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Dennis Veasley

34 thoughts on “Learn to Juggle 5 Balls in 1 Month || Max’s Monthly Challenge”

  1. I was watching a Try Guys video where they were learning ballet and was scrolling through the comments like I usually do cuz I just like readin comments for some reason and just so happened to stumble upon a comment of yours, and you said something about learning new skills within a month, and I clicked on your channel, and I'm so glad I did, your videos are amazing and I can't wait to see your channel grow and for you to do more amazing things 🤗❤

  2. Hey I just received your email and happy to see that ur sending it for showing your love to your subscibers and that awesome….
    I hope I'll the winner of giveaway…😂😂….. Just kidding….have a nice day…keep uploading…..!!!

  3. Byron is great! Met him at the last couple of juggling festivals. Well done on qualifying in a month! You're flying!! 🙂

  4. yesterday I decided I wanted to learn how to juggle 5 balls so I went to JuggleArt to get some good quality juggling balls too, then this video comes up in my feed and guess where he goes? Exactly the same place haha

  5. Cool vid.i got 30 5 ball flashes today counted on paper in less than 2 hours and got my first 2 7 catches with 5 balls! Only 3rd day of trainning!what helped big was getting right balls.before I wasn't using completely round balls so I switched to tennis balls.inspiring video.i hope I'll be able to juggle 5 easily these next weeks

  6. Yes!!! Hahaha!!! Finally juggled 5 balls today! After about 19 days of trainning some days and sumtime taking days off I got it! Been watching this video throughout trying to reach my goal of juggling 5.

  7. Nice. Motivates to me to do 5. I can do 4 synchronously and async so think I am ready to start training. I wonder how many times you threw during that month?

  8. It's best to learn 3 and 4-ball patterns with similar timings in order to learn the five ball cascade. Learn all the prerequisites listed here and you'll be there in no time: http://libraryofjuggling.com/Tricks/5balltricks/FiveBallCascade.html

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