– [J’Nai] I fell in love
with classical singing, and I like to say that
opera chose me (laughs) because I didn’t grow up listening to it or going to the opera. My basketball career ended
kind of dramatically, and it was the same time
that I discovered singing, and it just opened up
this whole new world. I was in high school, my
last year in high school, and I had to take an
elective, an arts elective, and so I chose to be in the choir. I joined the choir, and my choir teacher, she noticed that I had a gift. From having not grown
up singing classically, I think most people would
probably just wouldn’t even give it a chance or a thought, but my parents did everything
that they could for us, and one of them being
that we just stay open to whatever life brings us. Channeling the different emotions of these characters is
a lot like channeling emotions of myself. Practice. Practice, practice, practice because there’s a lot of luck. When opportunity meets being prepared, that’s what luck is. You just have to be ready. Music is so healing, and I think it’s this universal language that even if you don’t
understand the language, you don’t really have
a background in music, everyone can identify with it. I love the fact that I have this gift to sing and touch people.

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Dennis Veasley

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