Wait, they’re not aligned. – Move it a little.
– Alright, alright. – Sir Leo!
– Good morning! – A little to the left.
– Mister Silver! – Higher.
– Sir Leo! – Good morning!
– To the left. – Miss Lulu, good morning.
– Hi, Sir! – How pretty!
– Lower it a bit. Just a little. There! Perfect! Good job! – Boo!
– Eek! Too busy to notice me? Sorry, I’m all over the place. I can see that. Everyone looks happy. You even got JC to
give you a hand. No, it’s just our tradition
here. We all work together to decorate the streets
during Christmas season. to decorate the streets
during Christmas season. to decorate the streets
during Christmas season. Grace knows my duty
starts at night. She asked me to do this
since she’s short. – I’m kidding.
– You meanie! Hey, Marco! Quit playing basketball
and give us a hand. Sure, Mommy. I’ll hang the
Christmas lights on the ring. Goodness, this naughty boy! – Miss Lulu.
– Yes? Just let him be. Kids love
playing basketball nowadays. – JC, play with us!
– Yeah! Come on! I can’t. I’m still busy. Wait. You don’t play basketball? I do, but… We still have a lot
to finish here. JC’s really good at
playing basketball. He’s my idol. – Really?
– Yeah. How good is he? He’s the best!
Right, JC? – Right, everyone?
– Yeah! Give me the ball. We’ll see about that. Nice game! You guys were fun to watch! Your scores were almost tied! Watch out! My son! Thank god you’re here, JC! You saved my son! That’s JC for you.
You can always count on him! – You were quick!
– It’s nothing. If it weren’t for you,
my son would’ve gotten hurt. Nice one, best friend! – Hurray for JC!
– Hurray! – JC!
– JC! I’ll help you with that, Mommy. Does this go here? Do you need anything, dear? …there’s something
I want to tell you. What is it? Leo and I are together now. Oh my! That explains the smile
on your face! Since when? Since the other day. Did you give him a challenge? Of course! He worked hard to show
he deserves a chance. So, are you happy? Well, that’s all that matters. You grew up hearing my stories about my experiences
when it comes to romance. You received free
love lessons from me. So I don’t ever want to see you
crying because of a guy. Mommy… Leo loves me. I know his feelings are genuine. I feel the same for him. So don’t worry about us, okay?

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