Here is a very good tip how to play with
different kinds of follow-throughs to vary your top spin and height of your
ground strokes Hello! My name is Magnus Johansson and
you’ll find me at I got a question from Richard and he has
seen pro-players very their follow-through in their ground strokes when playing their shots. He asked me
what’s best for him and the answer Richard is that you should also vary your
follow-throughs in your ground strokes, because different follow-throughs gives
different shots. Here you will learn how to vary your shots to find solutions on most
problems on the court. If you play a ground stroke rally and
you want to play a low ball over the net then your follow-through should be low. If you want to play a high ball over the net or you want to play with a lot
of top-spin then you follow through should be high. If you want to play a
normal shot then you follow through should end up in shoulder height. Take a look at your favorite players
on the tour and watch how they vary their follow-throughs depending on what
shots they want to play. Good luck with your follow-throughs.

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