-Hey, guys, the U.S. Open
tennis tournament is happening right now, and we wanted to do something
fun with the players. So we gave a bunch of them
weird phrases and asked them to sneak those phrases
into their interviews as casually as possible. No one knew
that we were doing this. They just would say
these phrases. It’s bizarre, but it’s so good. Here, check it out.
Check this out. This is “Drop It In.” [ Cheers and applause ] ♪ -Drop it in, drop it in,
drop it in ♪ -…how the preparations
are gonna go you expect before
the U.S. Open this year. -Well, yeah, I mean, I usually
get into New York pretty early. And, you know, I spend, you
know, probably five or six days training over
at Flushing Meadows. And, you know, I used to
take cat naps. Now I’m taking kitten naps, which are half as long
but twice as cute. [ Ding ]
[ Laughter ] -It was easy for me to be able
to swing out at the start, and then it was kind of the — the tighter the strings, the
sweeter the swings a little bit. [ Ding ] -I think Serena is
so good at just knowing how to use every part
of the kayak. -I would be there because
somebody’s pushing me around. So I just try to do,
you know, game, set, match. Do the cabbage patch. [ Ding ]
[ Laughter ] You know what I mean?
-Yeah. -Patience is not one
of my best qualities. Let me tell you something. You’re never gonna find three
tennis balls in a Pringles can. [ Ding ]
[ Laughter ] -I look forward to training
and improving some of my things. Yeah, I mean, slap your dad
and call him Brad. [ Ding ]
[ Laughter ] -In the final against Roger, I managed to play the best
tennis of that week. And obviously when the score was
deuce, and juice got loose. [ Ding ]
[ Laughter ] -It’s basically instinct. When the score is deuce,
the juice gets loose. [ Ding ]
[ Laughter ] -Sweaty hugs, sweaty high-fives. Team towel. Like, I don’t even
know who agreed to that. [ Scottish accent ]
Thish ish tennis. I mean, I don’t — I don’t know
what we’re doing. [ Laughter and applause ] -Dude, “thish ish tennis”?
[ Cheers and applause ] That’s the best.
That is the best. Dude, I was so happy —
Thank you for doing that. I — “Thish ish tennis”
is what I wrote. I was like, “None of them
will do that one.” I was hoping maybe John McEnroe would be like,
“Thish ish tennis.” Yeah, just see if he can hear — But, dude, she did, like,
a character and everything. It was so good.
They were all great. Thank you so much
to all the players, the USTA, the ATP, WTA tours,
and the Cincinnati tournament.

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Jimmy Had US Open Tennis Stars Secretly Slip Funny Words into Their Interviews”

  1. What I love about the cabbage patch one was how she was like, you know what I mean? And the reporter was like, yeah. No you don’t reporter! Lol, it’s a nonsense phrase!

  2. They did not make anyone say those things!!! Liars……..they picked silly phrases in interviews then pretended they told them to say them!!!! Jimmy is a bad liar!!!!

  3. Do one where the player calls the reporter "honey". Reporter: And how do you feel about your next opponent? Osaka: Well listen, honey, I do have a winning record against her so I'll just play my best & we'll see what happens

  4. “This Ish Tennis” 2:04

    You can tell Jimmy was expecting a bigger reaction from the audience to that joke but it fell thru and caught him off guard lol

  5. You know that this was good if the media in Europe picks it up. It was brilliant. Can you try that with football next? The sport that people outside the USA call football, not armpit egg. Those players are known to produce statements like "We can't stick our sand into the head now" (Oliver Kahn) and a few more of those great statements will most definitely be awesome entertainment.

  6. Honestly, this is he best for the prisoners. Need the work together to move ahead. And stop Breaking THE LAW!!
    I'll live with anyone that pays for their indiscretions and wants to regroup!

  7. I used to do this with trainee teachers – getting them to work random words into explanations to the children. They never noticed. Lol

  8. Fake, fake, fake, fake all these interviews where fake, they finish the real interviews then jimmy crew came in after, dnt believe the hype.

  9. Naomi Osaka said her phrase randomly. But Andy's quote was true! I used to take kitten naps with him all the time. They are half as long but twice as cuter than cat naps.

  10. I kinda want to see BTS of players getting this bit pitched to them, to see their reactions of the whole thing before going out to their interviews! That video could be just as fun as the bit itself! Lol

  11. This is the best shit I've ever seen in my entire life. The players who kept a straight face and just continued talking like they hadn't just said the most ridiculous shit in the middle of the sentence got me deing.🤣🤣

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