Hello K-Bricks here with part two of my giant
Lego city tour. Today we’ll be focusing on this Lego football
field, Lego tennis stadium, and this whole small town. Let’s start with the tennis stadium. The main part of this tennis stadium is this
little building. I’m yet to put furniture in the building,
but in the future, I hope to put a buffet, some tables, and a place for the players to
sit. There’s twelve permanent blue seats. And, in front of them, a little barricade
with flowers on top, to prevent the fans from stepping on to the court. The court has a sweeping view of this beautiful
lake, with an eagle flying above. Next to the court is a little restaurant. There’s seating on the ground and seating
with a view of the tennis stadium. The chef prepares the meals and the waitress
and waiter deliver them to the tables. This customer is waiting for her food. Next to the restaurant is a small grey building,
which serves as a train station, and it also contains an apartment. The apartment has a bed, some plant decorations,
a microwave, and food stacked above the microwave. Across from the grey building is a small house
with a red roof. The house has room for a bed, a kitchen, and
a table. The house’s car-park is lined with red flowers. The last home on our tour is this small red
house, positioned of a Vestas wind turbine. I changed the roof pieces to white and I also
added white plates on the top of the hill. Just to make it look like it had snowed. I even threw in a white tree. Inside the house is a kitchen and a bed. Behind the house is a picnic table. By pulling the yellow tab, the Vestas wind
turbine powers on. The turbine powers porch lights down at the
red house. Next on our list, is the Lego football stadium. I won’t be doing a complete tour, that’s
for another video, but I’ll be showing you guys the basics. In-case anything goes bad, there’s a paramedic
on the grounds. The fans watch intently while these two teams
battle-it-out on the pitch. Who do you think’s going to win? Right across the pitch, is all Lego fans favorite
place. The Lego factory. The factory is fully functional. The bricks are produced in these grey machines,
dumped in to these blue bins, spun around, and picked up by the factory-workers, placed
in to these machines, that bag them, and then, all is placed in to this yellow machine. When you pull back the piece of this yellow
machine and push forwards, a Lego set shoots out. This mechanism can work over and over again,
as long as you keep refilling the top with Lego bricks. Moving on from the Lego factory, we find ourselves
at an Octan station. The Lego citizens refuel their cars with these
machines and buy snacks from the general store. This attendant is making sure the station
is ultra-clean, for when a customer arrives. Thanks for watching! I hope you’ve enjoyed this video and would
like to subscribe for more! Let me know your thoughts and suggestions
about this city in the comment section below. Thanks for watching and goodbye!

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Dennis Veasley

16 thoughts on “Lego City Tour Part Two!”

  1. Man this city looks awesome! Man, this brings me back….I haven't worked on my Lego city in 8 years, its completely abandoned. Maybe one day…..I'll fix it up

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