I’m Darin Oduyoye from J.P. Morgan and welcome
to the Next List. We’re here at the United Center in the great
city of Chicago for the Laver Cup which is featured on J.P.
Morgan’s Next List 2019. The Laver Cup is named in honor of Australian
tennis great Rod Laver, the only man to achieve two calendar year Grand Slams. I’m enthralled of the ability that everybody’s
got. Nadal and Roger and Rafa, all these people
they love the game of tennis. A couple of the things that I think are different
from the Laver Cup to any of the other competitions is that you don’t play a third set, you
play a 10 point tie breaker. The crowds seem to love it .
They think where’s the third set? There is no third set. But the 10 point tie breaker is exciting because
it’s much more important. There’s been a lot of tennis, way before
the open tennis era. For me, I’m honored that I’m able to be
a part of it still. I still remember a lot of the matches I played
back in those years, whether it be Wimbledon or the French or the
US Open. We had the small racquet though, small headed
racquet and wood. I’m thrilled that I can see the matches
of today, just in awe of all the players that are here. It was just a thrill to have my name associated
with this cup.

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