I’m here with Mr. Dee Bradley Baker. I’m
very excited because you get to voice some less conventional superheroes in
that they are not humans. You were talking today in the booth, you
were trying to teach people cricket sounds is that right? Yeah! Will you
teach me how to make a cricket sound? Yeah sure. I, I don’t know how I’ll be at
this but I’m gonna try. It’s a stunt. It’s a it’s a party trick that you can that you
can learn. Okay let’s try it. So it’s just two parts. One part is just the
whistling. [whistling] Good you can whistle. The second part is a little more involved
but it’s not actually. Iit’s very simple. It’s the back of the tongue
against the soft palate. Back there where that thing that thing flapping around
called the uvula. Kids, well, it can be your friend and you just relax that
like you’re gargling [gargling] Like that. But it’s not it’s not the front of the tongue. you’re not doing a [purring] you’re doing [gargling] like that so then you’re whistling and you
engage that [whistling, becoming cricket sounds] Almost, it’s in there! [cricket sounds] You know and then just you work on those two
things and you kind of combine them and then when we friends or at a party and
someone tells a joke that falls flat or does something that doesn’t work out you
dial in the crickets and then everybody laughs and you get all the laughter and everybody thinks you’re so clever and so talented Be sure to watch Marvel Rising Secret Warriors
premiering on both the Disney Channel and Disney XD Sunday September 30th at
10 p.m.

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  1. Great Video!!

    I just made an infinity war edit, I am only 15 years old and it's my first edit, if you guys could check it out it would mean so much to me

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