The Ping-Pong table tennis king appears! Powerful and delicate The unpredictable trajectory of a ping-pong ball Producer meets the table tennis king Camera?
Loading… Here comes his welcome ceremony One shot double kill WELCOME :))))) Paper cup? No mercy 5 combo Super thin thickness *pay attention to Pepero Gone What about a distant ping-pong ball? Well, a piece of cake Here goes the ball! Hit the mark baam Isn’t it supposed to be difficult? It’s not an easy task but I have practiced a lot*confident* Can anyone do this technique? Inha Univ Ping-pong team
They won the national competition two times in a row 1 Hitting Pepero I bet I can
*Universiad Ping-pong national player Looks easy Come on come on It ain’t easy… 2 Hitting a distant ball Difficult Wow it ain’t easy If you give it a turn, ball curves
*13 years of playing Ping-pong It’s not easy to send it exactly to the corner Me table tennis king
Let me show you the upgrade ver. Goal in The length of two tables No prob thrilling Let me show you something more fun The powerful and delicate touch against Physics billiards? Use reverse rotation to create orbit This is Art… Are you good at Ping-pong too? Not bad as an amateur (=which means he’s good) He won the first place in Amateur table tennis competition When you succeed it It’s really hot
super hot
Like I am gonna die hot A feeling of jumping in valley New challenge
Do you want to try with this? 1/5 size of ordinary table tennis racket Sure How about a game? Method of confrontation
When you hit the stick with a ping-pong ball, the balloon bursts and flour hits face Try it Go! Missed it Calm and peaceful Missed 5 times King of Ping-pong’s turn So nervous No Burst! Flour shower
(feat. mini table tennis racket)
*mom… Cool
*so happy Who’s left? ME New challenge
A ball curve along a straight cup and hit another ball on the corner It’s amazing how the ball turns, but he even hits the target Adjustment and rotation of wrist force The key is how much you can curve the ball at the moment of impact The die is cast PLEASE… Missed it… Me sad:/ One more time? Imma get it! Can he win the fight with himself? Ohh It’s coming! and done So thrilled
This is it!!! I’ll continue to develop my ping-pong skills, so please come back next time You are the master of ping-pong skills!
We are rooting for you!

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