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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Kid Basketball Pro Vs Regular Adults Playing Horse”

  1. some of the most unathletic people i’ve ever seen, and she’s good. but i bet she feels unorthodox when she lands with some of those lay ups

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  3. The person who thought of this idea for a video should be demoted. 2 of the 3 Buzzfeed employees, you just embarrassed the hell out of them. At least get people who are athletic regular people lol.

  4. Só… Tou feel the Spirit of God and ….. Okay… That's the proof that religious people don't has nothing special and a proof that God don't care and don't interfer in your lives.

  5. She's definitely coached by the Kobe Bryant. The HORSE strategy and fundamentals are off the charts. She came to win.

  6. Horse is about hard shots. She did layups the entire time. If she is a pro she should have gone with corner shots and free throws and half courts. But no she did fancy useless layups in a game that’s all about shooting techniques.

  7. Imma be honest she is trash and I’m not being a hater cause y’all women wanted equal rights so imma say it. I don’t even play basketball but I’ll embarrass her

    Obviously kidding she is young and is a girl literally layups is good for a girl this young but frfr this is a game of HORSE 💀

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  9. Izzy’s got such soft hands for the basketball player. I used to work with a high school girls’ basketball team and she’s got a better touch than all of them, and they had some really good players.

  10. They need to make her play someone who is actually competent instead of giving her easy pickings. Being coached by the goat gives her a huge advantage. Instead of this she needs to be challenged. I don't care if she is 11 this isn't little league soccer and she needs to earn a victory.

  11. In her demonstration of the moves she breaks them down and does it slow but then everyone else is expected to do it in one motion. No wonder she winning none of her shots are actually off the dribble.

  12. Y’all need to stop hating on these talented ass kids ina comments . Just imagine how good they’re going to be ina few years !

  13. I feel like iggy is that lady’s daughter and she wanted to be on the show so they pretended like she was a pro

  14. I never comment under vids but This was the most boring video I’ve seen and I only watched 3 mins 👎🏽 maybe pick someone more entertaining and someone that doesn’t just do layups

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