Nice to see you. Thank you so much for
coming in today for the audition. You know it’s a really big film Goldfinger 2.
Everyone’s looking forward to it. I’ve actually written a part especially for you and
you would be playing the part of Liam Hemsworth. Basically… basically myself Okay well I do have some things
that I’d like to see you do if that’s okay Just so we’re perfectly sure that you’re right for the role So can you smile attractively Okay Like give us a Liam Hemsworth… oh my that is brilliant.
I thought it was Liam for a second. Wow… ok that was really good.
How’s your Australian accent? Not good! Could you just say like a good day? What’s up mate? Good day mate Good day mate Just say like hey Miley let me give you a call back Hey Miley let me give you a call back Love you Love you bye Nailed it! Good job, good job you got the part!

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Dennis Veasley

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