So, Henry, I helped
clean out your kitchen. And I have no idea how
Kathy cooks in there, because her spices are
all over the place. HENRY: Yes. So today we’re going to
make a magnetic spice board. What you need is a frame, a
piece of sheet metal pre-cut. Some chalkboard paint,
some magnets, hot glue gun, and our little storage tins. First, we’re going to
paint the magnetic sheet metal with chalkboard paint. Here we go, perfect. So while our magnetic
chalk board is drying, we’re going to work
on the next step, which is to glue these magnets
on to our little spice jars. Good. Take this spice jar
and stick it right on. Good. David, you good over
there with the paint? Yeah, I’m going to
hit a second coat. NICOLE GIBBONS: All right. All right, let’s put
this thing together. Take our fingers and just
kind of pull these tabs down. Let’s what we did. Ta-dah! Look so good! HENRY: Really nice. DAVID: It’s really cool. Next what we want to do is
place all of our spice jars. Look at that. DAVID: Hey, it sticks. Obviously, this is going to
make everything more organized. How do you think it’s
going to help Kathy? I think it’s going to
be a lot easier for her, to where she don’t
have to just go all over searching for stuff. What do you guys think? Oh, it’s awesome. I think you did a nice job. Give me a pound.

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