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Dennis Veasley

33 thoughts on “John McEnroe’s most famous outburst happened in Stockholm in 1984”

  1. I udnerstand the first outburst, it's Sweden after all and swedes are extremely autistic in behavior often. Very robotic and stiff. They don't smile back or say hi in return very often, it's very common.

  2. As I understand, he later went on to ask the umpire "How many more off-calls are you going to make, you fat turd!", but I've yet to find footage of that…

  3. Typical Swedish crowd , they can't understand passion. McEnroe is a passionate man, a lefty like me, and he brought a passion to the game. Swedes only know how to follow never lead, that's why there the most liberal nation in the world. If you ask me John is the true viking here.

  4. Answer the QUESTION! THE QUESTION, JERK! I say it exactly like him in real life when someone fucks with me like the ump did here.

  5. "answer the question jerk" – point deduction
    wrecking the water bottles – game deduction
    And yet, according to CNN, Serena Williams was a victim of sexism at the US Open final yesterday because McEnroe did not get penalties for his antics.

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