I’m Lee, and this is my true story. When I was growing up, there was a time that we went through of particular financial hardship, and I’m the second oldest and so I was a little more aware of this than my siblings, and I felt a particular sense of responsibility to kind of help with that or at least not make the problem worse. There was a time when I needed a new pair of shoes, and I had put it off — I had put off asking my parents for this pair of shoes because I was afraid that it would burden them unduly with the financial stuff that was going on, and I didn’t want to stress them out to have to pay for another thing, so I really waited until it was dire, and, you know, it wasn’t the end of the world, but kids at school were starting to notice and starting to tease me for it and things like that, but it was also starting to they were starting to hurt my feet. There were holes in my shoes and pieces falling off and stuff to hurt my feet there were holes in my like that, so I finally told my parents about it when I felt like it could no longer wait, and I told them that I needed new shoes and showed them the condition of my shoes and they agreed that I needed new shoes and promised to get them for me as soon as they possibly could, but they weren’t able to do it immediately, which is I guess what I was kind of hoping for or expecting or whatever because I felt like it was a need and I had already put it off. When my parents said that they couldn’t get shoes for me right away, that was disappointing for me and I got emotional because I felt like I really needed them, and my parents’ response to that was amazing. Rather than take personal offense or feel inadequate or anything like that, they decided to pray, so they they suggested we pray, and we did; we huddled up in our living room and prayed for provision that God would provide me shoes because it wasn’t that everyone else would agree that I needed shoes right away. I’m sure I could have survived, it wouldn’t have been the end of the world, but it felt like an emergency to me in my young mind. It felt like something that I needed right away, and even though in retrospect, I wasn’t really correct — it wasn’t really an emergency, I could have waited. It was discomfort and and a little bit of shame that was making me feel that way, but nevertheless, it broke my parents’ heart and I think it broke my Father’s heart in Heaven, and so we prayed for shoes and that was kind of the end of it, and I went to bed that night still needing shoes and I went to school the next morning still needing shoes. I went through another day of painful feet and and embarrassment with these tattered shoes on my feet and then I got home and I walked in the door and my parents said, “We have a surprise for you.” They told me that during the school day, a family friend had stopped by, which is not uncommon. My parents have this weird revolving door culture in their house where people stop by unannounced and they just love that and have this amazing community, but a family friend had stopped by — it’s the only time this has ever happened in my entire childhood or in my life since — that a person stopped by and asked, “Do you need a pair of shoes?” And this family friend was holding a shoe box. They didn’t know that anyone needed shoes. My parents hadn’t told anyone, I hadn’t told anyone, we had just prayed for it the night before and we hadn’t told anyone except for God, but this family friend showed up with a shoe box and said, “I don’t know what size you– I don’t know if you have anyone who needs this size or anything like that but we were just curious if you needed a pair of shoes.” And they were just my size. Not only that, but they were the best shoes I had owned for my entire life up to that point. Those shoes lasted me over a year, they were the most comfortable shoes that I had worn, they were brand name shoes, shoes that my family never could have afforded in that stage of life, and it was such a blessing that even though it wasn’t life or death, it wasn’t a situation where I just needed these shoes, but I felt like I needed them, and it was something important to me, to my young heart, and my Father saw that need, and He loves to give his children good gifts, and he did that day. That miracle is what laid the groundwork for this ministry and for these interviews. Several years later, I was sitting in church with a bunch of other church choir members and we were backstage just talking, and I learned that several other people in the room — there were only ten people in the room, but three or four of us had these amazing miracle stories! I felt God leading me to start this project and connect with other people who have amazing stories of real miracles because what I’ve learned is that these stories are everywhere, and for some reason we’re not talking about them enough and we’re not sharing them enough, but we serve and love a Living God who does amazing things in the real world, today, in our hometowns, in our lives and our families, and we need to share that, so that’s what I’m doing here. That’s part of why I want to do this project. I want every single person out there to know that God loves you, that He cares for you personally, and even if you don’t have your miracle yet, he’s calling you, he’s inviting you to a relationship with Him. When I was a kid and I would read about God’s miracles, I saw his power, and I think that’s an important part of his miracles, but it’s not the whole picture. When God performed a miracle in my life though, I learned about another aspect of his miracles: his love. God knows and loves every single one of us personally and intimately, and he’s willing to move Heaven and Earth to show us. Would you help share that love of God with the world? If you have a story of a miracle, would you email it to us? Just send it to [email protected] We’d love to read it and hopefully share it with the world. Even if you don’t have a story of your own miracle yet, you can help us by just liking, sharing, subscribing, and watching these videos. Thank you so much. There’s more to come. God bless.

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