What’s up guys! We are Pongfinity We are back on our table tennis raft to do lake trick shots part 2 Let’s go! So we used these to get here Now let’s see if we can play with them Ready? Yeah The middle is the best part Oh, i forgot that I had the backhand side Paddle Master! so cold! I can’t even see the table from here Come on Emil! Close I don’t recommend you to try this… My whole ear is full of water That’s okay! That was a good point, One more… ONE MORE? This guy He’s been in there for half an hour, and he just wants more! Okay! If you haven’t subscribed to our channel yet please do it right now! for more of this kind of content Five in a row well, no more I didn’t even see that it touched the table Okay, that was sick! Just hit it! It was the best so far… I think your racket was a bit wet That looked so good That looked so promising Did it go on? Yes it went! Good job Miikka! I think it’s time to go fishing Thank you! You’re welcome That was hard all right it’s time for the backflip table tennis shot Yeah i think i need to jump and hit it at the same time I’m ready, I’m ready! Aah i’m not ready! Yeah just watch out for the edge… Jackpot! That was a good Jackpot One of the best ones so far Come on Michael!! You got it!! So close! It was like ten centimeters Come on Michael! I’ve got so much water in my ears… I can’t even hear anything You forgot the backflip… It’s not gonna work I’m not gonna get it… Do one more try, last try One more try Okay come on! Okay that’s enough If you hit subscribe I’ll practice my water backflip and one day we’ll get this shot on Picking up some balls Otto is fishing side change? Side change?! Yeah let’s actually go for the side change I’m not that fast Again again! So the sun has set, it’s 10:30 p.m. and we’re ready to take a sauna Okay let’s pick the balls and go home So if this video hit’s thirty thousand likes We’ll be back next year with an even bigger even better… Table tennis raft Until next time! If we hit one million subscribers by the end of 2019 I promise I’ll get this shot on Until next time!

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Lake Trick Shots I Pongfinity”

  1. What's next? Playing in an airplane?😂 playing mid air while falling down?😂 That would be a cool idea for a million subscribers😅😂

  2. hello I want advice, I currently play with a racket thibar volcano + and I would like to have a professional racket so far, can you help me. thank you!

  3. Some people are walking around the lake…
    "What are you guys doing…?"
    Pongfinity: "Ohh, we're just playing table tennis on the lake…

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