[Fun music] Come out here, Kaden! Yes, Kaden! Ha! Hi-ya! [Training music] ♪ Whistling ♪ Hi-ya! What are you doing?! I’m training! Training for what? I’m training, so I can defend myself against those twins! The twins? What twins? The silly twins that live down the street. They keep teasing me and causing trouble. [Heavy footsteps] I’ve had enough, so it’s karate time! Whoa, whoa, whoa, calm down! Aren’t they in kindergarten or something? You know why they’re
called silly, don’t you? [Heavy Footsteps]
[Guitar Music] Come out here, Kaden! Yes, Kaden! [Gasp] [Blinds clatter] [Deep laughter] It’s those silly twins! [Gasp] Oh no, I haven’t
mastered karate yet! We are gonna teach you a lesson! Yeah, a lesson! Those are the twins? I can’t wait to get him! They’re like five years old. Yeah, get him! Don’t worry, bro. I’ll take care of these guys. Wait! No! You don’t know why they call them silly! [Growling] [Footsteps]
[Fast tempo music] Hey! [Twins] Huh?! You guys leave him alone! Who do you think you are? You are?! You are?! How would you like it if someone was picking on you like that? Stay out of it. Out of it! [Growling] We’re the silly twins. We’re the silly twins. [Twins] silly, silly, silly, silly, silly, silly, silly. [Howling] Om, nom, nom, nom! [Howling] Om, nom, nom, nom! [Cackling] Let’s get him! [Gasp] Ahh! Stay out of it! Out of it! Let’s get him! [Fast tempo music] Phew, I think I lost them! [Lightening crack] Jack… Jack! [Lighting crack] Whoa, who is that? [Lighting crack] Ahhhh! [Lighting crack] Ahhh! Whoa, whoa, whoa, easy! I have neighbors. I already got in trouble last
week for my lightning party. Huh? Who are you? And where am I? Don’t worry about my mysterious lair. You’re here to get your powers. [Electrical zapping] Whoa, what did you just do to me? Because you have proven your courage, I gave you your superpowers. Because I defended my brother? Yes, now go ahead and
try out your new powers. Agh! Aghh! AGHH! [Lightning crack] [Ding] What? Do I have cupcake powers? Are you serious?
This is my powers? I make cupcakes appear? Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry. Those powers were meant
for my eleven o’clock, The Cupcake Champion. Oops, sorry! [Electric zapping] [Gasps] What, Cupcake Champion? You mean there’s really a
superhero that makes cupcakes? Kid, there’s a superhero for everything. Now here’s yours. [Lighting crack] Wait, what are my powers? To summon your superpowers,
just say my name, “Shazam!” Shazam?! [Lightning crack] [Mysterious music] [Birds tweeting] No way! [Knocking] What? Whoa, did you grow facial hair? And cool outfit! Are you going to a costume party? No, this mysterious man
turned me into a superhero! Now I have facial hair! Whoa! Yes! Did you say superhero? No way! What are your powers? I actually don’t know, but I’m a man! I see, uh huh. That’s amazing, Jack. Really good costume and fake hair. No, I mean it. I’m really a– Ah, AH– AH, A-CHOOOO! [Electrical zapping] Whoa, dude, you do have superpowers! What else can you do? Uh, I have no idea! But how do your superpowers even work? I don’t know? The guy just told me to say “Shazam!”
[Lighting crack] Hey, I’m Jack again! No way! Shazam!
[Lighting crack] Yes, I’m a superhero again! I can’t believe it! I am awesome! Hey, wait, what’s that? Wait, what? Can you mean this? [Laughing] We have to figure this out. Let’s go! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Where are you guys going? There’s a messy room up
there with your name on it that needs cleaning. But Dad, the fate of the
world is in my hands! Well, the world’s just gonna have to wait. You can figure out your superpowers after you’ve cleaned your bedroom. Uh, fine! Hurry up, Jack! Clean faster! You can do this! Uh, you think you can help me with this? I am helping. I’m telling you what to do. Ugh, I wish there was a
faster way to do this! Faster, that’s it! We have to test if you have super speed. How am I gonna test that? Hmm, if I were you, I
would think fast thoughts. Think fast thoughts? Yeah; racing cars, jets, rocket ships! Go fast, Jack! Come on! I don’t think that’s gonna work, But I’ll try.. [Upbeat music]
[Whooshing] Whoa! That was AMAZING! I can’t believe you have super speed! That was so COOL! Well, we’re done cleaning our room; Let’s see what else you can do. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! There’s no way you cleaned your room that fast? Dad, we just found out
that Jack has super speed! Can we go see what else Jack can do? [Dad] You boys have quite the imagination. Can we, can we, can we? Well, your room does look pretty clean. So…I guess! Yes!
Come on Jack! Come on! [Dad] How did they do that?! Super strength, test one! [Grunting] Ooh! [Yawning] A pool noodle? Really? I can do two pool noodles. [Snaps fingers] [Whooshing] Ugh, so boring! Hey, I have an idea! Let’s see if you can lift a big boulder. Easy! [Whoosh] [Grunting] [Rock scraping] No way! You do have super strength! Hey Kaden, watch this. ♪ Nuh, nuh, nuh, nuh ♪ Two hands above my head. One hand above my head! [Stone grinding] Unbelievable! Let’s see what else you can do! Flight test, number one. Are you ready, Jack? I got this! I can do this! Here’s your crash pad. [Drum solo] [Slide whistle] Are you okay? [Ding] Let’s try that again. Flight test two. You got it this time, Jack! I got this, I got this, I got this! Come on, I can do this. Focus! [Swoosh] [Jack] Whoa, whoa, whoa! [Jack] How do I control
this? How do I control this? Whoa, this is so silly! I’m kinda getting dizzy. How do I land? How do I land? [Guitar music] [Sneaky laughter] I’m okay, I’m okay! [Whoosh] There you are! There you are! Where did you get your superpowers? Superpowers. When did you turn into a man? A man! I see you’re jealous of my facial hair. [Laughing] You wish!
You wish! We have more hair than your tiny mustache. Yeah, your mustache. Don’t listen to them, Jack! They’re just jealous! Our boss will love it if
you give us your power. Your power! Um, your blaster’s backwards. Hand them over!
Hand them over! [Kaden] Don’t do it, Jack! Dudes, I barely know
how to use these powers. I don’t know how to hand them over. Can’t we resolve this
without these blasters? I’ll give you guys one last
chance to get outta here. Or what?
Or what? Jack, use your superpowers! You can do it! It’s silly time! It’s silly time! [Pew, pew, pew] Dun, dun, dun! Dun, dun, dun, dun! [Pew, pew, pew, pew] [Whack] [Lasers flashing] Ahhh!
[Electricity charging] [Thunderclap] [Ground rumbling] He’s making the ground shake! Whoa! Aghhh! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Ahhhh! Wait ’til Dr. Mad
Scientist hears about this. This… Dr. Mad Scientist? [Jack] Go on, get outta here! [Zap] [Laughing] [Fun music] [Adventure music] Hi-ya! [Yelling] So nice of Ninja Kidz to
let us use their ninja gym. Yeah, this place is awesome for a workout! [Loud Boom, ground shaking] [Groans] Superman.. such a show off. [Fast punching] Yeah! [Adventure music] Hi-ya! [Fast punching] [Adventure music] [Fast punching] Did you see the report about Dr. Mad Scientist
getting loose again? Which one is he again? He’s the mad scientist that
keeps inventing devices that try to steal superpowers. Yeah, I heard he was spotted
in the area last week. [Whooshing] You know you aren’t the only
one with super speed, riight? Yeah, but I’m the fastest
one with the super speed. [Laughs] Yeah right, you wish! I also have super speed, and I bet I’m faster than you! Why do you think they
call me “The Flash,” huh? I’m faster than you! [Both] I’m the fastest, and you know it! [Flash] I’m the fastest! [Superman] No, I’m the fastest! [Flash] Yeah, yeah, yeah, but I’m the fastest!
I’m faster! [Flash] No!
[Superman] No! [Flash] You’re slow!
[Superman] You can’t fly! Why do they call me “The Flash,” huh? ‘Cause I have a lightning bolt. I’m not just fast, I’m lighting! Oh, seriously?! Seriously?! [Both continue to argue] [Sneaky chuckle] Guys! I think I heard something! Oh thank goodness, it’s just the janitor. Hey Wonder Woman, maybe you
can settle something for us. [Whooshing] I’m faster than the two
of you put together. [Boys laughing] I’m not kidding! One of my powers is super speed! Look it up! What?! I guess we all
have the same superpower. Maybe so, but I’m the fastest! Prove it! No problem! I can beat the two of you in my sleep! [Both Boys] You’re dreaming… I challenge both of you to a race, then. We all know that Dr. Mad
Scientist was spotted in the area. You two race. Oh sure.. “I’m on watch!” She knows she’ll lose. [Boys laughing] Fine then? I’ll school you both! Let’s get started! Everybody line up.. I’ve got this! I’m gonna win! No way. Wait. Where are we racing to? The Statue of Liberty. Okay, but no cheating.
No flying. You ready?! Three! Two! One! GO! [Fun music] [Wonder Woman] Come on, boys! My grandma could beat you! [Superman] You guys are as slow as snails! You guys couldn’t catch up with me. [Wonder Woman] Is that the best you got? [Flash] You guys are so slow. I’m not even running! I can even beat you by doing the worm! [Cartoon Boing] What? Holy cow, how is he doing that? [Cartoon Boing]
Holy cow, holy cow! [Flash] Are you guys tired? Do you need a nap? Hey guy, we’re almost to
the Statue of Liberty! Oh, I’m winning. [Playful music] [Cartoon boing] [Whooshing] Ahhhh! [Camera Shutter] I won! I won! I won! No, I totally beat you! I beat you both! Let’s check the camera. [Whoosh, whoosh] [Mysterious music] Now, to test out my newest
invention on the superheros. No way! I can’t believe it was a tie! [Mysterious music] Here goes nothing. [Cackling] I demand a rematch! Okay, let’s go! [Laser zapping] [Mysterious music] Seriously, guys? You want me to beat you again?! Okay everybody, line up! Ready?! Let’s do this. Three, two, one, go! [Playful music] [Whooshing] What’s happening? I’m running slow! [Excited gasping] It worked! It worked! [Amazed Laughter] [Whooshing] What the… You guys are back already? What? Why am I so slow? Flash, so hilarious…
pretending to go slow. No guys, I’m not joking around. It’s like I lost my super speed! I’ve got Flash’s superpowers. Now it’s Superman’s time. [Cackling] [Laser zapping] [Wonder Woman] Three, two, one, go! [Fun music] [Whooshing] [Both] What? Guys, did you not hear me say go?! Oh, so now you’re both joking with me. No, Flash wasn’t lying. There’s something wrong
with my superpower, too! I feel different, like they’re gone. Two superheros down, and now
to get the girl. [Cackling] [Laser zapping] [Dance music] [Laughing] I’ve got them all right
here, my machine worked! Ha ha ha! You didn’t know! I wasn’t the janitor. [Gasp] Not Dr. Mad Scientist! I’m the silly, Mad Scientist all along! [Cackling laugh] Now you’re powerless! [Laughs] What? I thought he was the janitor! Holy cow, he took our superpowers! Thanks to my very newest invention, you’ve lost all your powers. Wa ha ha ha haaaa! Not if I have anything to do with it. Get him! Charge! [Heroes] [Yelling] [Sneaky Laughter] Your superpowers are gone! You’ve got no power! It’s all mine! Ha ha ha haaa! Ahhh! How is this happening? You’ve all lost your strength! [Sneaky laugh] I can’t believe this is happening. The world will now be mine! [Cackling] Guys, what are we gonna do? We don’t have any power to stop him! I’ve never been this exhausted. I don’t have any speed to stop him! Wha ha ha ha haaaa! How are we going to stop
him without our superpowers? He may have gotten our
superpowers, but not our brains. We’re gonna have to use the
power of our brains, guys! I can’t believe he got away! Or did he? What? [Sly music] Wait, what? Where’d you get that? I slipped a tracking device in his pocket while we were fighting him. Nice thinking, Flash! See? We can do anything
that we put our minds to. Now that we know where he is, let’s put our brains together
and come up with a plan. Come on, guys. [Alarm sounding] The tracker says we’re getting close. He must be in there! [Dance music] Now that I’ve finally taken
the superheroes’ powers, I can do anything! [Laughing] I can take over the
world! [Cackling laugh] So I know I can take
superpowers with this machine, but can it be transferred
to another person? Hey, there he is. What’s he doing? Before I experiment on myself, maybe I’ll try it on this guy first… [Sneaky music] [Laser zapping] [Whooshing] It’s working! [Hysterical laughing] Ah, yes! [Rat chattering] He’s flying? [Laughs silly] Hey! That power belongs to me! What are we gonna do? While he’s distracted watching that rat, maybe we can steal the machine? Great idea! Maybe we can get our powers back. [Sneaky music] All we have to do left
is hit the reverse button on the machine, and then
we get our powers back. Look Flash! There’s a
shrink button on it, too! [Heroes] [Gasping] What are you doing here? How did you find me? Quick! Push the shrink button! No! You have no idea how
to use that machine! No! [Laser zapping]
No! [Dr. Mad Scientist] Stop that right now! [Children Laughing] [Squeaky Voice]
No! Nooo! Oh, you’re not so tough
now that you’re tiny, huh? How are you gonna rule the world now, huh? [Squeaky voice]
You make me big again! Stop that! See, we used the power of
our minds to beat this guy! We can do anything we put our minds to! Quick! Press the reverse button so we can get our powers back! [Squeaky voice]
No! Nooo! No! [Laser zapping] Hi-ya! Ya, ya, ya! Hi-ya! [Laser zapping] It worked! It worked! I can fly again! [Whoosh] Hey Flash, let me give
you a little bit of help. [Click] [Laser zapping] Yes! Yes! It’s working!
I have my power back! [Whooshing] Let’s go.. But What are we supposed to
do with Dr. Mad Scientist? No! No! I don’t like this! Nooo! He’s harmless that small.
Let’s just leave him. Bye-bye, Dr. Mad Scientist! [Whooshing] [Squeaky Voice] Hey! HEY! Don’t leave me like this! Don’t leave me!
You can’t leave me like this! You make me bigger right now! You make me big now! Oh! [Gasp] [High-pitched screaming] [Playful music] [Batman] Hey, kid! Uh-huh? [Upbeat dance music] What in the world? [Batman] Be careful, kid! Oops, sorry! [Upbeat dance music] [Laser beam] Ahhh! What in the world? Am I in LEGO Land? [Gasps] Are you LEGO Batman? You got it, kid! Batman, I’m so glad you’re here! What am I doing here? Why am I so tiny? I shrunk you down, because
I needed your help. Because of you, the Villain Mayor of our
town built a magic machine that makes him really big like you. He’s in disguise right now in your house and he’s gonna turn the
whole world into LEGO! Because of me? What did I do? You left a bunch of stuff on the table, and the Mayor was able to tinker with it. And he built a machine! Seriously? You’re telling me just because
I didn’t put my toys away that I’ve now endangered the whole world? That’s pretty much it, kid! Okay, what do you need me to do? I’m here to help, LEGO Batman! Alright! [Hands Clap] All right kid, focus. We need to retrieve my ultimate,
awesome, make big tool! Otherwise known as the Bat Laser. Uh, you should just call it the Bat Laser. Where is it? Let’s go on a long quest. We will face enemies that
we’ve never encountered before. Climb higher than you’ve ever climbed. Obstacles we will face
will be unmeasurable as we travel to there. Uh, the end of the table? That’s so easy! Let’s go right now! It’s too dangerous to go alone, kid! We need some help! I’ll ask Jerry to come along for backup. Hey, Jerry, can you please come up and help us on our mega, awesome quest? [Crickets chirping] Jerry? [Crickets chirping] Are you gonna sit there
all day and just stare? [Crickets chirping] Ugh, Jerry doesn’t want to come. He does this every time! We don’t need help. We could have been there by now! Come on, let’s go! Nooo! [Toy car wheels rolling] Noooo! [Playful music] What is that? That, would be the obstacle
that I was talking about. Barbie, who should we play with today? Freeze, kid! I know, how about Batman and this guy? Let’s go for a ride in my Barbie car! [Shuffling] Batman, this car is much
nicer than the ugly Batmobile! Ewww, Kalia’s Barbie car! Ugh, I dislike it when she does this. I don’t belong in a Barbie car! I’m Batman! [Toy car wheels rolling] Whoa, whoa! [Whooshing] [Both] Whoaaa, whoaaaa! [Swooshing] Well, this is kind of fun! It feels like a roller coaster! Whoo-hooo! Oh kid. You should not be enjoying this! What? It feels fun! It’s not fun, okay? Get your seatbelt on, now! We’re going down. Barbie is kinda cute, though. [Laughs] [Barbie Giggles] Ooo! Knock it off! [Whooshing] It feels like a roller coaster! Woohoo! I’m getting too old for this. [Cheering] Ughhh! We should go on roller
coasters more often! Put us down! Put us DOWN! Woo hoo!
Go up, go up, go up, go up! Go up, go up, go up!
Nooo! [Kalia] You guys stay right here! [Playful music] We gotta hurry, kid! Come on, Robin! We gotta do this! I’m not Robin, I’m Jack! Oh yeah, sorry! We made it! Go that way, kid. I’ll make you bigger again! Remember, the Mayor’s in disguise. He could be anyone! Hit it, Batman! [Laser beam] Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! [Adventure Music] Hey Kaden, what ya up to? [Robotic Voice] Oh, hello.
You must be my human brother. Human brother? That’s right. I am your human brother. Why are you talking like that? What are you talking about? Hmm, so suspicious! Let’s give you a test to see
if you’re my real brother. What kind of test? Let’s see if you’re really Kaden, then what’s your favorite game? Um, um.. I love doing the dishes! The dishes? You’re not my brother! My brother would never say that! You’re the LEGO Mayor in disguise! [Gasps] [Fun music] Get back here, get back here! You’re not my brother,
you’re not my brother! I’m your brother, I’m your brother! How did you know it was me? LEGO Batman told me. That LEGO Batman! I’m gonna stop your sneaky business! You’ll never catch me! [Feet stomping] Stop right there, Mayor! [Mysterious Laugh] Batman, blast him now! Alright kid, hold him still
so I can get him small again. Nope! Get out of the way! You’re coming with me. Mwah ha ha ha!
Noooo! [Laser beam] [Scuffling] [Both] Ahhh! Bwha ha ha haaa! Great, now I’m small again. Guards! Get him! Nooo! [Soldiers marching] Quick kid, run this way! Hurry, let’s go! Come on, kid! Run, run! Put your feet into it. Hey, get back here! That Bat Laser is mine! Oh no, where should we hide? Quick, get on the roller coaster! Great idea! Seatbelt on kid, here we go! And GO! Whoa! Mwha ha ha ha! Oh, no! That laser belongs to me! He followed us! Ahhhh! Whoaaa! Whoaaa! [Excitement on rollercoaster] Whoaaa! [Adventure Music] That laser belongs to me! No way, Mayor! No way! You’ll never have this laser again! Ahhh! [Fun adventure music] [Gasps] Jerry! [Laser beam] [Mayor] What? Yeah! Yeah, Jerry! Jerry! [Mayor] Boooo! The rollercoaster stopped! Jack, run to the laser! [Mayor] Guards! Stop that kid! [Soldiers marching] [Laser beam] Whoa!
[Laser pulsating] Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! I’m big again! Thanks, Jerry! [Crowd cheering] I think I’ll take the Bat
Laser for safe keeping! Hmm, what should I do with the bad guys? How about you, “Mister Mayor?” Whoa, whoa, hey! What are you doing? Let me down! Let me know! You guys are going to jail. No! No! Not to the jail! No! No! No! Anywhere else, anyplace else besides jail! Noooo! Not in here, AGAIN! Hey Mr. Mayor are you lonely in there? How about we invite your friends? Yeah! Yeah! I totally did that! Batman rocks! Let me hear it! Let me hear it! Yeah! Go Batman! Excuse me? Alright fine, You helped
out a little bit too, kid! Epic adventure, Batman! Way to go! Let’s celebrate! [Fun dance music] [Clapping] [Fun dance music] [Wooshing] Ahh! [Whooshing] Ahh!
[Thud] [Whooshing] Uh, I hope this is enough! [Zap] [Popping] Yep, I got enough! [Doorbell rings] They’re here! Greetings, I am Thor! Welcome! And yeah, I know! We’ve met several times. Captain Marvel! I’m so glad you joined the Marvel team. Thank you, Thor and why don’t you come on in? Can I take your cape? No need! I want to be in full gear for this party. [Crunch] Hey, watch it! Sorry Hulk! I didn’t see you there! Hulk bring salad. [Thump, thump] Oh, thank you! You didn’t have to do that. But, um, where’s the salad? Huuulllkk smash! Oh, I see.. It’s all over the driveway. Don’t worry, come on in. We’ll worry about that later. So this is the feast? Um, well, it’s more like finger food. Finger food? That won’t do at all. Don’t worry, I’ll beam up to space and bring back a roast turkey. [Zoom] [Crash] My roof! [Zoom] They’re all out of roast turkey, but I brought back some
pancakes and syrup. What, who doesn’t like pancakes? [TV Announcer] Emergency emergency! The world is in danger! [Gasps] Danger? Where? [Growls]
[Thack] Be careful, Hulk! [TV Announcer] That’s right. Danger of not knowing who the world’s most powerful superhero is! Is that all? Who’s the world’s strongest,
most awesome superhero?! Today only, we are
hosting the first annual “America’s Got Superheroes!” Come on down to the
superheroes’ gym to find out! Ridiculous! Absurd! Dumb-dumb! I know, so silly. They already know who the
greatest superhero is. That’s right, it’s Hulk! [Laughing] What’s funny? Hulk is best hero. My fellow green man, we all know that it is Thor! The greatest superhero! Uh, excuse me? You guys haven’t seen what I can do yet.. Why are we even arguing about this anyway? This is so silly. Yeah, you’re right. Now if you’ll excuse me,
I left something outside. Huh? [Whoosh] [TV Announcer] And it looks
like our first superhero has arrived! Come on in! Mwah ha ha ha! I am the greatest superhero of all time! Hulk race you there. [Adventure music] We’re here, we’re here, we’re here! Captain Marvel, Hulk; you came to watch me win the competition? Not exactly, I came to win this thing. Hulk will be winner! It’s time to begin! Who will be the greatest
superhero of them all? The superheroes will be tested on strength, speed, and smarts! Enough with the talking,
let this challenge begin! Oh, and I forgot to
tell you one final rule. None of you can use your superpowers. What?! Uh, we can do that! Hulk sad. Well, I’m not scared. This will be easy. Scared? Me? Never! In fact, I’ll go first. Okay then, let’s get
this show on the road! Round 1: Each superhero
must push a giant boulder across the gym to see who is the strongest with no superpowers! And our first superhero
competitor is: Thor! Yahoo! Thor!
[Lighting strikes] Well, this looks easy. Aghhh!
[Mystery music] This is hilarious! Thor can’t do it. Ha ha ha! Aghhh! It’s okay to give up, Thor! [Grunts] Ughhh! [Mystery music] Achooo!
[Thunderclap] Whoaaaa! [Rock crunching] And just like that, Thor
sends the boulder flying. Next, Captain Marvel. I can do way better than that. [Silly music] [Grunting] [Silly music] [Electricity buzzing] [Thunk] Next up is Hulk smash. [Grunting] Ugh, ugh! [Growling] Rahh! Ahhhh!
[Rock crunching] Hulk did it! Hulk is strongest and the best! That’s the end of the strength round, comment below and tell us
who you think won that round! And now onto Round 2: a race up the rock wall! Good luck beating me! [Growls] This girl’s gonna win! Three, two, one, GO! [Adventure music] [Whoosh] Hey, that’s cheating! Ha ha, I win! [Whooshing] Thor and Captain Marvel cheating. Hulk smash, smash, smash! Ahhhh! Did that just happen? Holy cow! [Adventure music] Hulk win! Hulk best superhero! Round 3: The obstacle course. Comment below and tell us
who you think is gonna win. Captain Marvel; girls rule! Thor’s got this! Hulk first! Start the time! Three Two One GO! [Upbeat fun music] [Upbeat fun music] [Upbeat fun music] [Upbeat fun music] [Cheering] Ha ha, I won that round! What are you talking about? I totally won that round. You silly. Hulk winner! Give Hulk prize! Whoa, whoa, whoa, calm down! I was watching also and I saw who won. Okay, we really want to know who won! Yeah, tell us who the best superhero is. It was I, Thor! No, I saw you use your powers. You all did! We caught you all on camera cheating. What me? Cheating? Never! We can still determine
who’s the greatest superhero of all time. But in order to do that, you must deposit all of your superpowers
in this jar right here. Should we do it? What’s the problem? Are you scared? Time to claim my victory! [Powering down] I’m the best superhero of all time! [Clang]
[Grunting] [Laughing] Who’s next? Fine! Time to be a man! [Powering down] What! I’m a Bruce Banner again, and I feel weaker! Captain Marvel? Uh, I guess. [Powering down] Ahh! I feel so strange. [Cackling] Now it’s time for the final
round of the tie-breaker. Dodgeball! Dodgeball?! Yes, dodgeball! To the court! [Fun dance music] [Mystery music] [Sneaky laughing] [Rock scraping on Ground]
[Cackling laughter] [Cackling laughter] [More laughing] You silly superheroes! Each of you were lured here because you thought you were
the greatest superhero of all time! [Laughter] [Poof] [Laughing] Now I’ve got your powers,
and you are trapped. [Laughing] Oh no, it’s Dr. Mad Scientist! He tricked us! That rascal! Now I have your powers, and you’re stuck! [Laughter] I will take your powers and
use them to rule the world! [Laughter] Oh no! He has our powers!
What should we do? [Thor] Oh no, he’s getting away! I have an idea.. [Long, descending whistle] Ha ha ha! Bye-bye, superheros! [Smack]
Whoa! No, their powers! Their powers, no! My hard work! I got him! I guess we don’t need our
superpowers to be super. Our powers, they’re coming! [Gasps] [Zapping] [Cheering] Wait a minute, where’s my hammer!? [Whoosh] [Whooshing] [Crash]
[Rumble] [Zap] Yes, I got my hammer! Nice, Thor! Let’s get Dr. Mad Scientist! No.. No! Off to jail!
[Police siren] Unless you want to see my hammer! [Growls] [Groveling] No, please no! If you want to see
another superhero video, click this video right here. Come on, click it!
Click it, click it! Make sure to like and subscribe below. And share this video
with all your friends! [Fun dance music]

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