder at it Hey, what would attorneys on the ground? What alliance get it and everything? I know my man hey yo yeah, we take is absolutely the camera the camera No, that’s the only thing my favorite moment on that coleslaw ability an Indian Tribal we get we really can a nigga [time]. [I] put it in my food Guernsey we really [can] [initiate] and cool my did it. I’m [ally] put it in my food hottest mouse a little pout be rare like a [star] All right, we headed over to the mall now So close so we could just walk to them all our hotel sucks, but at least it’s near the mall Well man. He’s big boy Rex Nigga Fuck nigga. Yeah, I got a honey section nigga. I got a section for the Hondo’s, nigga I can confirm that this money is real. Yes, here. You guys can take a peek at [it] yourself Hey Top you in place Material numbers. Hey You know we got pints out here on top the game’s very hot on sewing clothing you ignorant gang. They need it very gay Put about [2] and 1/2 seconds for this to happen [25] um Salvation [Gucchi] damn hard couch again would you like? Yeah, classy, right You know I’m still not like a gucci sneaker kind of guy, but maybe I’ll get that one too I mean, it’s cute ee maybe I need to get him to go riding in ya Which they don’t later dan we couldn’t you get a pick up some biggie, biggie Scotty [hey] now don’t even start I’m currently satisfying my thirst for fashion Terragamo yeah getting I know no more about [over] here Humph, what’s that say? That’s gotta hack [alright] kids want to go to McDonald’s or burger king. [I] guess I think McDonald’s Pump almost bought some shoes there, but then he didn’t and now we’re going to Gucci store. Take a burger King one more Pump couldn’t help himself [you] couldn’t come in here and spend some time here without without mine You just thought it would be against the rapper toes you know Crichton what okay? What up gang? Hey Polly Mama’s gonna be in the shot, [but] mom mom oh Sweetie, you running okay? I already got Gucci on another Gucci bag more are Attending job couple [veins] yeah like all the jackets and shit in there I definitely had like extreme desire to spend like five Grand on jackets And shit that shit as hard as fuck all your windbreakers are crazy. Yeah, and then I got this fucking [hollow] [oh] my God listen hang on it and with a collar or a [I] did woo Dad’s butterfly on the car to who that thing is so sweet. Yeah Jane shit, yeah Isis Gang what up? Hey, we just bomb Syria fuck you. [oh] Devon allred very rare You are you feel most [work] I? Will be wall may announce on your wall game nevertheless course Again, you call it tha [a] good [look] a square foot which he wrote real danger – more yes, my nigga next player Marissa here talking movies I’m committed not addicted, but it got [controlling] me every name in Madden Gang [admitted] [to] the show we’re about to go on I haven’t even seen the crowd yet, but apparently it’s sold out, so I’m going to give you guys a look at what it’s like when they first get a glimpse at the rope All right, just performed. I guess you could call it a performance of some sort kids were fuckin crazy amazing audience I wanted to stay on stage for [Jaap] and shit But I had to come outside and like cool down my entire body’s drenched at this moment I’m trying to cool down a little bit so I can go back in [different] pump. What at-bat Roe gang hey, hey rope game no gang hey and shout out to your dad for bringing you through here Okay Montana Baby, Montana came from town and came from Montana water no jumpers no games What was she getting okay? So far? What you want? Yeah We need to find some guys who look like this to kick it with I barely got cool with niggas that [payday] [nailed] that bear You just happen you ever hang out with anybody who looks like that? Yeah? Yeah, [you] [have] a [good] [job] Okay, all Right all right guys ready, just [fucking] ingress Of this dude because he said you [watch] the vlogs every fucking day. I don’t lunch break. I am using a my ears, okay? Hey like this didn’t stay busy [steen] is [a] you. Thank you Jailbait I’m doing stupid. Oh, I just want to say this guy told me that I saved his life It’s true is true [about] getting no jumpers appreciate it. It means a lot we talked we had a good talk before, but [that’s] crazy Yeah, so long to get everybody broke something different They wrote well, I’m talking about big boys Hey, hey, my first performance in Gucci Chanel ow Big time yeah, she’s a little bit more but yeah world was good. Yeah Yeah, I’d be everybody the same as my neck tattoo. All right. Sorry gang oh, ha ha ha [awesome] joke for You hey come here. Let’s get it. Ha ha this lady at the hotel just said that she wanted to pay me for the [newports] hat but I Think it’s had it’s uh it’s had its little run. So I’m gonna hook it up Really want is it her oh her up there? Oh, sorry? Holy shit. You’re totally confusing me ah you want it Love you. Yeah, so what a burgers weird, little Pod and cam. Oh Wait común sorry master. You better run over. I’ll obtain [a] cheddar biscuit. Yeah, I’m bout that life Could be inside. [oh], yes I’m glad I’m coming in $61 a little burger. [funk] allowed. I’m doing it for the closer Uncle Adam, [I’m] so bitch ass up You started Instagram. I’m sorry if you want to create pop it as a videographer you have to do We alone [ammo] and that’s going to be a portfolio. No one hooks that website in the war. Are you under second a? few times yeah clap okay, so Basically Chris long has a Youtube channel about motorcycles I did and it’s called I go ride TV. And it’s a bunch of motherfuckers doing wheelies [and] shit. Yeah thoughts on Instagram the rag Weave repost like cool viral motorcycles [head] clips as I understand it. It’s not really my area. That’s producing those know anything about it Yeah, but it’s cool So go [tossin] subscribe toss to subscribe [blip] [on] weeping my motorcycles Ask that at all so don’t forget about me [Chris] [lawn] films. He’s been around for a long time y’all Jalapeno Cheddar biscuits You know well little bun with a big burger. Yeah get the fuck over it. Did you guys? Can get the Kimchi hi? Who’s got roz no no was that [bird]? We’re gonna Burrow well, we finally got some girls back to our room I’m gonna work anything else. They want to get high on weeds Kim says she doesn’t smoke we wish [aquino] likes – Beavis

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100 thoughts on “LIL PUMP BUYING $1000 SHOES AT THE MALL”

  1. This video has 25 million views…. And the most popular/well-known documentary on Nikola Tesla has less than 2 million.

    Let that sink in. (And yes, I'm leaving the video, like right now).

  2. Anyone notice Around 1:35 + by dude all the way in the back top left theirs a green beam goin around when they talking about security. Somebody got a stick 😈😈😈💚 WholeLottaGangShitGoinON

  3. 14:20
    adam22: lil pump what do you think about motorcycles?
    lil dump: eskeettiiiiittt

    this is the epitome of a complete lack of any sense of intelligence. adam22 you should know better than to ask him any complicated questions.

  4. lmao, I just realized, when you put on CC (subtitles) they are soo far off when it comes to what is actually being said vs what they actually write

  5. Lmao, grown ass man hanging with pump, whos young af, copying his swag wearing Facemask and shit, they the real groupies lmao

  6. When this came out I thought wtf 1000 dollar shoes??? Now everyone fuckin has 1000 $ shoes heck I’ve got 1200 $ sneakers, not flexing but that shit is not as rare now, in 2 years shits changed fam.

  7. So funny when they drop racks and the random dudes they’re with just loo around and don’t buy anything bc they don’t have a job

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