– (children) Kids React to viral videos! This episode: “Best
Volleyball Blocks Ever”! – (commentator 1) Welcome
back to our coverage of the NCAA Men’s
Volleyball Championships… – Yes! – Scott Sterling. – (commentator 1)
If you’re just joining us… – Let’s go! – (commentator 1) …a roller
coaster of an evening. Both teams now tied at two sets apiece. The winner of this final set
will be the national champions. – Volleyball championship? – (commentator 2)
…team captain Scott Sterling. – (commentator 1) Love that man.
– Wait. Scott Sterling? – (commentator 2) …to hold them here… – I did this before but with soccer. – Is this like a second one? – (commentator 1) …the last
serve of his college career. – (commentator 2)
And here we go! Excellent serve! Thompson setting up. Here comes his spike. – (commentator 1) He’ll have
to stop his return or else– Oh!
– (commentator 2) Oh! Deflected! – (commentator 1) …return or else– oh!
– (commentator 2) Oh! Deflected!
– (laughs) – (commentator 2) And Yale piped it up!
– Ooh! – (commentator 1) Unbelievable! – (commentator 2) Buckle up,
ladies and gentlemen, because… – He’s in pain! – (commentator 2)
…has entered the building. – (commentator 1)
Take a gander at this replay. – (commentator 2)
The angle at which Sterling… – Slow-mos make everything
look more disgusting. – (commentator 1) Like watching
da Vinci paint with his face. – (commentator 2) Yale now
on the prowl to take the lead. – “Watching da Vinci paint with his face.” – (commentator 1) …devastating
return. And here it comes! – (commentator 2) Oh!
– (commentator 1) Oh, Nelly! – It hit his face again? – (commentator 1) …wasting no– Mother of pearl!
– Is this like the soccer one? – It’s gonna be like that soccer one that I accidentally watched
randomly off of YouTube. – (commentator 1) …everything else! – He looks so bruised up. – (commentator 1) The peaceful
visage of dead trauma. – (commentator 2) We are all…
– But it’s so funny. – (commentator 2) …witnessing–
– (commentator 1) Testify! – (commentator 2)
Let us feast on the sweet… – I don’t get how they film this though. – (commentator 1) Wonderful
save here. Just complete sacrifice. – (commentator 2) The ball
flies right past the blockers into Sterling’s awaiting face. – (commentator 1) That man
will leave this court today knowing he gave everything he could.
– Has to turn him around! (laughs) “No…” – (commentator 2) Yale
has come back from the brink and is looking to put this one
into the history books. – (commentator 1) Match point for Yale! – (commentator 2) Could Carolina
finally push one through? Sterling bounce!
– Oh my god! Oh my god, then the teammate kicks it! – Oh my god. Oh my god. He just keeps getting hit in the face. (commentator yells incoherently) – Oh baby, they’re tripled. – (commentator 2)
They raise him heavenward. (crowd roars) – (commentators) No!
– And they lift him up! (laughs) – Did they mean to do that
on purpose? That’s mean. – (commentator 1)
He descended through the air… – Oh my gosh. (laughing) The announcers. – (commentator 1) LOOK AT THIS REPLAY! ONE IS THE LONELIEST NUMBER.
– Ew, ew, ew! – (commentator 2) Two tickets to paradise! – (commentator 1) Three times a lady!
– He’s dead, guys. – (commentators) Whooooa….
– No. No. No. – (groans) – Oh my… gosh! Aah! – Shouldn’t that be a penalty? – (commentator 2) …are weeping.
– (commentator 1) Tears of joy. – (commentator 2) The tweets are tweeting.
– Poor Scott Sterling. – (commentator 2) The hospitals
are preparing to receive… – Okay, I don’t think that’s very good that he’s going to the hospital. – (commentator 2)
The Great Wall of Sterling! – (commentator 1) I’ll tell you one thing, when Armageddon…
– He’s trying to celebrate, but he’s so dead. – (commentator 1) Until next time… – (commentators) Good night, everyone! – Why do they like it
when people get hurt? What is with our generation? – I just saw a man die. (cracks up) Oh my gosh. – I did this before, but it was soccer. And they got him a chair,
and he was the goalie. I remember this. Scott Sterling returns. – (children) Question time! – (Finebros) So what did we just show you? – It was a volleyball game,
and one of the guys– he would just keep on
getting hit in the face. – Here’s the ball,
and then here’s the guy. It’s just like… – A second version of Scott Sterling
getting hit in the face. – Scott Sterling volleyball edition. – Scott Sterling: the man,
the myth, the legend. – (Finebros) Is this guy
a good volleyball player? – No. – If he was, he’s not anymore. – All he’s good for is his face. – He didn’t actually hit it with his head. It was just… – I guess he’d be a really
lucky volleyball player… but also unlucky ’cause
his face was getting beat up. – Yes, because his head! It wins. – (Finebros) Does it remind you
of something you’ve seen before? – Yes! It reminds me of the soccer video. – This reminds me of when we did the soccer tournament one. – I’ve seen this before here on this show. The other one, Scott Sterling
was the goalie for penalties. And the ball kept on hitting his face. – (Finebros) Well,
that was Scott Sterling, the same guy from the soccer
video that you watched. – I knew it! I knew it, I knew it. ♪ Knew, I knew it ♪ ♪ I knew it in my membrane ♪ – (Finebros) So Scott Sterling
is a make-believe sports personality who has
appeared in comedy sketches for the TV show Studio C.
And in a previous video, he’s a soccer goalie
constantly saving penalty kicks with his face. Does knowing
that there’s another video that came out before this
make the video even funnier? – No, it actually makes
this one actually way boring. – No. Makes it still stupid. – It wasn’t as funny as the last one. You can’t beat the original
in some things. – Yes, because to show that they can
do it with even more sports. – It’s the same thing happening. So it’s like the same amount of funny.
It’s like nothing changed. – (Finebros) Well,
these Scott Sterling videos have become massively popular.
– Oh my god. How many are there? – (Finebros) The “Soccer Shootout” video has over 40 million views. And the video we just
showed you got 10 million views in just 10 days.
– Wow. – I watched it when it came out. They’re really funny. – (Finebros) Why would
a video about someone getting badly injured be so popular? – Because, you know, it’s Scott Sterling. Who wouldn’t want to see
Scott Sterling get hit in the face? – It’s like one of those things, if you see your friend
fall or trip, you laugh. – Some people like when people get hurt. And some people are smart and they already know
that this is fantasy, so they just crack up all they want. – He’s not actually getting injured. So you can laugh about
without being like, “The poor guy.” – It’s not funny to get–
like anyone gets hurt. It’s funny how he got hit
over and over again. He’s like, “Oh, I gotta get back up. Ugh! Gotta get back– ugh!” – (Finebros) Some people think that it’s the announcers in the video
that make it even funnier. Do you like the announcers?
– Yeah, they sort of made it funnier. – They make it feel like
it’s actually happening. At first, the soccer one,
I thought it was real. – The commentators saying
about what was happening was hilarious. “It’s the Great Wall!
The Great Wall of Scott!” – (British accent) “Oh my gosh! Scott Sterling just got
hit in the face again!” – “Back at it again with Scott Sterling: the man, the myth, THE LEGEND!!!” – “We feast on the sweet
nectar of instant replay.” I love the announcers. I want to be best friends
with the announcers. – (Finebros) They’ve already
made two of these so far. Do you think they should
keep making Scott Sterling videos? – Two is enough, because
he could get really, really injured. – It’s kinda like movies.
If you make too many, then it doesn’t really make it that good. – Yes, they should,
’cause if people like them, they should keep making them. – If the whole universe likes it, they should continue,
because it’s a little rude just to stop. – It makes people laugh. It’s funny. It’s like, you’re getting
a bunch of views. Why stop? – They should do more,
because some people are like, “This is funny. You need to make more.” And when they don’t make
more, they’re just like, (raspily) “You ruined my life.” – (Finebros) Finally,
if they were gonna make a third Scott Sterling video, what sport would you want
to see them play? – Football. It’ll be hilarious to get tackled
and then gets, like, “Doonk!” – Tennis. ‘Cause maybe they could
keep hitting him in the face with the racket. – Basketball. The guy’s trying to block the ball. And then when they’re throwing it,
it hits him in the head. – Tetherball! Woohoo. I do play tetherball.
And yes, I do get hurt. But I fix it, and I just keep playing on. – This sounds really mean, but baseball. Because the ball’s
just so hard. (chuckles) One hit and he’d be gone. (deep, sinister laughter) ♪ (dramatic chord) ♪ – Thanks for watching
this episode of Kids React. – We’ll be back real soon,
so be sure to subscribe. – Let us know in the comments what viral video we should react to next. – Goodbye! (whap!) ♪ (end music) ♪

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