– Ready and go and go. Bring the kids out there, do some basic drills, have a lot of fun with it, challenge with different tasks and just basically teach
them the fundamentals of tennis itself. A couple rules, some of the famous players, basically making them
run around for an hour and get a little bit of a sweat on and having fun amongst each other. You both, go. – What’s your favourite part? Is it the balloons? – Balloons. – The balloons? – We get to get balloons. – I like the first run game which we have obstacles. – We had to pass the balls to people. – My favourite thing, I think so far I’m probably best at the serving. – Ella loves coming every week. She’s got the vision but Ella’s also got other special needs great for her to play
like a mainstream sport but in a setting I guess is suited for her and the other children. And it is a social thing as well. She loves seeing the other kids. – It is about them so it’s
really nice to see them enjoy themselves and the
interaction with the coach and really building
friendships on the court. It’s really great to see
them enjoy themselves. – And drop it, go. I think the biggest thing for them is just teaching them how to hold a racquet and then trying to make
contact with the ball and then even just throwing and the serve which is probably the
toughest thing to learn in tennis anyway. Pretty much the most satisfying
thing for us as a coach. Yeah you get to learn a new sport. You get to meet new kids. You get to have fun for an hour and you get to come to a
really great environment here at Tennis Australia.

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Dennis Veasley

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