so Michael and I started starting a new game where Ryan is always leaving to go work on the know stuff like glitch please or whatever and He’s always gone for like 146 hours yeah example daisy yeah, he was gone for his use since the item stands before T3 And so Michael and I went ahead we’re going to play this dead rising mini golf game Which we assumed would have a learning curve so Michael, and I since we weren’t able to film anything else because of other people Michael you and I downloaded the game and played the shit out of it. Yeah, so they were fairly adept. Yeah any car It’s very hard hard not good so so hopefully we’ll be great We’re going to pretend like we’re playing it for the first time. We’re just oddly Instantly way better than Ryan right unless he’s better than and we tried to get jack to this with us But that required some sort of oh yeah, Jojo Keffer really not but there jack I’m not quite sure where he’s gonna land on this because he didn’t play or help us in any way or be a part of The Joke in any way even though we tried to lose even though we tried to include him What I don’t know if he’s gonna say something to Ryan or not or he’ll just pretend like he doesn’t know what’s happening I really have no idea if you see this video that means he played a little You ready – yeah, I we should definitely play it up – oh yeah. Yeah, all right Okay, get ready for Super ultra dead rising for mini golf They’re summoning the apocalypse as we speak just answers on Village Fairway a ball buster. Will make it up the wonderfully fuck I can’t even read the challenges or the tips look here available travel to the pause video you got that This is any order purchase of those jumping clubs of all we do should we turn off me like you do Drama what you – it’s all very license to music. Yes I mean, it’s all like old capcom games service if it’s gonna get o decided and as on system mega man right now Okay, I write in your first show constantly. Oh all right well none of a circus tutorial, so that’s well I’m guessing you’re gonna have to hit the ball trying to take the zombies Runs no hits a zombies try not to hit the fuckin Lollipop I Did it twice would this be considered the crowd okay? resisting current Mini-Golf Crew I Don’t know I’ve know what that means anymore. Hey, you like my outfit. Oh, you look nice. I’m getting in I hope you had some spend those zombies are coming up through the ground I really really want I’m not exactly sure how the charge bar works one minute even utter completely unprepared for a game oh Oh, all right, okay? I’ll get it in there dude. We’re gonna get old one out. Oh Bullshit Player Jack B. Turn Let’s fuck that lollipop up dude. I’m like a fucking vibrate on the set of life is straight and new it looks like the balls Don’t interact with strange. I went right through yours holy. Sh. Oh yeah Something about mini-golf at a hole-in-one gets me loud. I was up that hole-in-one right breezy great job Jack Well, do definitely unmanned really cool person hello Alright. I jeff don’t suck hit the ball so easy how hard did you guys hit it? I did to the pin thing I get it less than the pin. Which is of a standard way to defend the far There’s a little flag like all the way on the left I didn’t go all the way to let how far did you go like a little less like to take 3/4 I? Grossly misunderstood. How that fits worked? Well, you’re going in you’re going in you got lolly fucks vital. It rolled in all right well no where’s Ryan suck less. No. I mean it rolled inside the house, right thing I? Can’t even bit in this game. No no biffing. That’s a little bit of a down Well there was there were some tips about like items, you can get that fuck with people, but I don’t know Clearly not on this whole oh What made it right guys there it is it’ll roll roll Bears. Oh dude, I was very amazing all the public Ryan the Natural all right let’s see if I gotcha. That’s jack you got a whole one more Yeah, let me see if I get it all there’s some coins over there geoff get that coin oh Shit look at that Get in there nice bun. Oh, it’ll be hey did You get more points for his ami killin. I don’t know Probably coming all God Remember over like a tutorial video pumpkinhead Jenner. It was like no, well we all seem to be doing fine. Oh Shit, the fuck was as I said a higher shot is what that was I? hear the Birds on guard all right, so uh three birdies and a hole in one I’m gonna treatment flip them the bird very bit. How long has this been out achieve a birdie believe It’s just came out okay come out on Tuesday. I? Don’t know how many people bought it though. I don’t hide that wife’s wiggles. So my leg are you okay? Doesn’t work so well anymore? Kind of slack in the fáááing at the same joke yeah, damn it part of smiles I’m a reminder to the kids all right. Let’s see what the only buse I know the powers in it well now we’re popping off fucking uh Dennis quaid what about him we were on a plate are you serious stomach wadester? Daddy so much better than rain ask about it brother. No. I did not he was with his two small children alright. Jack you up Okay Somehow you need to hit it up and get those anything all right you go forty nine yards of it Will wind up and the chip. Oh, well I owe Loaded all right trying to take out the powers nothing good explosion or bad That’s bad explosion you did get the to thinnies. I didn’t get that money you got the money okay. Good gig Okay, I get it a little more. I’m just gonna let that nigger grip it and rip it just rip it and win. Oh I missed it so bad. Oh my God What I eat like you guys are mad at the junction Box. Yeah Here we go. Don’t do that pumpkinhead. Yeah, be more prepared than I will get you shit little baby shit together like I’m so hungry. Oh Gosh there it is nice there. It is you missed the super city? Oh, that’s okay. Look at all the night. Oh, yeah Yeah, keep going it. Y’all give up on us in a thing suck. Oh my God so much murder Look at what what a long fuckin all kind of escalation was this to hit it straight 501 get a hole-in-one honors Achievement killer drives kill five zombies in One shot You know most holes it really doesn’t matter old water music. I’m listening to you right now. Yeah, dude. It’s a great soundtrack There’s really no other audio though right, so oh Also a Junkie out your blood loss got the best goddamn it. I’m so angry Alright enter the me again. Wait. What obviously I? Know goes by Furthest, but you’re all at the start I have no idea how it selects who goes they do got it Nail is all you got fucking raw I was kind of bad kill a zombie though. It’s close. You know Joe You got it looked on. I got actually trip. She’s trippin well Okay, here. We go. This is the one you gotta run I do not your macklemore haircut you do look like mackel you do a mind Just like you do take the penguin off the club at the thrift shop, and you’re good to go is the only 99 cents That’s amazing. You were able to assemble that outfit under $50. Yeah, we job I wonder it If that booth another booth fuck me. Oh, you got a garage uh Ryan has eyeing his way just behind now. Take it good. I wanna see if I can ruin this again Jack’s turn I’m fine, mom. That is some fucking Megaman x right here your character gotta have a brief something sometimes fear something Like your character you really cheap. Oh, he’s like fuck that uh oh my God cool. J. She’s got a lie ahead You missed the junction Montana. I panicked you don’t even close to it you just get as any why does Santa Claus have a Shovel in the older. I think it’s a shovel looks like a giant I I get what you’re going for but I think it’s just a wife yeah, we’re variables is that you’re slicing and dicing doing terrible just get off the Plant overcooked rice is going leave All right, well I gotta take it really hold uh no that’s a little better there you go there. It is Jack That’s the beans you’re gonna learn. Oh, that’s a birthday Chef got robbed I dig your up you went just over it Gustav, I hit it too. Well right now. That’s say you’re inside me Jack all the helling this nixon work, sweet it What it is like question block thingy Jeff oh phil using a driver well you could get the question um Hal go, oh, you can say I’m kidding right yeah Yeah, I imagine you want a putt you just want to make a zone for it miss it look but great shot though So I get in the thing Come on. Oh Really, what a denial? That seems yeah bullshit poor dog feet horizontally God so hard another question up by us with you Wow, you came out of there. No never mind. Yeah, all right there look right? Yeah Look at the beams, but it turned out your brian’s you ever fuck. I’m the first to figure this out Oh, okay, you got it across okay? So there’s an option here I could just hit it across, but I also could just go for the hole go for the whole nothing Yeah, there’s there’s a sucky hole there. I want to you know okay. You can’t extend it any further than that all Right I’m Gonna go for the sucky hole good luck around oh It maxes it shit, I fucked it up cuz uh-oh so it’s uh What’s up? You know there’s extra boxes past 32. Yeah, it bounces at 32. Oh that sucks So I was trying to like I was eating my brain boxes three boxes Oh, because it looks like it’s further than I need to go and it bounced on me right there Maybe that’s because you can you can like upgrade you well then shit No, right that might be if you get better. You know what you’re right it. I don’t think I can make it over there All right, it’s only three strokes left. So uh I’m Gonna plug them way through That’ll do there. We go. Miss wall monster that was close. Oh what a ballbuster. Is that Dummy’s bigger than the other zombies Oh, there’s the hole okay. How do I hold my rolling right towards it? I mean it’s my ball buster Personal all the go looks like your ball busters being you right now a little bit. Oh don’t pick me I don’t know which one you are so I’m the one that’s labeled that you’re about to pick no. It’s not I’m coming Yes, okay good. Oh my God. What’s my self? Yes? so uh No, just hear something acting didn’t hit a it did it Oh, I got the achievement for ball busted, but way before it stops. Oh really very Well, then oh, Jeff what the fuck are you gonna write anchor? Go over the whole Jeff? Did you just break it? Oh? Let me up So you know what I realized though. I will say. How are you doing that? Yeah? What are you doing? What binder? you press hit why oh I yeah because I Know to look oh, I hit left bumper Oh, okay um the only thing if we’re not all recording is you I can’t see your power meters I just realized are we all reporting because I’m robert. Hi everybody. Oh shot too hard So what the fuck does your screen look like you would like stinking poo on it or something what you didn’t tell much be like A giant anchor that like didn’t do it. I’m just saying I don’t know what it did with the overlay You know what? I mean was it like blocking there was a major thing okay? Oh What a shit hit I? Got that they might want to hit that left bumper again dial it try and hit it the sucky hole that’s your chance That’s you go right in the hole to get in suck you old. I mean, we come on ducky hole jess let me convince them There it is. We love you long time. You made it get in there get some money Is that your last stroke though? I think it might have been it’s just a set yep Oh sure was no, we’re putting that hat though you should practice I was also a bad start would be you were getting fucked at the beginning I Just never recovered all right Michael. You’re doing well, you got your birding there Jordan You should have been to the fuck Michael But I was just kind of taking it all in I think you can totally skip that platform in it with without it I Also, don’t know that I think you just have other things where you hit stop. I’m pretty sure It would continue to move oh come on. Oh perfect shot in there beautiful Yeah, roll right in front of me. Yeah. I’m really glad you didn’t fucking stink vomiting. Yeah Yeah, go for the lucky hole jack check out a fire. I did it well Charlie Flyer come on Girl wouldn’t I did it. He liked me damn it Well yeah, I mean that used to be our rules you have to go for the hole-in-one I mean you know you’re not wrong, but we did statement as to uh I mean that’s your best shots to go listen You’re not wrong with Jack I have a nice lead you won’t fucking convince me to do it right after I literally just egyptian do that you like shut up I’m trying to convince him to fuck up Michael you go over there to Everwood to drill. I want to jump the fuck up. You’ll make it yeah You gotta I want to see the other way? Yeah? I know you’re right. I just try I’m doing too. Well am I committed You’re right. I think I tried twice You did try to like it’ll fuck me, but a little fun. You’re going downhill so all right done wailing. I’ll be effective play Oh fuck. Can you pick up like at the end and drop it well you didn’t get the question mark nope I think you’re gonna go again. Oh my turn We recommend not chipping it yeah offer the rake Are you sure? I mean, you’re like you’re in the hard stop zone there you go good call good call Jack snuck it in Narrow Escape narrowly escaped being Jeff of the perfect shot to silent you before TV my turn Stroke 8 that’s not good get this I have two left all right Tap it in don’t stop running it up. Oh yeah, uh What was that? I was way more power than anyone is strong a lot of beans And I was all the beans all right I don’t think I need to know this or no dog guy in the lab at all no illegal That was a narrow escape quaker oh run Dude, I Didn’t realize that you don’t have to go all the way We mean I’m powered let’s go all the way well because every time previously the all the way is to possible This is Nicole to Mccrea. Yeah for for those that we don’t wanna. Let’s play. Yeah Yes, I can only imagine based on the first one to the second one they get infinitely a car. I can do better Fucking right yeah Frank’s a real prick. I Gotta be in the rear Gear yeah, that’s why you’re for cola. I did kill seven zombies though total stroke zero yeah, oh We’re still even on strokes. We are weirdly Michaels kicking ass how he’s a nanny. I did oh no no No, how are you even with us on stroke? You stroke down at seven strokes though, but Jack and I got in yeah, but I don’t have an stroke I don’t know if he got a penalty I think what’s going to happen would it there really isn’t Option really isn’t I don’t think he got a penalty on top of the seven that? Seems silly, it does this is a it’s a silly game. I don’t know if you’ve noticed all right mark You got this Michael. Okay? Here. We go the way line it up Okay, be the pumpkin and also you have to go first, but you also gets tits get all the coins. They don’t reappear So you also have to deal with eyes that you don’t know you think I’ll go okay. I okay. I don’t sure oh Hello, Polly. I’m still rolling yeah. I think you’re gonna come to rest. Holy shit. That’s the hole right there Yeah, that’s not bad. You know that chocolate man dude. I got a ton of fucking zombo’s there alright, so You want to use a putter right? Uh? I mean, I don’t know. I’m gonna look around see if there’s oh no, oh No, I can’t left bumper Ryan left bumper Didn’t really how I know okay, so it’s just on the other side all around yeah Damn, it that looked like a shortcut first sighted did probably is Jackie you should go for it no whew up and over keep Rolling Bobby go through my Collection oh there’s some money’s I’m going down the wrong side though money I mean If I gone a lot faster, I might be enrolled right under that thing it touches the bottom there. It’s not bad Hi, Jack, Vegas proud there. We go the pride of Austin, Texas Jack still oh Steps up to the gulf plate that zombie Gonna fuck him though. There’s a little bit of evil it Went around her a little yeah a little wide, but it worked out well for him coming in Oh, yeah, it can go in the middle no That’s unfortunate. I think it Ronnie outside on the outside round the outside And he’ll settle in right next to Michael their legs Can we hit those donut knowing because in the multiplayer? That’s what they were I also you guys I’m feeling but I don’t know in this Because they don’t seem to die in one hit like the regular zombies They’re weeds ever hit a mark Yeah, here comes Jeff getting the Vanyo Jeff. What is easily write down Ramsey lane Killing with my goin with Jack he’ll be right next to us Pretty much dead on yeah. Yeah, we all did the same. I think you guys will go next yeah, so uh Yeah, it’s going first good kid Now do you go for the question do it do it I said Was that what got you the ball buster last time the question yeah? Did not go oh did sink it and you fuck that guy haven’t put blood in the hole go broke His old neck back there behind him player jack, okay? You got this jack eight yards all I need yumbo. Yack full power full power Long too hard do what he mean want to be getting like okay? Layin on it do squats on it. Oh no. Oh no Michael Vegas crowd alright Michael gel is the pride of New Jersey. I’ve been fucked it up yet Trying to be like a greg miller type feel like it was too hard the natural way up ah The hole is very forgiving oh No, I would say very producer Gavin. I’m stabbing. I’m pretty bored fighting some got school good yeah tax for you wait Freddy’s gone for that Fuckin ball buster Kind of want to wiper something that’s got in you think I’m the only one left to hit yeah Do you think it would just I write you an eye on Ryan? So it might be something else to maybe you get like a career ever know what it is Maybe you get like a bunch of money in the hole get the money. I mean Your last so describe they would love to fuck I do it But it’s probably a winning kind of a waste early gurkel get that chocolate man I kind of Ip what maybe I carries over to another to another hole oh yeah, yeah I seem to be an instant thing lesson. He’s gonna wander in front of me again Hey Why didn’t he skate? And he’s just fucking sliding all over the place fucked it up? Oh? Ryan Dad’s Gonna that’s going to be removed in the squad. I’m gonna take one for the team here. I’m going to experiment You’re gonna get that one. I’m going to shoot one of these basket guys. Are you just going to wail the fucking gingerbread man? Uh damn there was a guy behind me now. He’s gone. It’s on the other side the whole fuck yep Maybe you not well alright. I was gonna take 114, but I guess alert in iran We guess we got the oh there you watch bottle I came back and literally shot the ball. He’s like your own bitch Looking for me You know ding-ding-ding-ding-ding Jeff, holy shit you got $10,000 well personable Seafaring oh yeah, I got to kill 30 zombies on a course teaming Oop that’s always notice so Google boards hold three. Well yeah, you’re really gonna want to got you know, okay here. We go Alright hold for biology max rogue 719 yards pitch and pot took my daughter to pitching putts a couple weeks ago And she said it was most boring thing. She’d ever do To never do it again Alright play with the pitching or the pudding she didn’t like she didn’t like any of them alright didn’t like being out sides and like the grass shouldn’t like all the Grass is the worst son. You could gone to a peter pan. Just cross breeze then the peter pan what type of difference? Oh? that Walking shitting my kick off you got big card Yeah, that sucks sorry, and oh that must be the good old I was a hard dick I didn’t realize there was a fucking cover. Yeah. I was like perfect shot. Why didn’t it go? Oh? Should I try where you yeah do it? I mean I I mean, I’m going for the putt follow up the next shot I’m perfectly lined up at least all the money’s are over. That’s a block right there now you got it you nailed it Are you kidding me close? yeah, my dream was open my little it must be different than Fucking laughs what they call a bit of bullshit. It was wide open online and just went no All right Ryan. I don’t play my own. I want the money get money Damnit I suck at hitting it the other one is I thought it worked out night Whoa killed a bunch of people why we got goin? Yeah, it’s gonna take a little siesta right there though that still oh, well my eyes there may be a killer Drive on the left side there may be a question blocker oh There’s a loopback guy there lose that bag Mm-Hmm It’s gametypes, just AcHievin City Nope, hey, well Jack’s going in the middle. Nope not going going door was closed not in the middle, but to the middle Oh, no, it’s very close to the edge, but you will come to a stop and you will go again All right time to you back Yeah, we’re far Jeff. Here’s is going to be a lot you tomorrow because you’re nice and close I Mean that thing’s open for a while it’s driver and While It’s a point that out oh Shut down you might go get sucked into this nope you will not cam Get dance on for its own bad day for zombie golf today Thank you, Frank. Oh Michael session to the p ut t yeehaw looks Quicker put the buter yeah, I lose spelling, Pewdiepie ah bro Wow, you wait. Oh really wait. No, we did I got it. Yeah. I know it’s different every screen there good I just went over a giant zero thing nice for All your machine gun and everybody I was author Let me see if I can have the same success. You did it look like I’m Bone I Like thing to not go down that one road boy. How are so close to a hole-in-one? Nope, oh Unfortunate funny it takes forever to hit the ball there you go. It’s super hard to judge try again Just pretend like Megaman. Oh That’s a blog what I mean it look. No, I wouldn’t mind I can well yeah, I’m on mine Every time Jeff has been opened, and it just it just bounces around like a lotto ball and then comes out Alright zephyr you got great, but I imagine on Jeff Serena keeps slamming a wall Start when it’s open oh Jeffrey is that yeah? I don’t know I don’t assume Are you closer now? Yeah, you are Jackie Gonna go for the open holding Jack come on Jack the whole holiday. It’s right hand Go for the whole let’s give it a shake. Yeah It’s so hard to judge because it’s fucking nonsense Nope, fuck that up made it on my screen. If I went in and then turn around on it. Yeah You mother too much to do to do to do all right? I think I’ve made myself. Oh yeah. I don’t know yet I’m glad I just put my controller down I wish I could judge the timing based on what you’re doing, but that wouldn’t yeah, it doesn’t help at all I Did it jack from about where you were wall was open there? We go. Yeah mine. That was dead close. Yeah Yeah, you walked through the wall on my screen. Oh fucking Rob Hey, Jeff. It’s your turn. Hey, we gonna try and get the let’s ride. Just for you know just remember I mean, Jeff just get Maxpro cat there’s no limit when the things open, I mean It did it to me again Haha, ok Fuckin hate I don’t you should really practice again really practice would have been helpful. I should practice walking right talking about practice sorry about Last stroke 6 terrible you got to be kidding me is it is? It well possible hahahaha except two people have already done. It’s the hardest thing that’s ever been done Right now gotta right here now. You’re pathetic. I got it right here. Oh Joe your wife shot. We got it right here give um oh perfect, oh I assume now that if it’s closed on my screen. Hey. Yo gel will he make it will he agree on it, right miss Heaven what a hot shot simply atrocious persistent though He didn’t quit. He didn’t give up. I didn’t give up my turn in Ryan’s turn fuck bitter end I killed one of the injury oh Yeah, all right now. Whole other thing you fucking that report that for thought I was like wondering guys only for it or not for me. Yeah Oh, wait. What’s that don’t say yeah, all right. I’m gonna try it And I did great you did great like oh, hey, sir Stop whose Ball will be busted. Gee oh Man, I’m even okay sauce let’s manage your thing fat. Oh, so it Oh, it’s either me or you it can be you who we want to get that I? Got achievement. Oh Whatever never anything else no, it’s already no ball buster Is is like the generic name, but it’s different like this is fast meter Oh you have got to I think ball busters just in general, but the effects are random. Yeah Of course they really had to be about the name no difference. Oh yeah, hey kit. Oh He just got fucking robbed. Oh, I got ball ball Rob Why Rob? Kardashian you hit it in the middle when it didn’t go up the rail then you hit the ramp and it didn’t go in the hole I’m sorry Jack. That’s not right. That’s all right. Oh You bitch temple take anything you can get yeah? All right I think I still got that will do we go why am I pointing that direction already minutes into this piece of shit game I? Mean this game is great Actually kind of enjoy it there you go. Hey Bogey for all completed ten thousands any for a bogey jack nice way to rafail your way to the top Jack you got this turn tapped it there you go Ball went in before I even touch the ice Yikes tight not as bad as Jeff well leo no let’s see the final score Yay That’s second place in zombies right good so Ryan got second I got third Jeff last Michael with the way the real scoreboard No, I don’t think it was this is there we go. This is the maintenance of our big no Michael now We go right close except for Michael whoo Good job Michael. Hey. Let’s jack you got no more gators luck. I got I got yeah. Yeah. Yeah, you’ve got no money Well, you did a trial that’s probably why yeah, let’s do one of these things if the audience liked this for some reason Play Together We Will Little guy five more courses. Yeah, I liked it. You give five more or less plays out of this hey Jeff now You know what you should do you should practice before the next practice you talking about practice. Yeah, you should practice. I’m will practice I’m gonna buy a helmet all right well. How’s that? What about as well as predicted You did great. I did dude I didn’t know much better than in the practice you beat the crap out of me in the practice I did well I got stuck on that last hole the game was fucking weak I came through that hole he wasn’t fucking me hard dude it was not pretty uh Cooking on that could have gone better pick up that yeah, but uh hey You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take Wayne Gretzky Michael Scott geoff Ramsey

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Let’s Play – Dead Rising 4 Mini Golf: Course 1”

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