(sliding music) (rooster crows) (swiping music) – [Interviewer] Now,
coming off last tournament how’s training been? Leading up to this. – Yeah, training’s been good. Each guy came off that tournament with a lot of different objectives. And a better perspective on
what quality tennis actually is. And, look, this is the
fundamental base part of the year. We’re building the base, we’re
building fundamentals up. So, they don’t crack under
pressure in the spring. And really that’s what
trainings been about. So, a lot of making balls, a
lot of extra balls being made. Lot of the tiny little balls
that people take for granted. The 30-0 points, we’ve been
focusing on a lot on that. So, overall it’s been great. We’re gearing the guys up right now to get ready for the weekend. But, yeah, since then
it’s been a great week as far as fundamental training. – [Interviewer] Yeah,
so a couple weeks so far into the fall season. So, how do you feel the guys
have been coming along as– – Good. – [Interviewer] Progress goes? – Good, definitely, as a
squad, as a whole been great. You know, and we have some guys that are pushing the pedal down as hard as they can and making moves. Other guys are slowly getting
to where they need to be. In the sense that, you know, everybody’s progression is different. So, some guys are going
to shoot straight up, and then plateau out a little bit. And some guys are kind of making their ways, you know, throughout. So, ultimately, as a squad
everybody’s doing well, but that’s what the fall’s for. You know, we’re using it
as a developmental period. So, The only way that we can really judge whether guys are actually getting better is how they compete. So, that’s what this weekend’s for. We’re going to All-Americans, it’s got on of the best fields out there. And we’re looking for pre-qualies, to qualies, to main. Anybody and everybody’s going to be there. So, it’s a great environment for our guys to go and see where they’re at. – [Interviewer] Yeah so, just
pick off that last sentence, and just preview this upcoming tournament. Just what are your
expectations for the guys? – Yeah, no expectations, I mean. Well, you know, has far as results go. Our expectations are we
bringing what we bring. We bring Gamecock grit. We bring, you know, our
fundamentals to the court. Making sure that people know
what they’re going to get when they play that jersey across the net. And so, that with a young squad, we’re still working on
that even from last year. We got a couple of new guys
that are joining the team. And so, they’ve got to really
embody that and show us that they understand
what that truly means. And that’s what the fall is for. So, each guy’s working
individually, like I said. They’re going to bring that to the table, see where that marks up against
the best in the country. And we’ll go from there.

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Dennis Veasley

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