What is the purpose of hitting the ball inside the service box and how to master that practice? This is today’s topic that I will analyze and share with you guys Now we will analyze some benefits of hitting inside the service box. First benefit, it helps us to better warm up our muscle groups When you warm up normally, it’s a little bit different, stretching general muscles. Meanwhile, hitting inside the service box helps warm up for the shots When the muscles are tensed, we do not feel the ball very well, therefore, hitting inside the service box gets the muscles ready Second benefit is the reaction of our body. We react in three different areas: eyes, arms and legs. Everyday, when we work, sitting in office in front of the computer, the eyes look straight But when we play, without hitting slowly first, our eyes cannot adapt to fast balls. We will not be able to track the ball well. Hitting inside the service box increases the eye’s reflection and makes it easy to change our sight direction change. The second reaction – the arm – includes opening up racquet, lowering racquet and hitting the ball. If we start off by hitting at the baseline right away will be challenging. Hitting inside the box will help improve arm reaction. The legs are similar. It is much more challenging to change from resting to playing with high intensity right away. It helps improve a lot of body reaction. The last benefit is to create a better technique and better ball feeling compared to hitting at the baseline. At the recreational level, most players start hitting at the baseline right away and within 2-3 minutes warming up, they start playing matches. Doing so, even for me or other players, do not give us the best ball feeling. It’s too fast, skipping steps and our feeling and technique will be off Therefore, hitting inside the box first to have the best feeling for the arm, racquet and ball. After that, play or hit at the baseline and see the results. Those are a few benefits of hitting inside the service box and now, let’s go into detail on how to hitting inside the service box and I will show you in detail Like I said earlier, before hitting inside the box, we need to warm up properly first to get our muscles ready and arms relaxed. One very good tip is that you can get two racquets together and swing. Everyone can do that. Hold at the throats and just swing both sides, forehand and backhand. Why does holding two racquets help? Because two racquets are much heavier than one. The muscles get warmed up faster and if you have the assisted stick to the racquet if you have the assisted stick to the racquet face, it’s good. If not, just combine the two racquets. This will help the motion to be smoother and now, I will practice with balls for you to see each step When our hitting partner hits the ball toward us, we have to be relaxed, do not get tensed. Prepare and open the racquet first, lower it and hit slowly. It will be challenging at first but after a few times, we will get used to it. Try to hit the ball from low to high. Lower the racquet head, relax and hit gently Open the racquet, lower it down and hit up gently. Do not rush. Open, lower the racquet and hit very gently. Do not hit through the ball because it will fly long, our partner will not be able to get it back Ok, watch a few time. Bend the knee, lower the racquet, hit up [repeat] Do not use power in these shots. Control the arm gently. If you miss a ball, do it again. To get used to it, it may take a few attemps. I may do it easily because I have been practicing this way for a long time But for a new player to do this, you may miss many times. Do not worry, just keep trying, you will be able to hit it well. There are three styles of practice First, two players stand opposite to each other and hit straight, both sides. Second, stand diagonally and hit from forehand to forehand to practice the forehand cross court The third is backhand cross court. Those are 3 styles. I have recorded a few practices at all 3 positions. Let’s watch a few hittings!

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