We’re here to film
the Kukkiwon Taekwondo
Demonstration Team.
The amount of height
they can get, it is nuts.It’s like he’s going up
two flights of stairs
in two steps.
You see the powder
from the wood.
It’s a double spin. Oh! Gav:Just walking
through the air.
That is madness.
– Dan:What?Oh, man. Well, I feel
incredibly inadequate. – I know, right?
– I can’t do any of that. Just huge impressive
jumps everywhere. Some of those jumps,
sort of springing off
each other, I think went higher than
I’ve ever been on a ladder. Bloody impressive.
Even some of the intros and sort of
interstitial moments were
really impressive to watch. Yeah, their, like,
show introduction piece. ( shouting ) I thought it
was so good watching it that we actually filmed it
in slo-mo as well. They’re so incredibly in sync
the entire time. Yeah, to find out more
about taekwondo and the history
of the Kukkiwon team, we had a few questions
for their head coach. We’re here with Master Park, who is the head coach
of the Kukkiwon team. – Nice to meet you.
– Nice to meet you. Thanks very much.
So, um, do people ever get hit in
the face accidentally when they’re
holding the boards? ( speaking Korean ) A lot. ( speaking Korean ) Kim:As you saw,
kicks are really strong.
So sometimes if a kicker
hits a holder’s hand,
sometimes the holder’s
hand is broken.
Or because when
the board is broken,
there’s all this debris,
like, everywhere–
so sometimes it can cause
deep cuts on your skin. I’m glad I wasn’t
holding one of those, because I was thinking
I could probably try that. But then I saw
the first demonstration. – I was like, “Nope!”
– ( shouting ) – Whoa.
– ( shouting ) Approximately
how long does it take to get good enough
to be on this team? ( speaking Korean ) Kim:Most of the members
start their training
when they are
in elementary school.
It requires about seven
to eight years
of training
to join the team.
And we select who will be
the demonstrators – through an annual audition.
– Seven to eight years just to– And that’s just
to be good enough
to get on the team. And then
you have to audition – to be able to
perform on the team.
– Blimey. So how long does it take
to become a black belt? ( speaking Korean ) Kim: So to get
a black belt initially,it requires about one
to two years of training.
But to join the team,
you need to train
for at least 15 years,
because after 15 years
you can get
the fifth-rank black belt.
So you need
the fifth-rank black belt
to even be on the team? – Yes.
– 15 years. Seriously?
So, you can get a black belt, which I always
thought was like,
“Oh, he’s a black belt,” in, like, two years,
like it’s nothing. Then 15 years later,
you might get a shot
at being on the team. “I just got my black belt.”
Child’s play. Yeah, good luck, pal. Wow. Does it hurt
to kick the boards? – ( speaking Korean )
– Yes.During your training,
you get to have a thicker skin,
so it gets less painful
over time.
It’s still painful, but again,
through your training,
you know how to absorb the heat
and endure the pain.
So how many hours per week
do you train? ( speaking Korean ) Kim:
So, our Kukkiwon team
usually trains
about 10 hours a day–
six hours
of physical training
and four hours
of creating new moves.
You mentioned before
about how people start
in elementary school. Could I have started
in elementary school
and be this good? Or does it require
certain physical aspects
and mental strengths? ( speaking Korean ) Kim:Starting early
is not enough.
At some point you have to get
professional training.
But at the same time,
you need mental skills
such as endurance, patience,
and challenging yourself.
So if you are patient enough,I guess you could be
as good as our demonstrators. – No discipline.
– No chance. So, what makes
the Kukkiwon team
so special? ( speaking Korean ) Kim:What makes it special
is two reasons.
First is we are
the first demonstration team
that was established,
and we’ve set up this system.There are many demonstration
teams in Korea,
but the way that the team
is recognized
or what kind of moves should be
included in our performance,
all this are things
that we first started.
Then the other reason
that we’re so special
is that we are
a government-funded agency.We travel to
20 countries across
the world every year
to perform and to promote
taekwondo and Korea.
Dan:Wow. That’s a full-on
professional OG team.
Yeah, and for the good
of the industry as well. – Yeah, exactly.
– Love it. Thanks very much,
Master Park, for shattering
my dreams of becoming
a taekwondo performer. It’s just not going to
happen for you. Not going to happen, is it? Well, that was good.
Back to you, Gav and Dan. Thanks, us.
That was very interesting. It’s very interesting
doing an interview
with a translator, – and how quickly
she could relay information.
– It’s very impressive. I was very impressed
by that alone. He said how hard it was
and how much time it takes. – Yeah.
– I wanted to give it a go. But, really,
I just wanted to do
a training montage. I could tell.
You didn’t actually want to accomplish anything
long term. Don’t want to learn
any skills. – Just wanted the montage.
– Just wanted the montage. Dan, do you want
to show me your montage? – Yes, I do.
– Okay, go on then.( synth music playing )( panting ) ( shouts ) ( muttering ) ( shouts ) Oh, wait. I told them
not to put that in! ( shouts )( ding )Don’t cringe.( cheers and applause )Wow. Good montage, Dan. – Learned some skills.
– Very inspiring. Why don’t we put
those skills to use? I’ve got some boards
that we can break. – Okay.
– Yeah. Already done this,
so, no worries. You’re a professional at this,
so I’ll give it a go. Why don’t you hold out
this board, and I’ll punch through it. – Okay.
– Yeah. You sure?
You got to give it
a bit of power. Yeah, just
a little bit of power? – Yeah, yeah.
– Just like– – Yeah, that’s good.
– Yeah. Obviously,
it’s quite easy to… Simple.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. …to break. I’ll just take
that off of you. – All right, your turn.
– Okay. All right. – Yep.
– You ready? – Whenever you’re ready.
– Okay. – Aah!
– Ooh. Didn’t quite
get through there. Give me that board.
That’s never going to break. Well, what happened was
I bought a plank,
but there was only one. So I had to get a different
kind of plank for yours. – And– a little bit harder.
– This one’s solid.( music playing )Ooh, nasty punch, that one,
wasn’t it? Idiot. Thanks for that, yeah. So, I thought
it would be good next to test to see
if you could take a kick. So I challenged you
to find a taekwondo expert
who could kick you. I did find an expert.
A local expert. – Yeah.
– Um, Danica? Lovely to meet you.
This is our taekwondo expert. Yeah, nice to meet you,
Danica. How long have you
been doing taekwondo? – Um, three years.
– Three years. Ah, cool. – How old are you?
– Seven. Seven. That’s almost
half your life. How hard do you think
you can kick Dan? – Um, pretty hard.
– Pretty hard. Pretty hard?
Look, you’re not
supposed to kick me hard. I haven’t seen her
in action yet,
but I’ve heard– I’ve heard
she can kick hard. ( laughing )
Wha– oh, man. So, why don’t we put on
some padding? I’ve got this
PSI-measuring pad to be able to test
how hard you can kick me. – Put you on.
– I notice you’ve got
a red belt on. What does that mean? It means
I’ve been in nine belts, and I’m two belts away
from being a black belt. – Gav: At age seven.
– That’s ridiculous. I bet now
you’re pretty scared. – Can you tie me up?
– Yes. If I come down here,
you can help me. You’re two belts away
from being a black belt and you’re only
seven years old. That’s quite intimidating. – I bet now you’re scared.
– I am now. I bet now you regret
your decision. A little bit.
Must be pretty good. How does this belt
and shoe system work? The magnets
connect to the screen where the kicks
count them. So we can see
how hard you kick him. – All right.
– Okay. Where do you need
Dan to stand for this? If I stand here,
you stand just there. Do you reckon
you can hit me here? – Yeah.
– So confident. I’m going to hop
on the Phantom. Danica looks pretty excited
to kick you. Are you looking forward
to booting me in the side? Yeah. Most people
would be, I think. Gav: All right,
I’m on the trigger. I’m going to stand here,
and whenever you’re ready, – give me a good whack.
– Okay. Okay. ( shouts ) I forgot to breathe out.
Almost winded me. Jeez. That’s 22 PSI. Gav:
That’s quite a boot.
Did you feel it? Yeah, I did, actually. Remind me to never
get in a fight with a seven-year-old. This is what you look like
in slow motion. Dan:
You’re eyeing up your target,
which is the side
of my chest.
Look at that form there,
swinging the arm around.
I like the concentration
on the face.
It’s a good concentration
face you got there.
You hit me pretty hard there.
That wasn’t messing around.
That was good. Look.
– Gav:It’s a good action shot.– Dan:
It is a good action shot.

– Danica:Yeah.Gav:What were you
thinking there, Dan?
I was like, “Oh!” ( imitates explosion ) See, I could just do this
over and over again. You only had
to kick him once, but I can have you
kick him all day. Well, I think
throughout this series, that was some of the most
impressive human feats that I’ve ever filmed
in slow motion. – You’re talking
about my montage.
– No. I’m talking
about the Kukkiwon team.
You know, the people– The blokes jumping sort of
20-foot in the air… – Exactly right.
– …kicking boards with
their feet and hands, and– yeah. Okay. Yeah. Your montage was pretty good,
to be honest. – Thank you.
– I was impressed. Although you did
kind of pad it out a lot with random
scenic shots of Seoul. Let’s not.
All right, I was tired. I was actually quite
impressed by your…
( imitates swooshing ) I didn’t expect
to be able to do that. You actually looked
quite surprised. Yeah, I was like, “Oh!” Hopefully,
you enjoyed that video. Feel free to subscribe
to the Slo Mo Guys and check out other episodes
of “Planet Slo Mo.” How’s the hand?

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