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Dennis Veasley


  1. Unisports, thanks for the big help I have been playing soccer and have gotten better because of these videos and your tricks you have taught me. Keep up the good work! Ps. I have been helping others to get better at soccer from the things I have learned from you guys! Thank you!

  2. Sir I am samiran adak I play in midfielder position and I am much much big fan of you and I need to learning a better classical dribbling as easy as possible . If you kindly teach me i highly thankful of you guys

  3. Where is j mike
    U only look good doing freestyle ing
    (But I really love your freestyle ing)
    P.s u are the best

  4. I am a defender and I just did a Sole 180° turn against another defender. I was fast and in order to turn that fast and catch up to me he slipped. That was the first time I showed any skills

  5. BTW the first one is called Coaching and I already knew that and I used that playing with my friends, but vool video, I learned the other two pretty fast, so thank you. Keep up the great work💪💪

  6. Hey I can’t play football but I watch a lot of football. Do I need to buy a lot supplies to help me getting better at football? Or am I gonna be find without it.

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