In the age of globalisation, we are
facing challenges of a global scale to face them, we need globalised solutions international collaboration however is in short supply and we are witnessing a growing gap between caste, class, race, gender and religion. But why have we been
so unsuccessful in dealing with these challenges? Because we keep looking
inwards for solutions instead of outwards. Then why don’t we all demand
change? Well it’s simple. We are afraid of change. Fear is the key obstacle that
stand in the way of reaching our full potential. A fear of the unknown that compromises, perhaps the most important element of our humanity… Our empathy. It’s very easy to be empathetic towards someone who looks like you but with people who look different, our levels of empathy tend to be significantly lower we didn’t start like this though as children we were more accepting of different people and ideas. So how can we break this pattern? Through practical education and
joint experiences based on common interests. Football is more than a game. It has the power to unite people from all walks of life in an unparalleled way! During WWI, the British and the Germans ceased fire to sing Christmas
carols and play a match of football on Christmas Day. But where is this unifying
power come from? We believe it comes from the fact that almost everyone in the world has kicked a ball at some point in their childhood the feeling was always the same simplicity and innocence… Growing up, we often lose contact with this part of ourselves however kicking a ball can help us connect with our inner child. ELEVEN is a philanthropic feature-length documentary about breaking barriers and connecting the world It follows the story of 11 football-loving children from 11 different countries as they come together for the first time and prepare for the biggest game of their lives! A game in a well-known stadium, in front of thousands of spectators. Over the past 3.5 years, we
have successfully identified and filmed our 11 young heroes in their hometowns focusing on how their close environment, family, culture and passion for football have shaped their character. We are now ready for the final level their common training sessions and big game but in order to turn the lights on, we need your support! Can our heroes be transformed from 11 strangers into something more than a football team? Can football unite the world? Join the journey now!

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Dennis Veasley

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