I mean, you had one of the most
influential– Illmatic was one of the most
influential albums ever… -for rap, hip-hop, everything
-Thanks, thanks. DURANT: Yeah. BILL:
Put out another one.
You start taking a little shit. It leads to”Hate Me Now”. You’re carrying a cross
in the video. There’s definitely a little bit
of a backlash. How much did that affect
the music you were puttin’ out? I mean, it made it more
challenging because people
were saying, like, you know, it’s not the same
sound you had before, you know. It’s “Oh, you’re sellin’ records
now” and, you know, It’s a lot of–
a lot of jealousy. Um, or and just people not
really understanding, um… the journey I was taking. And like my man right here,
like, you know, you decide–you see
where you need to go where, you know, your
journey should grow and so many people
who are down with you -they don’t get that…
-BILL: Right. but you gotta keep pushin’ so
I just kept pushin’ and… When you had–you had
a friendship with Jay-Z then it dissolved.
You had the famous rivalry. Everybody made
such a big deal out of it
when it happened. You guys eventually–you
signed with his label
and all that stuff. But what I was always struck by,
as it was happening, was… You seem to be aware
of how big it was. In the moment, you were aware
of how momentous it was. -Yeah, yeah.
-BILL: Um, is that fair? Yeah, yeah.
It was a healthy rap rivalry. -It went a little too far.
-BILL: Right. But, um, look at the results,
you know? I mean, obviously you have the
Tupac-Biggie shadow. -NAS: Yeah, yeah.
-So, like, what lessons did you
learn from that? -Things can go really too far.
-(BILL CHUCKLING) Right. You know, like, things can get
out of hand, and, you know,
we’re expected to be leaders. Especially coming from
communities that we come from -BILL: Yeah.
-and you know,
we gotta do better. You know, it’s up to us.
We’re responsible for these kids
that’s lookin’ at us,
for our families. It’s not just sex, drugs, and
rock ‘n roll, and anything, nothing matters… we have to
really–yes, it matters. So, you know, we learn.
I’ve learned from, you know, losing–we lost Biggie and ‘Pac. Two of the greatest musicians
I’ve probably seen. The reason I brought that up
was, um… I think people are going to make
you versus Russ a story line
this whole season. I mean, I’m sure
you’re aware of this. Every interaction you guys have
when you guys are in the court. How you shake hands, like,
are you ready for all that? If I go out there and just
nod my head at Russell, something’s gonna
come out of it. If I give him a hug, something’s
gonna come out of it. So no matter what I do… something… somebody’s gonna
say something. -So I can’t avoid that.
-How did you leave
things with him? I mean, you guys were… eight
years together? It’s–it was difficult to
tell him that I was leavin’. You know, obviously ’cause
we’d been together for so much. Um, but at the same time, it’s
something that I had to do. It’s something that I made
a decision on so I had to
stand firm in it. And no matter who
agree with me or not, um, I gotta live with it
nobody else does, so… Do you have any advice for him? Do what you gotta do. -See? Simple.
-Simple. That’s pretty good.

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Dennis Veasley

49 thoughts on “Kevin Durant and Nas – Rivalries in Hip-Hop and Basketball (HBO)”

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    You copped out and im not an OKC fan, its just disgusting to see

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  3. So is Russ lying saying he never talked to him? Maybe he tweeted or snapchatted him that he was leaving and Russ missed it…

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  8. Love Nas but "oh you selling records now?" I mean… how? I Am… and Nastradamus sold terribly. It was when he tried selling out that people weren't buying it.

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