Today we gonna try making u faster to change direction

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “LEARN TO RUN FASTER WITH THE FOOTBALL | how to improve your speed”

  1. My tip for running faster is put weight on your ankles while you are on the training and after 1 week of training you feel a difference

  2. As the fastest in my team my tip is to always lean forward while running and pushing yourself harder each step. Simple but works.
    PS. don't skip leg day XD

  3. If you want to improve speed with the ball, you must go back to basics. You should be passing the ball back and forth to each of your feet — WITH EVERY STRIDE. You should not be dribbling by pushing the ball ahead of you, but instead, by passing the ball back and forth between each foot. I cannot stress this enough. To accomplish this, you must begin your session by always walking the field with the ball and — at a walking pace — pass the ball from one foot to the other. You ought to be experimenting with using each part of your foot to pass to your other. Once you are comfortable, you must dedicate time to progressive loading your pace, replicating the same touch drill with each stride. As you commit to spending more time moving with the ball in this way, you will progress from jogging with the ball and soon be running at full speed with the ball right at your feet.

    The advantages of dribbling this way are control and efficiency. You are never chasing your ball when you have absolute control and therefore reserve energy for changing gears against defenders. The consistent repetition of moving the ball with every stride allows your eyes the freedom to focus on opportunities to advance the ball. Finally, having the ball tucked so close to your feet makes it very challenging for opponents to dispossess you of the ball, unless they commit a foul.

    If you want to improve your speed with the ball, this fundamental must be mastered. Individual training cannot be overlooked for any footballer, regardless of level. Mastering this dribbling technique requires hours of commitment in individual training before implementing it into your game.

  4. Dumb advice…breaking with inner foot….helps nothing

    Good advice to keep body straight while performing these types of exercises….but while dribbling keeping straight doesn t help you…if you want to be succesfull in dribblong you have to put one shoulder down to make a good dribble

    Breaking with both feet….is the key…
    If it is wet….breaking on one foot…especially inner…makes you slip…

    Work on abs…work on step frequency…and while changing direction to lower your center of gravity….be sure to land on whole feet l…not the side…

    If you don t believe me….do what this guy said on wet concrete field…than try what i said…you ll see the difference

  5. Don't move your hands like a duck all the way back or or all the way in the front. Keep your shoulders a little bit back and your elbow locked to a 90 degree angle.

  6. The automatic captions can't figure out what you guys say in the video. Can you add manual caption, please?

  7. Gotta lift and throw your center of gravity in the direction desired. Gotta keep the core of the body straight and practice coordinating your breathing with your steps. Thatll help you run for longer. Also while runing gotta avoid hoping from foot to foot. The transition from one leg to the other being as smooth as posible improves energy consumption and momentum.

  8. your videos are very good, there are almost no videos like this in Portuguese, well you could put subtitles in en ahshash

  9. im not the person who you see in my 15 years old from kerala,INDIA and im very faster and becoming a footballer now im a local footballer didnt become national because they cheated and my daily drills are here there you go+ 1)POLYMETRICS 2)EXPLOSIVE MOVEMENT 3)BROADJUMPS 4)WALL DRIVES %)BOX JUMPS 6)SQUAT JUMPS 7)RESISTENCE TRAINING 8)LEG STRENGTH AND THANKS FOR UNISPORT FOR THE NEW DRILLS I WOULD LIKE TO SEE IF IT WORKS OUT ON ME FOR INCREASING MY SPEED AND ACCURACY AND ILL COMMENT IN YOUR NEXT VIDEO IF IT DOES.

  10. I am those like, that takes distant dribbling shots and at every cone I will be good at stopping and steering the boll towards the desired side or without stopping the boll will be able to do that, the day I will do this I will consider me a player
    Thanks tall coach for having me envision my next chapter of the session book

  11. That advise has benefit for keeping the center of gravity under self control as desired, for now use that trick like you about to do body feint every time near a pole, and for being over pro like me, practise or just switch your center of gravity towards the crossing foot as smoothly as possible

  12. When you speed up once done your moving from side to side when you start to speed up try to get as low as you can to the ground and gradually raise up to Gert the most speed that you can while trying to keep the ball in control! Try it out!!

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