my name is Lawrence plan chiropractor and athlete and I’m here to show you how to use melio kinesiology tape to help with tennis elbow tennis elbow is a condition where you get pain over the lateral bone of the forearm it can be just distal to it here or here or it can be focal over the bone itself we’re going to use two pieces of tape in order to supply support to the forearm extensors we’re going to run the first down the lateral aspect of the forearm there and then we’re going to run the second down the more medial part of the arm there start with your tape just by tearing a one-inch anchor at each end so that’s a small rip clean across the tape do that on both your pieces of tape in order to meet removing the anchor nice and easy just gently stretch the tape so that the end peels back like that I’m going to apply that anchor making sure I start just above that bone at the elbow holding it nice and securely I’m going to stretch the tape so that the backing releases easily like that right now with the anchor secure I’m going to apply 25% stretch to the tape and with my following hand I’m just gonna smooth the tape down to the arm along the outer edge I’m aiming to get just shy of the wrist and when I get there I’m gonna release the anchor with no tension peel off the backing and gently smooth the tape to the floor once I’ve applied that anchor with no stretch I’m then going to go onto my second piece of tape but I’m gonna come down the inner side here release the backing tape secure it nice and firmly hold it in place while the glue is not set release the backing again we’re looking for that 25% stretch to support the muscles I’m going to come down over the arm like that staying on the top surface but more on the inside of the arm release that anchor with no tension smooth it down to the forearm making sure that edge applies nicely to the skin like so you want to avoid touching the edges of the tape for the next 30 minute period during that period the body heat will activate the glue on the tape and will ensure that it sticks successfully thanks for watching today for more melio tutorials exercises and products visit my melio com

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