Running for office is humbling and for me, it’s personal. I’m running because I’m hopeful for our future. I know when we come together bound by common humanity we can solve problems big and small. and Pierce the never ending gridlock in Washington by getting things done right here in our community. We have more in common than we know our kids go to the same schools, we go to our favorite neighborhood restaurants, We exercise together in Cane Creek Park and we all love our country. We’re more than a label. I’m an outsider. And yes, I’m a Democrat but I’m running in Union County because whether democrat or republican We can all agree that business as usual has no place here. Special interests shouldn’t have more influence than we do. I’m a mom in tennis shoes running because I know our best days lie ahead. I love North Carolina, it’s my home. It’s where I was raised. It’s where I fell in love with my husband Sean it’s where I’m raising my family and my two children, I’m running to make our home better for my children and yours. A lot of candidates out there are running dark doomsday campaigns. I want to run a different kind of campaign one that’s focused on the impact you can expect from your representatives in Raleigh. Whether tax cuts that increase the money in your pocket every month or helping our businesses succeed through tax credits or by finally making our healthcare more affordable. I’m Caroline Walker and I’m just a North Carolinian running for office. But let’s face it labels are overrated. I’m really running because I want to be your advocate and I hope I can count on your support on November 6.

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Dennis Veasley

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