Centuries ago Master archers were able [to] perform incredible feats of archery these skills have long since been forgotten But the danish archer lars Andersen is trying to reinvent. What has been lost He uses forgotten and historical methods and holds all his arrows in the same hand [and] shoot role Once this technique was widespread and [the] syrian artwork shows that the method was at least [5,000] years old Arab archery the Most extensive historical book ever made about Archery [States] This is the best type of shooting And there’s nothing beyond it in power or accuracy using this technique lars has set several speed shooting records and shoots more than twice as fast as his closest competitors and being able to Shoot fast is just one of the benefits [of] the method But the big question is why has it been forgotten today about? [10] years ago lars started using a bow the arrows he carried in a quiver on his back Surprisingly the quiver turned out to be useless when it came to moving fast the back quiver is a hollywood myth and was not common In the past, but it is still spread all over the world why because Modern archers Do not move they stand still firing at a target board something that was unknown in the past These archers also started placing the arrow on the left side of the bow just as archers do in movies This is probably due to the fact that aiming at a stationary 2-Dimensional Target makes you Aim with one eye Instead of [to] this one eyed aiming also led to bows with front sights and other technical gadgets, but that’s another story However placing the arrow left around the bow is [not] good while you’re in motion by placing the arrow on the left side your hand Is on the wrong side of the string so you need several movements before you can actually shoot? from studying old pictures [of] archers lars Discovered that some historical archers held their arrows on the right side of the boat this means that the arrow can be drawn and fired In one single motion which is both faster and better, and this was not the only problem with archery today Lars realized that what we thought was historical archery only works well for Modern Target [action] and Hollywood films if you wanted to learn to shoot [like] the master archers of old he would have to unlearn what he had learned and Start reading historical manuscripts instead he would have to find his way back [to] a time when archery was simpler and more natural Exactly like throwing the ball in Essence making archery as simple as possible it is harder to learn how to shoot this way But it gives more options and ultimately it’s also more fun a war archer must have total control [over] his bow in all situations [and] must be able to handle his bow and arrows in a controlled [way] under the most varied of circumstances the Old Manuscripts [told] lars That master archers can shoot the bow with both hands And still hit the Target So he began practicing he is also described that an archer in motion must be able to hit a blade So that the arrow splits into parts like this Archers could also pick up enemy arrows and shoot them back Or grab arrows while on the move and fire them rapidly There are even myths of archers who could grab an enemy’s arrow, and shoot it back Lars took it a step further and is now able to catch an arrow while jumping and fire it before he hits the ground Perhaps most importantly Modern slow archery has led people to believe that war archers only shot at long distances However lars found that they could shoot at any distance even up close This does require the ability [to] fire fast though in the beginning archers probably drew arrows from quivers or belts But since then they started holding the arrows in the bow hand and later in the draw hand Taking it to this third level that of holding arrows in the draw hand requires Immense practice and skill and only professional Archers Hunters and so on would have had the time for it when [gun] started replacing bows this technique was forgotten and The only reason lars is able to do it is because he spent years practicing intensely The hard part is not learning how to hold the arrows but learning how to handle the croco and drawn fire in one single motion No matter what method is used it works in all positions and while in motion whether rolling running or on horseback It also works with Sharp arrows and powerful bows and while there is no doubt that those war archers of the past We’re stronger and more fit than [Larsa’s] his arrows still penetrate chainmail armor And the heavy gambas on were underneath it It is difficult to compare actual striking power though modern archers use only one hand [but] in the past some archers allegedly used both hands To give the arrow more power Old manuscripts tell us that it was common to hold three arrows in the [drawer] handed once while keeping more in a belt quiver We know that some archers held more and in a way the bow was the ultimate weapon Who can escape 10 arrows firing quickly after another? From old texts we know that saracen archers were expecting to be able to fire three arrows in 1.5 seconds and very skilled archers were even faster Loras has managed to shoot three arrows in 0.6 seconds But while speed is important Hitting the Target is essential To test accuracy and speed at the same time large set up an experiment where [he] shot incoming arrows with arrows of his own But he took it one step further in the 1938 movie the adventures of Robin hood Robin hood splits an arrow down the middle Some consider this the ultimate archery trick. They’re wrong [no] The ultimate archery trick is splitting an incoming arrow in two with one of your own. We do not recommend you trying this at home Thank you for watching

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Lars Andersen: A new level of archery”

  1. Like many posting here I'm a recreational archer. What Lars has accomplished with archery is absolutely astonishing to anyone like me who has every drawn a bow !

  2. why archery dont usually goes for close fight but usually stand in formation and shoot from a distance?
    Because the cost to train an efficiently archery is high, and people dont want to risk.
    a good archery in warfare is those kind know how to shoot follow the command, and arrow in warfare usually drop down like a heavy rain, not straight shot.

  3. outstanding ! Write email to Sylvester Stallone. You will be in his Team in Expendables part 4 ! Absolutly great…………..

  4. i love how he is an archery master and he wears jeans all the time and the way he does that like "please hug me" move at the end of every trick!

  5. This Lars dude is drawing a bow with a ~20lb draw weight and thus very low power (modern compound bows have ~75 Lb draw weight) , lethality and accuracy at longer ranges. What Lars is doing is akin to measuring basketball shooting performance during a game by: Taking the basketball trick shots by Dude Perfect and comparing that with the technique, skills, and athletic performance of a top NBA shooter like Step Curry . Bow and arrows are weapons and lethality (hunting game, war battles, tribal conflict, elimination of competition/enemies) is its primary performance measurement. Lars techniques are trick show performance for entertainment. An average archer say a deer hunter with a modern compound equipped with broadhead carbon arrows would take Lars 90% of time head to head.

  6. Got this idea for youtube segment. Lars you stand 30 meters away and catch my arrows! Ok ready? Drawing back a 400 fps compound bow, the arrow is there in 0.2 of second. He isnt even going to move let alone see arrow trajectory and move hand to catch it. This scenario doesnt end well for Lars

  7. Imagine someone doing a drive by and Lars jumping sideways shooting all the bullets out of the air

    with bow and arrows

  8. Historian's say that tapestries show you the weapons like the bow and arrow in view so people would understand the weapon, I have fired arrows from both left and right side of the bow and yes it is possible to do so with a self bow with the arrow off the hand as lars should explain and not now with a modern bow

  9. The uncomfortable ball throw made me lose a little confidence… maybe edit that out. Haha
    But… this isn’t a throwing video.. it’s an archery video. And this guy can definitely shoot! Dunno if shooting a bear in the face while holding the bow with your foot is a lost technique, but serious skills. Well done. Maybe work on some throwing skills though. Won’t impress many chicks with that fastball…

  10. The Indian epic of 'Mahabharata' which portrays a great war is full of descriptions about warriors and their prowess.While one can stop the flow of a river with his bows, the other can shoot hundreds in a blink of an eye!
    The ambidextrous Arjuna, Maharathi Bheeshma, Karna, Drona are some of the characters who have almost an invincible skills of archery! What happens when they clash in this great ancient war is the subject matter of the epic!

  11. Why doesn't Lars himself does the explanation? Maybe he doesn't speak English? Also, his face is not exactly handsome, maybe wear a mask will give the video a more positive vibe lol

  12. Yeah and all past archiery never once held there arrows in the bow hand why'll carrying there bow too thats a dead ass lie man if you dont believe me go to an Indiana Museum and you'll see that all hunters that used bows and arrows never once carried there arrows in the bow hand not even when the wanted to become master archiery hunters that they always carried there arrows in there quiver around there knack and shoulder or on a rope around there waist.they only wanted to become the best or better hunting archier never the greatest since doing that all the time with very little break time and eating time amd probably sleeping time too

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