Hi this is Janaina with Costa del Tennis in
Barcelona. We’re here with Homestead High school Team. They came from northern California to train
with Spanish players and compete at tournaments that happen here in Barcelona but only during
the month of July. We’re very happy they’re here and we certainly
hope they have an amazing experience in Spain I have Vanessa Bogenholm here with Homestead
High school. She is from northern California in the good ole’ U.S. of A., my home and we’re
excited to have you here so welcome. Thank you Rhonda So tell me what in the world inspire you to
bring 12 players to Barcelona to play in a tournament and train on clay? Well, I’ve played on clay personally myself
and I found the most amazing thing is that the ball is so much more slower and you can really work on your technique and a lot of these kids work on really fast hard courts and can’t
work on the technique and when you are stuck in an environment and you’re training for
5 or 6 hours you get to spend hours perfecting that technique. Spain right now is the top tennis capital
of the world, by far and so this was a huge opportunity for all of these kids, lower level
to high level to really train well with top professionals. Well we do a lot more repetition here than
they’re used to which is fantastic and it’s very directed repetition. This is exactly
what I’m looking for. It’s not about winning the point. It’s about getting your technique
to do what you want to ball to do, which is fantastic, much more than point orientated
like we did this afternoon. The morning is all about technique and then in the afternoon
is about how to win a point with that technique. How are your players fairing with that competition
element in the afternoon? The ones how are really used to competing they love it, they thrive on it, the one in the middle are getting better at it, the ones at a lower level now
with more technique I think they’re going to be much stronger this afternoon than they
were yesterday. I think it was really an emotional improvement
to realize that they can actually become better tennis players which I think yesterday it
was such a culture shock, it was a language shock it was all the everything and then
it was just overwhelming trying to do well and not doing well and then they realize ok
we’re actually getting better at it. Maybe this afternoon we can compete and being much
more positive about being able to compete. I think one of the things that is happening
now is the culture experience is taking off. They’re with the other kids..that was perfect!
You just got your head beat up! No, I think that now they’re with the other
students. And that was the main thing I really wanted them to realize that when you play
tennis, you can go to a foreign country and in a few hours make friends because you all
play tennis and that you want each other to improve and then the comraderie is really going
to come out. I love that you say comraderie. I have an affinity
towards Spanish people. I moved as an American to Spain but how do you feel about how the
Spanish have received you here. Oh they have been more than nice. It’s amazing,
right? They really are. They make jokes, they make nicknames for everybody, they say hello.. Boys and girls get along
really really well. You just don’t see that in the US as well. Accommodations are great. Accommodations are
great. Everything worked out really well. The
facility is beautiful. Everything is great. It’s very clean. All the employees are fantastic. Thanks Vanessa and now, let’s hear from the players. Hi, I’m Sirus Mermadis. I’m the capitan and doubles 1 player for Homestead Hi, my name is Adith Kishen and I’m the number 1 singles player for Homestead Highshool Hi, my name is Lucas Bendarquer and I’m the number 2 singles player I like it a lot. It’s like the ball goes slower, so it’s completely.. I mean it’s not a completely different game, but.. I can swing twice between 2 and 2 shots.. I mean between every shot.. Well, they work a lot less on their serve and so they work a lot more on their groundstrokes so we have an advantage on our serve but they have probably an advantage on their groundstrokes It’s like enphasys on different shots. Yeah yeah..we do a lot more volleys at home, more serves at home. They do mostly ground stroke games. They’re very good with little fanais shots, drop shots, Definitely they’d bit us if it would come to a long match Usually I wake up at 6am and I have some..6?? yeah..ok, we wake up at 7 We wake up at 7 and then breakfast, get ready and then at 8 o’clock the bus come and picks us up and bring us here You guys basically landed in Barcelona, you’re on a new surfice You’re with new players, you’re in a new enviroment, you have jet lag I don’t [laught]. We don’t have jet lag And you kick off on a tournament. How intimidating is that for you? Most of us are looking like a learning experience for the most part I’m sure that these..definetely these guys want to win this tournemant We don’t have a reputation to lose here The preasure is that people think oh American players..and it’s not like we’re representing our country but we’re like also representing our contry at the same time What do they call you out there? Americo..yeah..mister California a couple of times [laught] Exactly..don’t they call you the Hoodlends or something like that? Hooligans..Hooligans [lauhgt] You just came in from France. Yeah How do you like it against France? I mean you’ve got red clay courts there too The clay here is a little higher quality than wherever I played in France The facility is really nice.Yes, it’s huge. It has literally everything yeah.. You guys are all over the place yeah.. I’m Alisa from Homestead Highschool I’m Marit from Homestead Highshool I play singles one on Varsity She’s our capitain I play doubles, but something I play like doubles 2, sometimes doubles 3 It was for the guys initially she said..for the successful and then she opened it up to us, we were thrilled to have this opportunity I really wanted to go Really? We never play on red clay. You can’t find red clay in the US I don’t play competitively so it was an amazing opportunity At first I was very intimidated because a lot of the players are very very good But they’re nice..they’re all friendly, they’re trying to say hello and it was really nice I would like start sliding a lot more when I didn’t intend to [laught] so I would fall over and stuff [laught ] But today it was a lot better because I’m figuring out how to slide when I want to and how to stop when I need to Coach Vanessa really likes the conditional and the physical training She says that it helps us build our endurance and stuff So we do do like a bit of it Before season we do a lot of conditioning. We spend like a month straight up just like running around tracks and like running bleachers That’s going to be like next month Yeah.. How are your accommodation? They’re very nice. They have like everything, with like utencils, with plates, with pots It’s really nice. They even have oil..yeah.. I think we’re going to hop on and bus and then hop off and like stop We’re going to go like seightseeing They guys really want to go to Camp Nou, the stadium..it’s right here..yeah I want to see that Cathedral what we can see from the roof of our apartments Barcelona is really pretty and it’s very clean which is really nice..totally..

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