[APPLAUSE] We’re back with Kobe
Bryant and we have– this is your new book, it’s
called Mamba Mentality– How I Play. What is this about? It’s about my process and my– about the attention to detail
of how to play the game. So if you’re a fan
of the game, if you want to learn about tactics
and strategy about the game then I recommend that book. So– Don’t buy it for the
mug on the front. That’s really awkward,
still, lookin’ at that mug on the front. There’s nothing
awkward about that, but probably the girls that are
playing against your daughter should read this. [ALL LAUGHING] Yeah, there you go. There you go. A lot of people should
buy this if you’re gonna play against his daughter. All right, well,
we couldn’t have one of the greatest
players in NBA history here and not play basketball. This is a little
different, it’s a new game, and we’re calling it
Connect Four Hoops. [MUSIC – BRUNO
MARS, “24K MAGIC”] –put yo’ pinky
rings up to the moon. Girls, what y’all trying to do? All right, let’s go over here– 24 karat magic in the air– So what happens. You know the game
Connect Four, right? Yes, I do. All right. So what’s gonna happen
is the first person to get– we have
to take turns, we have to wait until it says
“red player,” “yellow player,” and then you get to shoot. But we have to wait
for it to say that, and it’s four in a row, up
and down, sideways, you know. You know how to do it. Yup. Or diagonal. OK? All right. All right, so– OK. [BEEP] All right. Yellow’s in, waiting for red. [BEEP] Yellow player, shoot! All right, here I go. [MAKING BASKET] [AUDIENCE CHEERING] Red player, shoot! [AUDIENCE AWWING] You get to– you
get to shoot again. See, this is why I’m not
comin’ out of retirement. [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] [MAKING BASKET] [AUDIENCE CHEERING] Yellow player, shoot! [MAKING BASKET] Sweet! Red player, shoot! Oh, man. Red player, shoot. [MAKING BASKET] [AUDIENCE CHEERING] Yellow player, shoot! Oh, darn it! [MAKING BASKET] Red player, shoot! Red player, shoot. Yeah, yeah, I’m thinkin’. [MAKING BASKET] That’s not where I
wanted you to go. Yellow player, shoot! Yes. [MAKING BASKET] [AUDIENCE CHEERING] Red player, shoot! [FRUSTRATED GROAN] OK. [MAKING BASKET] [AUDIENCE CHEERING] Yellow player, shoot! Oh, no. [MAKING BASKET] That’s actually a
really good shot. Puts a lot of
pressure on me here. Get in there. Damn it! No! Nice job! [MAKING BASKET] Oh yes! Yellow player– What? –shoot! Yes! No pressure. Yes! Aww. Aw, uh-oh. [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] OK. Red player, shoot! All right. Get in there. Yay! What? [MAKING BASKET] Yellow player, shoot! No pressure. Oh, no. [AUDIENCE AWWING] Wait, I get one more! OK, fine. No! [GASPING] No. Oh. [LAUGHING] That– that makes me feel like– Red player, shoot! Aw, man. Mm! Now I gotcha in two ways. Yeah, but you’re having
problems with that one– No. –so it’s gotta go in
this one over here. [MAKING BASKET] That’s not the one I wanted. Yellow player, shoot! Now I’ll make that one. No! No! [MAKING BASKET] OK, all right. Keepin’ me in it– Red player– –keepin’ me in it. –shoot! Get in there. No! All right. Yellow player, shoot! We got ourselves a
ball game here, Ellen. All right. Got ourselves a game. Yeah, I know. What am I gonna do? I don’t know. [INAUDIBLE] Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] I see nothing. Oh! Darn it! [MAKING BASKET] All right, c’mon. Red player, shoot! Where you wanna [INAUDIBLE]? Get in there. Haha! What? Dang it. [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] Yellow player, shoot! No! All right. I get– I get another one! Sure. Nice job. [MAKING BASKET] Oh, man. Red player, shoot! Ha ha! Neat shot! Yellow player– I swear somebody’s back here– –shoot! –pushing buttons like, no. [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] The ball ain’t goin’ down
there right now, baby. Ahh! Oh, come on. [FRUSTRATED GROWL] Let’s stay– let’s
see, all right, let’s just go there ’cause
I’m tired of that one. [THUD] Yellow player– Dang it. –shoot! Whatever [INAUDIBLE]. Yes. Nice job! Thank you. All right, good shot. Red player, shoot! [AUDIENCE LAUGHING, APPLAUDING] Uh-huh. Uh– I’m stayin’– I’m stayin’ right here. Let’s go. Come on, get in there, get in– Ha ha! [AUDIENCE AWWING] Do I get a chance
to go again, too? Yeah, yeah. I do? Yeah, whenever
you don’t make it. Wow, you are so
competitively generous. I love it. [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] [MAKING BASKET] Yellow player, shoot! Yeah, but there’s where
I wanted to go, mister. [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] That’s not where I wanted to
go but I acted like it was. [MAKING BASKET] All right. Red player, shoot! No! [MAKING BASKET] Yellow player, shoot! [SHUSHING] [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] [MAKING BASKET] Red player, shoot! [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] No! Yes! Yellow player, shoot! No! You’re on fire! Red player, shoot! No! [FRUSTRATED GROWL] [AUDIENCE CHEERING] Red player– Woo! –you win! Woo! Thank you, all right, yes. This is goin’ right next
to the Philosopher’s Stone, by the way. [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] I love you, Ellen. Not fair. I love you, too. You can listen to Kobe’s
podcast, The Punies, on all streaming services. We’ll be right back. Kobe Bryant.

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