What is up guys PWG here, and today I’m going to show you guys three simple beginner tricks that I did when I started out freestyle Number three – This trick is called the butterfly lift. So float like a butterfly, sting like a PWG! For this trick, there are three steps. Step over, slap, turn. Like this. And one key point is that you have to turn towards the ball to be able to catch it. Number two – The Hamstring Catch. A really easy trick that you can combine in so many different ways! This trick is simply catching the ball between your butt and your heel, the easiest way to train this is by throwing the ball from your hand and catching it. But you have to note that your heel should always point upwards. Like this. Not like this. Number one – Touzani Toebounces. A really stylish way of juggling made famous by Soufiane Touzani. This trick is just like a regular toe bounce but it’s done without stepping over the ball. Remember to keep your heel on the ground, and your toe going up as the ball hits. And this is a really cool way to juggle while using both your feet. So that was it for this video, I hope you guys are able to land one of these tricks. If you do, let me know in the comments down below. Also remember to subscribe by clicking the green bubble somewhere here on the screen, and spread the love by sharing this video with your homies! See you guys next time! Translated this video? Leave your name here for credit 🙂

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Dennis Veasley

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  2. Thanx for help in below comment. And I want to learn how to confuse goalkeeper. If you help I would be thank full to you

  3. Thanks pwg, bcoz of these basic skills I am learning other videos of your freestyle at unisport very easily

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