Here’s a very good tip how to cover the
court in the best way. when you’re playing from the baseline. Hello! my name is Magnus Johansson and you can find me at Here’s a good
tip how to move in a rally to cover the court in the best way. You
will also learn where to position yourself in the court to
cover all variations of shots your opponent
can play. Now you will learn the center on the
court theory When you play from the baseline it’s not very often that the best place
to position yourself its in the centre the court. But, if you
play a shot to the centre the court you should place yourself in the
center to cover the angles in the best way. If you pay for a cross-court you should
stay on the forehand side to be in a perfect
position for the next shot, but if you pay for and down the line you have to move to the other side to
cover the angles for the next shot use the same rules for your back and if
you play a cross-court you can stay on the same side but if you
play down the line you have to move to the other side. So, if you move like this compared to your
opponent in a baseline rally, you will be well
prepared for your next shot and we make two tips like this every
week. If you don’t like to miss them you should like us at Facebook and subscribe to our YouTube channel and
maybe you had a question to us and then you can email us at [email protected] Maybe we can make a video about your question. My next tip will be about how to vary your follow-through for your forehand to get different results.

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