– Lagging or dragging the racquet head. Because of the nature of this implement you can get some value
by flexing your wrist and many times when people play they get ball speed but lack of control and so, there’s an element
about whether or not the wrist can be what’s
called a passive hinge, a passive hinge, such that as the arm is going forward, if the wrist is passive, it will actually collapse backwards. The wrist will collapse backwards and as you see somebody who
does lag and drag the wrist, the picture is always you see the butt cap and if they’re really good at it the butt cap even points beyond the ball but as you’re developing your game there’s elements when you want to block the ball firmly and there’s elements when you want more racquet speed by allowing the head
of the racquet to delay and the classic example is when children are on an ice rink or in an open field play crack the whip where the largest child is first and they’re smaller
and smaller and smaller and the big child pulls first, that must be the hips and the next child pulls which could be the upper
chest or the shoulders until the arm is next, the hand is next and
the racquet head is last and when lagging or
dragging the racquet head, you get terrific racquet head speed and if you’ve ever seen this down on ice or in an open field, that last child, the littlest one, just like the head of the racquet is flung rapidly from the whip-like effect
of lagging or dragging the passive hinge.

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Dennis Veasley

3 thoughts on “Lagging or Dragging the Racquet Head – the “Passive Wrist””

  1. hi JIm, as usual , you always have a jewel or two of a tip on your videos. great stuff. but, aslo, maybe you want to change your overgrip, at least for the video..it won't make your words and advice more serious or respectable, but it just looks odd…

  2. Is it just me or there is no sound? , Please, correct, it seems like another interesting video on a very interesting subject

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