Here’s a terrific tip how to enjoy and win more doubles. Hi, my name is Magnus Johansson from
Swedish tennis school. Playing doubles is great fun and in most recreational
doubles there’s one player at the net and one
player place at the baseline. This makes it easier for your opponents to
play their shots to the player who stays back. To place pressure to your opponents you should both play at the net, and this
gives your opponent’s three options they can try a passing shot they can play the ball to you or they
can play a lob, and they will be forced to continually make decisions and
probably make more mistakes. When you’re both at net you should follow the ball like this. I’m
standing here and my partner is on my left side if we play the ball to my side we both move in that direction to cover
the down the line passing shot. If we play the ball to the other side we moved
to the other side. To cover the lobs we move like this, if we play the ball to my
side I take a few steps back to cover the lob
and it will play the ball opposite to my partner he takes a few steps back and i
moved close to the net to play aggressive volleys. Try these tactics for
your next double to improve your game and impress the audience. We make lots of tips like this and if you don’t want to miss them you should like us on facebook and
subscribe to our YouTube channel. If you have any questions about your tennis you can email us to [email protected] and maybe we can answer you with a video. Good luck with your tennis! yeah

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