BROTHER. ITS SUMMER TIME AND TO KEEP BARRAZA HAS A LOOK AT WHAT’S KEEPING KIDS ACTIVE THIS00:200:25 I really like tennis& tennis is cool lot of our kids had never had the opportunity to be on the court to pick up a tennis racket to hit some balls and engage in a game and I would like to be a professional tennis player you never know you might see the next Rafael Nadal here today ANTHONY TOMASHESKI BOYS AND GIRLS CLUBS OF EL PASO CG IN PKGMore often than not unfortunately what do kids like to talk now? Being on their phone playing with a gaming system and for once that’s not the topic of discussion really what their talking about is being out and being active being outdoors Well I like my instructor donna she’s a really cool instructor She taught me how to do forehand, backhand and serve DONNA NEESSEN B&G CLUBS VOLUNTEERThen they have to play a game and understand what you do when you’re playing a game how you need to be responsible your ball my ball his ball make sure that we share and so it’s a great activity for all kids of reasons that helps teach them responsibility and sharing It’s a huge attraction for the kids and it’s great, they’re out on the courts they’re running around there’s math involved when you’re keeping score all of those great pieces. Its being active and being involved in our community and trying new

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Dennis Veasley

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