all right welcome back you know the US Open women’s final is tomorrow and listen up veteran queen of the court 36 year old new mom Serena Williams will face 20 year-old Naomi Osaka the first Japanese woman to make it to the US Open finals it’s Williams 31st Grand Slam final she’s also trying for her 21st Grand Slam title she is unbelievably talented so tennis is a sport of course that many people say you can play for your entire life and it’s never too late to learn how to play in honor of the US Open tennis Stephanie Ghazala stopped by lifetime Galleria tennis to learn the very first steps of playing the game the 2018 US Open is happening right now it’s the 138th edition of the tournament and the fourth and final Grand Slam event of the year tennis can be really fun to watch but did you know about all of its health benefits for example it can lower resting heart and blood pressure let’s learn more tennis is kind of it’s a great physical activity to burn some extra calories if you’re not wanting to get into the gym or if you’re not wanting to get into pump to that treadmill so how many calories can be burned when you go out in there and play about an hour of singles you’re gonna be burning anywhere from 550 to 870 and anyone can play all ages can play anywhere from two years old all the way up past nineteen so 9 years olds youngest is 3 we do have 9 tennis courts here so as you can see we got 4 here on this side we got 5 on the other side we are that hidden gem so how does scoring work in tennis scoring is a little bit tricky but if you always remember it’s always the first person to four points wins one first person to win six games wins one set and then you play two out of three sets love is zero wait wouldn’t mean so if you say love love all love zero zero zero zero love 15 a zero so what is your love is not good and correct so you would think that love is good like hey I got a love today I’m ready to learn reading something hopefully I don’t get love now that we know how scoring works let’s learn the basics so we’re gonna start nice and close like this back up just a little bit more but we’re just gonna go nice and easy and then we’re gonna kind of progress our way back good yep just let it bounce control that racket that’s it up next the move that made me look like a real champ all right you ready for a backhand I’m ready for this there it is good put that out yeah that’s in now let’s learn how to serve honest serve anytime you’re serving you’re always gonna serve in to the opposite box okay so to start you’re always gonna start on the right side of this hash mark right here okay so your target is the opposite box on the other side and you can’t forget to shout out the score when you’re serving 15 Oh 13:15 one tip that’ll help is is knowing when you know the boundary that you’re playing in is make sure that you that’s where majority of the balls are gonna be landing okay so you always want to recover or find a recovery spot to kind of get back to give yourself a little bit more time to see where the ball is gonna land and that way you can judge it a little bit more easily after this I’m sure all of us will be watching the US Open tennis very differently now we’re gonna know what’s really going on now we can all play tennis right keep in mind about the 2018 US Open and this Sunday September 9th all right well if you want to learn the basics of tennis or to get your Serena Williams on just visit lifetime dot life we can all play as well as Serena rights Oh in our dream in our head in our dream

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